Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

21) Chapter 74.1 ♬

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Chapter 74: Marked by Beastman (4.11)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci stared blankly at the peacock that pecking on himself, his face was at a loss.

Is Lian Cen’s mysophobia gone? Or, is this the character distorted after estrus period? He actually secretly took the peacock to the bed?

Chu Ci looked around and suddenly found that Lian Cen who originally sleeping on the other side, was gone doesn’t know when. No wonder this peacock would come to peck him.

He curiously looked at this little peacock, which was much smaller than the normal adult peacock, and tried to reach out. He originally thought it would be scared away. Unexpectedly, the little peacock took the initiative to move close to his hand and rubbed it, let him touched its wings and touched its tail. It was so clever, as if recognized people in general.

Chu Ci sized it up, the shape was already fully opened, it was very beautiful even without opening its tail, but its size was very small. Such a cute thing, no wonder Lian Cen would like it.

Seeing nothing wrong, Chu Ci lay back on the bed to continue his sleep, but the little peacock immediately began to peck at his arm when it saw him lying back.

Chu Ci helplessly sat up and stared at it, “Don’t peck, go to sleep!” Although the little peacock’s pecks wouldn’t harm him, he felt itchy and painful, made him completely unable to fall asleep.

However, the little peacock was stunned by his fierceness, and then pecking at his thigh as if a revenge. Chu Ci could only wrapped himself in the quilt, hiding to the other side of the bed.

A peacock and a person confronted each other.

Chu Ci always felt that his momentum couldn’t be more imposing than this little bird.

He was so sleepy that he could only ask help to the system.

“System, are you asleep? I have a peacock in my bed who pecks me inexplicably. You should be proficient in all kinds of languages, right? Help me see what it wants to do? If I don’t have a good rest, I can’t continue to brush Lian Cen’s favorable impression tomorrow.”

The system said faintly, “I don’t need to sleep.”

Chu Ci said happily, “It’s so good, then I won’t be embarrassed to find you anytime later.”

The system doesn’t argue with him and take the initiative return to the original topic. He said meaningfully, “The peacock~ should be hungry, give him some grains to eat.”


Chu Ci suddenly thought of the pouch that Lian Cen gave him before bedtime, he immediately take it out from the pillow side and grabbed a handful of grains from inside.

The little Peacock was really excited when it saw him take the grains out.

When Chu Ci was about to sprinkle it on the bed, he recalled that Lian Cen might have a cleansing habit, so he lay on the bed and scattered it on the floor.

The little peacock followed his hand to the bedside. Seeing the object was thrown on the ground, its original excitement instantly stopped. It looked at the food on the ground and turned around, walking back to the middle of the bed and faced its butt to him.

Chu Ci inexplicably looked at the little peacock who suddenly turned hostile, asking sullenly in his mind, “System, why doesn’t it eat? It’s so exciting just a moment ago, why is it suddenly angry again?”

The system said helplessly, “Why did you throw the grains on the floor, put it in your hand for it to eat. It will certainly not want on the floor.”

Chu Ci looked at the little peacock who turned its back at him with a surprise expression, saying, “Has to pay particular attention like this? It’s a character worthy of Lian Cen’s raising animal.” Then, he grabbed a handful of grains from the pouch and handed it over.

The little peacock immediately turned round and pecking up, completely doesn’t angry.

Chu Ci let the little peacock eating in his hand and said curiously, “System, where is Lian Cen? Shouldn’t he go to get this bird something to eat?”

At this side, the system actually said surprisingly, “Lian Cen? Don’t you know that this bird is Lian Cen? I thought you have long been guessed that it’s him.”

“Ah?” Chu Ci froze for a moment, he surprisingly looked at the little peacock who concentrated on eating in bed and said, “You said this peacock is Lian Cen? Lian Cen, such a big living person, actually turned into a little bird?”

Chu Ci leaned down and staring at this little thing, looking left and right, it seemed that he really could see a hint of Lian Cen’s temperament.

He suddenly remembered what the system said before. Beastmans have the animal form. Lian Cen currently changed back into his animal form. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “So Lian Cen’s animal form is a peacock. Why he suddenly change in deep night? Can he change back?”

The system also doesn’t expect Chu Ci to know everything and directly explained, “This is a normal phenomenon. Although beastmans have the animal form, they are in the state of human baby when born, their animal forms will appear after the first estrus. At the same time, the animal form that has not grown from birth also beginning to enter the growth period, and they will return to their original shape in half a day. It lasts for about a year. If the two beastmans are combined, it’s generally the male change into the animal form at night and the female change into the animal form at daytime, the two sides take care of each other. I was also wondering why Lian Cen let you live with him before, it seems that it should be because this. He let you sleep with him because your body is contaminated with his scent. After turning into animal form, beastmans will temporarily lose their memory and will approach people with the same scent by instinct. He has no partner, so he can only find you who had intimate contact.”

The system explained very clearly, but Chu Ci was not happy. He looked at the peacock version of Lian Cen who was eating something in his hand and said in disappointment, “I thought he let me sleep with him because he fall in love with me, it turns out he has request to me. I only happy for less than a day before beaten back to the original shape.”

Chu Ci poked the tail of the little peacock Lian Cen with his another hand, but it just shook and continued to concentrate on eating.

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