Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

20) Chapter 89.2 ♬

Chapter 89 Part 2:

He had just lay down when the man beside him was restless again. Yu Yuan reached over and encircled his waist, holding him in his arms.

Chu Ci was in a trance again. All had the same personality, he liked to hug him when he slept.

He couldn’t help sighing: I finally hugging with him.

The next day, Yu Yuan who had always woken up later than Chu Ci, rarely waking up first.

After opening his eyes, Yu Yuan felt the body temperature of the man in his arms, which confirmed that everything last night was not a dream.

His relationship with Ji He now was lover, or a real married couple?

Thinking of this, Yu Yuan’s heart felt a burst of excitement, and he couldn’t help but moving close and secretly kissed his lover. After staying for a while, he lay on his side and half prop his body, happily waiting for this man to wake up.

Chu Ci saw a smiling face just after opening his eyes.

Then, the smiling face got closer and closer, until he felt the soft touch on his lips, and then the smiling face left.

“Good morning.” Yu Yuan smiled, “This is good morning kiss.”

Chu Ci paused for a while before gradually waking over, and then pursed his lips and looked at the man beside him, “Where did you learn these.”

Yu Yuan mischievously blinked his eyes and said, “Self-taught!”

Chu Ci frowned doubtfully, always feeling that the way he was getting along with Yu Yuan was not quite right.

The two got out of bed, wearing their clothes properly, and left the room together.

Just after he opened the door, Chu Ci smelled a familiar fragrance, and immediately frowned.

Sure enough, the same bouquet of roses appeared in front of his eyes as it was yesterday. It was still the same color and hold by the same subordinate as yesterday. The only difference was that he already knew who sent the flower.

The smile on Yu Yuan’s face immediately disappeared when he saw the flower.

Chu Ci just about to let this subordinate threw the flower, but Yu Yuan preemptively said, “Don’t take in the flower sent for Ji He in the future, just directly take it to the garden as fertilizer. Of course, you can take the flower away if you like it.”

The subordinate who held the flower looked at the madam and looked at Chu Ci.

Chu Ci nodded calmly, “Do as the madam said.”

The subordinate followed his order, immediately leaving with the flower.

Chu Ci looked back to Yu Yuan after seeing the subordinate walking away, he pretended to sigh, “With this order, I won’t receive the flower in the future, even if your flowers are sent, it won’t reaching my hands.”

But, Yu Yuan said without worry, “From now on you can only accept my flowers, and I will send my flowers to you personally.”

Chu Ci couldn’t help but want to cover his face, he dug this pit and buried himself.

He was a little unable to stand such enthusiastic Yu Yuan. He always felt that Ji He’s imposing was slowly washing away, he was afraid that it would collapse.

Chu Ci could only change the subject, saying, “Are you hungry?”

Yu Yuan doesn’t mind he shifted the subject, he nodded and said, “Hungry.”

The two immediately walked in the direction of the dining room.

Just after they entered the door, Yu Yuan strode to his previous seat, and then moved his seat that originally facing Chu Ci to beside Chu Ci. His face doesn’t change as he said, “I want to be closer to you when I eat.”

Is this the young man’s passion?

Chu Ci strongly maintained his momentum until Yu Yuan ate his fill.

When he saw the other party was no longer eating, he immediately said, “Are you full?”

Yu Yuan looked at him and nodded, “I’m full, but I want to see you eat.”

Chu Ci put a serious face and said, “Don’t make trouble, you can play by yourself first. If you have any need, just find me. I will go to the study to handle the affairs.”

“Okay!” Yu Yuan nodded and said, “But kiss me before you leave.”

Chu Ci pretended to be angry and said, “The kiss before sleep and the kiss after wake up are not enough?”

Yu Yuan immediately shook his head, “Not enough!”

Chu Ci put down his bowl and chopsticks, and said helplessly, “Close your eyes.”

Yu Yuan immediately complied obediently.

However, after waiting for a while, Yu Yuan didn’t get the expected kiss, but heard Ji He’s voice coming from a distance.

“Play by yourself, I have urgent matter that need to be dealt with. If you really want to kiss, just kiss the back of your own hand.”

When Yu Yuan opened his eyes, there was only the sound of closing door.

Instead of being angry, he smiled and said to himself, “Uncle Ji seems to be very easily shy.”

At this side, Chu Ci escaped into the study.

He rested on the chair for a while and couldn’t help but ask the system, “Is Yu Yuan really never in love before?”

The system said certainly, “Never.”

“But, he seems to be as skilled as the experienced person.” Moreover, he surpassed the previous ones.

The system sighed and said faintly, “Talent~”

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