Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

21) Chapter 126.2 ♬

Chapter 126 Part 2:

Before Quan Gan put down his phone, the screen turned on again, and a text message from Chu Ci appeared.

[Muah, good night!]

Quan Gan stared blankly at the screen for a long time, before calling his assistant’s phone.

“Boss, what’s the matter?”

Quan Gan directly said, “What does muah mean?”

The assistant instantly stunned, she absolutely couldn’t imagine the usual year-round calm face speaking this word, but she could roughly guess from who he heard it. After all, that person was younger than her.

She tangled for a while and finally explained in a very serious tone, “It means a kiss, if someone sends you this word, you can also reply the same.”


After Quan Gan hung up the phone, he enter the same word in the message box, and then clicked send.

At this time, Chu Ci just closed his eyes to sleep, and when he heard the sound of the text message, he thought about it, before opened his eyes and took the cellphone on the table.

He glanced at the screen strangely, wondering who would send him a message in deep night.

Chu Ci looked at it and thought his eyes blurred, he quickly looked at it again carefully.

He never expected that it would be a message from Quan Gan. When he saw the content of the text message, he rolled on the bed with a laugh. At the same time, no matter whether the system was present or not, he directly showed off in his mind, “I very like Quan Gan, more and more like!”

Because the system didn’t look at his situation, he was puzzled, but Chu Ci doesn’t care about it and chose to ignore him.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed.

Chu Ci’s last film payment finally entered his bank account, and his life became slightly better.

In this half a month, without the trouble of money, he became a guy who stayed at home all the time. The most favorite thing to do was browse Quan Gan’s movements on the Internet.

Today, as soon as he opened the weibo, he saw his name became popular.

Chu Ci clicked curiously to see if it had something to do with him, but he couldn’t remember he had done something to get this popular thing.

“Tsk tsk.” Chu Ci swipt down the screen and certain that this Chu Ci was him. He sighed and said to the system, “This group of people on the Internet have digging out my old background.”

The system directly said, “It’s ‘Chu Ci’ work.”

“I guess he’s the only one. Fortunately, there is no black spot in Sang Qi.”

Chu Ci looked at the content of the topic intently, and found that the most commented article was saying that he was kept by Quan Gan.

He opened the comment curiously and glanced at it. In his view, there was no problem with being keep.

However, when Chu Ci looked at the reply in the comment, he suddenly found that the keep and love were not the same thing at all. Moreover, the keep directly reduced people to the ranks of selling.

He subconsciously thought about his relationship with Quan Gan. Suddenly discovered that although the two of them had opened up their true feelings, they did not say this carefully.

At this time, his cellphone rang.

It was the call from his sweetheart Quan Gan.

He quickly picked it up and was prepared to ask about this matter.

“Open the door, I’m at your doorway.”

“Ah?” Chu Ci’s plan was directly disrupted, he looked at his door and skeptically walked to open it.

Quan Gan smiled when he saw him and hung up his phone.

Chu Ci looked at him in surprise and said, “Come back so early?”

“You don’t want me to come early.”

Chu Ci quickly shook his head, “No!” He walked over and hugged Quan Gan’s waist and rubbed againt him.

Quan Gan looked at the hairy head on his chest and found that he didn’t reject it at all. Instead, he wanted to reach out and touched it, and he did so, rubbing Chu Ci’s head, saying, “Pack your things and go to my house.”

Chu Ci loosened his hand and looked at him strangely, “Go to your house?” Then his eyes lit up, “You want we to live together?”

Quan Gan said, “Yes, you don’t want to?”

“Want!” Chu Ci jumped up and ran to the room. The day of living together finally came, he had waited this day.

Suddenly, he remembered something and stopped his footsteps. He turned his head and stopped the man who wanted to enter the door, “You have better wait outside!”

Quan Gan looked inside and said, “It doesn’t matter, I’ve seen it all.”

Chu Ci’s face suddenly became hot, but he still shook his head and said, “No, you can’t see it for the second time.”


Chu Ci couldn’t help saying, “I want a face too!” Then he wanted to close the door.

Seeing such a tangled look on Chu Ci, Quan Gan didn’t tease him, he stopped at the door and said, “Don’t close the door, I won’t come in.”

Chu Ci saw that he had made such a compromise, so he opened the door, and then rushed into the room to pack up.

“I have everything there, you should just bring some necessary things.”

Chu Ci thought about it and took his laptop and changing clothes in before went out.

Quan Gan looked at the small suitcase in his hand, he nodded and said with a smile, “Good.”

Chu Ci cheerfully closed the door, he followed behind Quan Gan and said happily, “We are living together, right?”

“Yes.” Quan Gan turned his head and looked at Chu Ci, “Looks like my decision is right. You look very happy.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and said, “Yeah, I’m happy.”

When he got into Quan Gan’s car, he suddenly thought of the news that he had just opened on the Internet and was curious, “Are we in lover relationship or am I being keep?”

Quan Gan suddenly said, “You very care about this?”

Chu Ci looked at Quan Gan, he already felt his hesitation just now and directly said, “I take it back, we will discuss this topic later.”

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