Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

21) Chapter 90.1 ♬

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Chapter 90: Forcibly Buying, Marriage First Before Love (5.9)


Translator: Mimi

The system’s words made Chu Ci thinking carefully. He suddenly felt that if it continued according to this trend, he would become more and more unimposing.

It seems that it’s time to improve myself.

After thinking, Chu Ci immediately declared, “System, I decided not to work today. I have to take a day to make up for the TV dramas. I haven’t watched this thing for a long time, no wonder I can’t keep up with Yu Yuan’s pace. Since I didn’t have talent, then I have to spend more time in this aspect and work hard to be a good husband.”

Chu Ci quickly found a hottest idol drama on the computer. Before opening it, he kindly asked the system, “Do you want to watch it with me? Let’s study together?”

The system directly refused, “I don’t need to learn this kind of thing.”

“Okay.” Seeing that the system didn’t like it, Chu Ci also doesn’t force him. After opening the video, he leaned on the chair and watched up, earnestly learning various flirting ways from the male lead.

He had just set his mind in it, when the office door was knocked by someone.

After Chu Ci heard the knock on the door, he immediately straightened his body and pressed the pause button.

“Come in.”

As soon as his voice fell, the door was pushed open a crack, and then Yu Yuan’s head came in. After seeing Chu Ci, Yu Yuan thought of what had just happened in the dining room, and couldn’t help smiling, “I come to borrow a notebook from you.”

Chu Ci pretended to be calm and nodded his head, “Okay, you can take that notebook in the bedroom to use, password 123.”

Yu Yuan drew the corners of his mouth and said with a smile, “Thank you, but your password is so simple.”

Although Chu Ci also thought this way, he put out a mature and steady look, saying, “Go play by yourself, I’m a little busy.”

This password was set by Ji He. When he saw this number after searched in his mind at that time, he was also stunned, and even felt a little funny. The big shot’s computer password turned out to be a simple 123 three digits.

“Okay.” Yu Yuan listened to Chu Ci’s arrangement.

“Then, you work well.” Yu Yuan closed the door after speaking.

After the door closed, Chu Ci stared at the door doubtfully for a while. He found that Yu Yuan was not bothered him this time.

Sure enough, still the child’s heart. Give him a computer and he immediately forget me.

However, seeing Yu Yuan leave, Chu Ci’s heart relaxed a lot. He was afraid that Yu Yuan would say critical hit’s words again, and he could only flee in defeat. That would really exhaust his barely remaining loftiness.

Chu Ci withdrew his sight and continued to look at the computer screen. At the same time, he clicked the mouse and leaned back on the chair.

I have to hurry up and learn.

However, in less than a minute, his phone rang.

Chu Ci frowned as he looked at the phone.

Only those people who he entrusted to monitor outside would make a call at this time.

After his misunderstanding with Yu Yuan was resolved, he asked the man to monitor the Yu family, and this man wouldn’t call if there was nothing wrong.

Chu Ci picked up the call.

The man on the other side of the phone had no time to exchange pleasantries, and said directly, “Yesterday morning, Yu Hong who act as the temporarily head of Yu family, was secretly attacked. His life was big, he’s still alive. However, the Yu family has just experienced a crisis of changing master. No matter how deep the Yu family’s foundation is, people’s hearts will be unrest when this matter happened again.”

The man regarded the Yu family as his own since he accepted Yu Yuan as sister-in-law.

Chu Ci said, “Okay! I will find a time as soon as possible to let Yu Yuan return to the Yu family.”

In fact, it was no problem to go back now. The man’s heart was already with him, he doesn’t afraid of him run away even if he let him go back.

Chu Ci hung up the phone and habitually discussed with the system, “Do you think I should send Yu Yuan back to the Yu family now?”

The system was silent for a moment and then suggested, “Wait for a period of time, I feel that with the target young age he is relatively sensitive. You have just confirmed the relationship, and it’s not even a day together. If you let him go back now, he may suspect that you don’t like him at all. It maybe going to twist his character and blackened. At that time, you will be miserable.”

Chu Ci wondered, “He will blackened? How do you know these?”

The system said proudly, “I’m the system, I have seen more lives than you have seen on the television. I see a lot this kind of case.”

After thinking about it, Chu Ci nodded and said, “Okay, I will postpone it first.”

When he was about to continue watching, he suddenly thought of the matter Yu Yuan came to borrow the computer. He said curiously, “System, help me see what Yu Yuan is doing with the computer. If he knows the matter of Yu family, do you think he will go back?”

The system said, “Okay, you wait for a while.”

After the system left, Chu Ci could finally concentrate on watching the idol drama. The system had just mentioned the word ‘blackened’ with him, and a similar plot appeared in the TV dramas: The second male lead blackened because of the female lead.

Chu Ci immediately watched attentively.

It didn’t take long for the system to return, saying, “The target is watching the young adult film between men.”

Chu Ci pondered about the system’s words for a second and then casually said, “Okay.” Then, he continued to watch the blackening process of the second male lead in the TV dramas concentratedly.

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