Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

20) Chapter 36.1 ♬

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Chapter 36: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.11)


Translator: Mimi

Thinking of yesterday someone said that Bai Yimeng had not been on the forum for two days, Chu Ci said bad in his heart.

Could it be Bai Yimeng still doesn’t know that he is two-timing?

At this time, Chui Yan who always listening quietly said, “Didn’t you are friend with Intoxicated Heart? Let him make it clear. If you can’t do it, then come to Bailu.”

Bai Yimeng thought for a whole day yesterday, she didn’t want to break on either side. Seeing Lu Jiang refuse to compromise, she continued to persuade, “Bailu is not the same as Enthrall. I used to be the Vice Guild Master and followed Enthrall to guild battle for so long, and my enemies also a lot. It’s still regarded as safe because the guild is large. If I come to your side, no one can help me when I attacked by someone.”

Chui Yan frowned, “I can.”

When Bai Yimeng saw that she was unable to persuade him, she could only said, “What can you do as a swordsman? This is a game, not a reality, your one sentence to help won’t do. Unless you develops your guild, at least not worse than Red moon, otherwise I can’t just give up my friends and circles because you.”

Chui Yan was silent for a while and said, “Let’s go offline, we are speaking in reality.”

Chu Ci who was shocked by Bai Yimeng’s words, gave a thumb up to Chui Yan’s decision. He was almost going to rush out to let Bai Yimeng quickly checked the forum. Bai Yimeng was addicted to the game. If they were speaking this matter in reality, the game’s influence could be reduced. After looking at the target’s handsome face, Bai Yimeng was certainly willing to give up Intoxicated Heart. All adults should be able to distinguish which more important between the game and the reality, right?

As soon as Chui Yan’s voice fell, the system notice right away appeared.

[Your friend Chui Yan is offline.]

Chu Ci waited for a while before quietly stretched his head out to look around. Bai Yimeng should also be offline.

Suddenly, Chu Ci found that the sky outside was raining petals again.

Who is doing so grand again?

Chu Ci raised his head and glanced at the World.

[Game System] Player Intoxicated Heart used the legendary petals rain on player Allure, and invites all players to enjoy it together.

[World] Red Moon: Tsk tsk, is this great beauty the three party in our Yi’s Dream relationship?

[World] Blizzard: The first lady is going to replace. Does Red Moon wants Yi’s Dream or wants Allure?

[World] Next Room: It turns out that what was said on the forum is true? The bubble bursts as the reality becomes apparent?

[World] Little Fatty: Madam just went offline, and here right away throws petals rain. It seems to be two-timing ah.

[World] Six Six Six: I have seen the real-life photos. To be honest, this Allure is more beautiful than Yi’s Dream. When this two-timing is out, I’m afraid that Intoxicated Heart would accept it and doesn’t return.

However Intoxicated Heart as the main character of the topic was actually indifferent to things in the World.


When Chu Ci read the World chat about the photo of this Allure, he quickly opened the forum. In a day’s time, the forum has all become Yi’s Dream and Intoxicated Heart’s gossip. Of course, the one called Allure was also indispensable.

Chu Ci was reading roughly all over. It was precisely compared the two girls, which was good-looking. There were some people still guessed whether Yi’s Dream would be together with Red Moon, also maybe Red Moon would like Yi’s Dream or this Allure.

He saw one of the most replies in these messy posts, and the title was particularly attractive.

[The guild master of number one guild and the first lady, the bubble bursts as the reality becomes apparent. The 200th reply shows the real-life photo. You certainly don’t expect it.]

Chu Ci went in to look at it. A lot of the replies in it were guessing whether it was true or false. He scrolled down and quickly pulled to the 199th reply.

He lightly went to next reply, and an uncompressed face appeared in front of him.

Chu Ci was stunned, and immediately reduced the interface by half, only then he took a closer look at this photo.

The photo was obviously taken secretly, but the facial features were very clear. Even if it doesn’t look exactly the same with the face of Yi’s Dream in the game, no one would doubt that this photo was fake.

Because the face of the game was beautified according to the original face shape. The better your face shape, the higher the degree of beautification. But a good face shape doesn’t mean that it was good-looking in reality.

The contrast of Yi’s Dream’s face with the person in the photo was obviously similar. It was clear at a glance whether she was the person.

The information that Chu Ci received from the system was all data, so he didn’t know what appearance Yi’s Dream has in reality, only that she looked ordinary. Now he saw it, it was indeed quite common, and with the poor lighting in the shooting place, it looked a lot uglier.

But the following comments were terrible, as if a person who fell off the high altar all the people wanted to step on them.

This time, Chu Ci believed that Yi’s Dream said she has a lot enemies was true.

So it seemed that Intoxicated Heart character was indeed not good, he hope that Bai Yimeng could discussing properly with Chui Yan after she went offline.

These two people must be met face-to-face in reality. The person who could sit on the opposite side and took a photo, who could it be besides Intoxicated Heart. After met in reality, it was not enough to two-timing, he also send out the other party’s photo. If Bai Yimeng continued to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, then she really hopeless.

But the two people were actually similar.

Chu Ci pulled down in passing, and a photo appeared in the post. It was not the same person as the one above. But he also recognized who it was.

He looked down at the remark of posted person and it was really written: This is the photo of Allure beauty.

The face of Allure has also been raised, but it can’t be much different from Bai Yimeng’s face value. If it was put under the same lighting, one simply can’t distinction between each other.

Chu Ci shook his head and closed the forum. Anonymous forum was a bit messy. It was already good to know the general situation, no need to look at everything, otherwise it would pollute your eyes.

It was another whole day after Chui Yan went offline. The longer Chu Ci was waiting in the game, the more worry he was. The longer he felt restless, the more he felt the time dragged slowly.

He doesn’t appear for so long, don’t tell me there is some issue?

No no no, it must be that the two people have a good chat, and then go out to watch a movie and have a meal together. They just not think of entered the game.

Chu Ci felt that the two little him were fighting in his mind.

When he finally calmed down and rested for a while, the World seemed to change as soon as he opened his eyes again.

After Chu Ci opened his eyes, he looked at the photo of Bai Yimeng that he saw at the forum yesterday.

He didn’t expect that these people actually took the photo to sent in the game. Moreover, all of them were rejoice in other people’s misfortune.

[World] Interval: [Red Moon] This is the beauty in your eyes~

[World] Red Moon: Hehe, I don’t believe this.

[World] Strolling: It’s a good idea to install 13 in the game, this is fun.

[World] Just Use: Looks ordinary.

[World] Wang Yun: She used to call me ugly. She turned out to be uglier than me. Self-confident in an instant.

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