Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

22) Chapter 107.2 ♬

Chapter 107 Part 2:

“Ye Xin!”

Just as Chu Ci was about to take off his robe to go into the water, Si Yuan called him.

He raised his head and looked at the person within the steam strangely, “What’s the matter?”

Si Yuan put away that kind of tone that Chu Ci doesn’t like this time, saying, “I seems to see a Four Seasons Grass outside the fence just a moment ago. I’m afraid of dark from childhood, so can you help me to take a look at it?”

This way of speaking once again made Chu Ci think that Yu Yuan was right in front of him.

But despite the momentary illusion, he soon became sober. Seeing Si Yuan wanted to use him again, the favorable impression of him in his heart was completely gone, at the same time, he thought of a way to repay him and satisfy himself.

He now more and more felt that he recognized Si Yuan wrongly, so he was likely to ignore this person after this evening.

Chu Ci didn’t immediately refuse, just raised his eyebrows and bargained, “If you stand up and let me take a look at your body, then I’ll help you to take a look at it.”

Si Yuan was stunned, he didn’t expect that Ye Xin would make such a shameful request to him in the front of Fu Zhi. But this was exactly what he wished.

He looked at Fu Zhi who was waiting for the answer next to him, and said very cooperatingly, “It seems that you are quite infatuated with me. But if you like, I don’t mind making this small sacrifice, who makes us classmates.” After speaking, he generously stood up.

Chu Ci’s eyes immediately swept over.


When Chu Ci saw Si Yuan wore the bath towel around his waist, only then he remembered that this person was very conservative, but he didn’t expect to be conservative into this way.

It seems that he couldn’t use Fu Zhi’s good intention.

Chu Ci was a little disheartened, so he decided to solve it with the hair at night.

Just as he was about to give up and taking back his eyes, a faint blue light flashed in the mist, and then Si Yuan’s bath towel slipped inexplicably.

Chu Ci didn’t hesitate this time, and directly swept to that place he wanted to see. Although it was a little hazy because of the steam, the basic was still clear. It was completely no problem according to his knowledge of that thing!

However, Chu Ci narrowed his eyes uncertainly when he saw that shadow.

This thing seems…very small…

At this time, Si Yuan had already reacted, he immediately squatted back in the water after cursing.

Chu Ci ignored him, thinking back to that little shadow he had just seen in his mind.

Although it was not very clear because of the steam, but he clarified the size clearly. He had already gone through five worlds with that person, so just by looking at the unclear shadow, he could be sure that Si Yuan was definitely not the one he was looking for.

So Si Yuan was not Yu Yuan.

Chu Ci at last understood why this person was so secretive.

Finally, Si Yuan was excluded from his target, and Chu Ci was a little happy inexplicably. If the person he liked became like this, he was really afraid that his affection couldn’t rise.

Si Yuan squatted in the water, he looked at Chu Ci while wrapping his bath towel again. When he saw that he didn’t move, he urged, “Can you help me to take a look at it now?”

Chu Ci secretly sneered, and then took off his bathrobe in front of the two of them and dropped into the water.

When Si Yuan saw Chu Ci’s appearance that completely doesn’t seems going to fulfill the promise, he resisted his bad mood and said, “You said that you’re going to help me see it, why did you come down?”

Chu Ci withdrew from inside the water and sighed comfortably, “I think about it. Anyway, we’ll look for something later, it would be better to go together at that time, right? Anyway, there is no one else here, no one will rob it from you. It’s rare to come to such good place, I have to enjoy it.”

Si Yuan didn’t expect Ye Xin to be a rogue, and he couldn’t fuss over minor matters like a girl. He looked angrily at Fu Zhi who laughed beside him and leaned on the side of the pool. He doesn’t know where he made a mistake.

It was inconvenient to chat with the two of them across half a pool, so Chu Ci pretended in his mind that he had tested with the hair and reported to the system, “System, Si Yuan is not the person we are looking for.”

The system was already suspicious of this matter. Hearing Chu Ci’s words, he didn’t ask in detail and said, “As expect, how could the two worlds be so coincident.”

Chu Ci said silently in his heart, “I wasted my feelings in vain.”

Without worrying that Si Yuan could be the target, Chu Ci was even more relaxed.

He directly pulled off his bath towel and threw it to the edge of the pool, and then swimming freely in the pool.

What was broken the rule, he doesn’t rare! Since the suspicion had been lifted, he doesn’t mind going back to stay in the attic.

Si Yuan obviously even more dislike him, saying, “Wrap your bath towel around.”

Chu Ci was remain unmoved, “We are all man, what are you afraid of? Shouldn’t soaking in the hot spring be more relaxed and free? I’m a rough man, I just want to soak.”

Fu Zhi looked at the person who didn’t wear clothes and rolling in the water without worry. After a long silence, he couldn’t help but stand up, saying, “I’m done soaked!” He directly went ashore and put on his bathrobe and left, seemingly a bit anxious.

Chu Ci looked at the distant figure in doubt, before shrugged his shoulders and continued to swim.

No one wants to be my master.

Seeing Fu Zhi left, Si Yuan sneered, “Just now, I was testing you. If you just went to find that grass for me, I might consider going out with you.”

Chu Ci immediately stopped and looked at Si Yuan with disdain, “It’s not necessary, I don’t like you!”

Although he said so, Chu Ci knew that Si Yuan would be misunderstood certainly because he had mistakenly regarded this person as Yu Yuan when he was in a trance before.

But he wouldn’t admit it.

Sure enough, Si Yuan showed an unbelievable expression and said confidently, “You can’t deceive me, I see the expression on your eyes when you looked at me.”

“Oh~” Chu Ci pretended to be recalling something and said, “I just recognized the wrong person.”

At this time, Fu Zhi returned to the changing room and looked down strangely, his heart settled down a bit. He secretly said, “Unexpectedly, he didn’t wear the ring on his body.”

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