Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

20) Chapter 126.1 ♬

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Chapter 126: He Became the Film Emperor (7.9)


Translator: Mimi

The airport was still some distance away from the city center. When Chu Ci returned to his small residence, it was more than ten o’clock in the evening. Xiao Liu went home by bus.

Chu Ci arrived at home and roughly packed out before lying on the bed. Although he tired, his mood became quite cheerful because of Quan Gan’s confession.

He picked up his cellphone and turned it over, and found that Quan Gan had not yet contacted him.

Chu Ci looked at the time, it was almost eleven o’clock. He remembered that Quan Gan would read the script at night, he shouldn’t be asleep at eleven, let alone they were playing cards today.

He thought about it and gave up the idea of taking the initiative to contact him and decided to wait.

However, after waiting for about ten minutes, he finally couldn’t endure it.

Chu Ci asked for help in his mind, “System, are you busy? If you’re not busy, help me see what Quan Gan is doing now?”

“Okay.” The system directly shifted his own perspective to the target side and glanced at it, “Quan Gan is taking a bath, he will contact you after you wait for a while.”

“Take a bath?” Chu Ci’s thoughts were instantly attracted by the word. Thinking that the system could see the man naked, he quickly said, “Okay okay, don’t look.”

“I just glanced at him.” The system knew that Chu Ci’s possessiveness came out, and couldn’t help but ridicule.

“I even saw you do that things at that time, and you still cherish I see such a naked body?”

Chu Ci said reluctantly, “I just let you don’t look impropriety.”

“Hehe. I’ve seen a lot more.”

“That doesn’t matter.” Chu Ci saw that the system wanted to argument with himself, he said directly, “He is now my man, no one should see it!”

You really haven’t IQ in the heat of love!’ The system silently ridiculed in his heart and said, “I even don’t want to see it.”

Chu Ci regarded the system words as the wind past his ears, his two eyes looked at the cellphone in his hand. The system said soon just good, then he would receive the message soon.

He lay there quietly waiting for Quan Gan to send a message. Two minutes later, he couldn’t help but lonely and muttered to the system in his mind, “System, are you paying attention to the next world? Will Quan Gan be like this world?”

“I didn’t pay attention.” The system explained, “It’s still early, it’s useless to pay attention. The next world will change with the previous results, so I can’t get reliable information to see it now. But the target has feelings for you, at least it won’t less than this world.”

Chu Ci thought of he and the system had confessed that the target was the same person, and suddenly curious, “Who is he in the dimension world? I think you let me do the things is not like having a hatred against him.”

“This is a secret.” Although he and Chu Ci were friends, he still couldn’t tell casually.

Chu Ci saw that the system was still tight-lipped and sighed, “I suddenly feel a little unhappy when you say like this. I guessed he is not an ordinary person, right?”

The system thought for a while and still said ‘yeah’, this little disclosure actually doesn’t matter.

“Did you make his identity so mysterious means that I have very small chance to be with him after completing the mission?”

Although the system didn’t want to make him sad, he still said ‘yeah’, and then said, “Even so, you will still continue to do it, right?”

“Yes.” Chu Ci smiled, “Because the possibility is very small, it doesn’t mean that there is no possibility.”

After speaking, Chu Ci paused for a while and said, “However, you have to tell me, do he has someone he likes over there?”

The system thought of that cold man, this time he immediately said without hesitation, “No.”

Hearing the system’s tone without hesitation, Chu Ci’s heart felt relieved instantly.

“Then I have a last question.” Chu Ci took a breath and carefully said, “Is it possible for me to see him?”

“Yes.” The system knew Chu Ci’s thoughts and gave him an affirmative answer. However, he couldn’t say more.

Fate was something that he couldn’t figure out. If Chu Ci and that person really brought together by fate, there was a high chance of falling in love with each other again, especially the impact of these memories. But as soon as the system thought of something that Chu Ci had to face, he quickly put this tangled matter behind.

At that time, it was no longer his business, it would be best to wish him well by then. He was still in charge of the mission before him now.

Hearing the system’s affirmative answer, Chu Ci was more confident, as long as they could meet, nothing was impossible.

At this time, his cellphone rang and the screen showed sweetheart.

This was the name he gave on Quan Gan’s phone number.

Chu Ci saw that it was Quan Gan’s phone call and quickly answered it. His little depression just now swept clean.

If he could hook up nine times with this person, then he could hook up ten times.

“Have you sleep?”

Chu Ci narrowed his eyes and looked at the wallpaper on the wall in front of him, “No, I wait for your call.”

“Hehe.” Quan Gan’s low laughter came from the phone, at the same time he said, “I will come back as soon as possible.”


The two of them weren’t chatterer. They chatted for a few minutes and listened to each other’s breath on the phone for half of the time, but also somewhat happy.

Finally, Chu Ci first proposed to hang up the phone.

When the phone screen went dark, Chu Ci beamingly opened the message to Quan Gan and entered a string of words.

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