Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

22) Chapter 37.1 ♬

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Chapter 37: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.12)


Translator: Mimi

After returned to the guild territory, Chu Ci directly sat on the ground. In the pit of his stomach, there was depression anger that couldn’t come out.

But he was also only angry for a while before felt a little bored. After thinking about it, Chu Ci opened his bag and took out all the materials from Chui Yan.

Hehe, do you treat me like a snail girl? Anyway, he would get half of the money earned from the clothes.

While Chu Ci was thinking, his hands didn’t stop.

He picked up the needle in the bag and pierced the fabric. The fabric was floating in the air and entered the state of automatic sewing.

But it was still a little boring.

Chu Ci didn’t want to go to the forum and could only look at the World to pass the time. The topic of his funny relationship with Chui Yan circulated for a while. Because there was no black spot and the two people involved didn’t respond, so gradually no one discussed it. However, those who were still in the game at the deep night must be boring people like him. They always want to raise some topics to make them not boring.

[Game System] Player Intoxicated Heart used the legendary petals rain on player Allure, and invites all players to enjoy it together.

Chu Ci looked at the rose flower petals falling from the sky and said in his heart: This time topic of talking has come.

This game was more exciting than the real Jianghu.

Sure enough, Bai Yimeng was shot again, and her photos were once again put on the World to compare with the one called Allure. There was another burst of lively in the World.

Suddenly a familiar name appeared.

[World] Yi’s Dream: If it wasn’t for the little matter in these two days and I still don’t know, I’ll already settle this two-timing matter.

[World] Yi’s Dream: [Intoxicated Heart] What do you mean by secretly took my ugly photo and spread it?

At this time, the male main character of the topic who has been on the system channel also added a fire to the boring midnight.

[World] Intoxicated Heart: I swear that it’s absolutely not from me.

[World] Yi’s Dream: Who else can send my photo in this angle besides you? If you want to pursue a beautiful girl, just pursue. Why should you take me to pave the way?

Bai Yimeng first found the game was so fake.

She didn’t expect that the gap between Intoxicated Heart and the game would be so great, but the emotional foundation in the game made her ignore this man’s appearance. Thinking the beauty of the heart was the most important, no one can be beautiful for a lifetime. That was why she chose this man when Lu Jiang forced her to choose. But she didn’t expect that this man would turn around, not only he was two-timing, but also secretly took her photo and sent it to the game for people to ridicule. But she couldn’t be trampled on by this disgusting fat man called Intoxicated Heart.

[World] Intoxicated Heart: I only sent it to my friends to see. I don’t know whether it’s they who sent it.

[World] Yi’s Dream: Rubbish.

The two people who once knew as the model couple in the game were so openly torn apart. More and more onlookers come to watch. Many people also began to bring into the role was not calm, many people said that Intoxicated Heart was immoral, and the exposure photo was too much.

When Chu Ci saw Bai Yimeng finally recognized what kind of person was this Intoxicated Heart, the anger he had just received from Chui Yan finally calmed down.

Fortunately, it was not too late.

[World] Mysterious Person: Yi’s Dream is withdraw from the guild!

[World] Mysterious Person: Yi’s Dream is offline.

[World] Mysterious Person: Yi’s Dream is online.

Mysterious Person were people who used props to hide their real names. They were not afraid of liveliness and seemed to be broadcasting the movements of Yi’s Dream.

[World] Yi’s Dream: [Photo]

[World] Yi’s Dream: Since you show my face, then let’s do it together.

After Bai Yimeng published a photo, the World’s discussion was once again boomed and pushed to a new high tide.

She took a photo with a man in the photo, but anyone who has seen Intoxicated Heart could surely guess who this man was, and anyone who has not seen could just guess this photo with the last alone photo of Yi’s Dream.

When Chu Ci who was silently watching saw Intoxicated Heart’s photo, he felt his eyes being pierced. He need a good-looking person to wash his eyes.

Chu Ci looked around. There was no mirror in the guild territory, otherwise it would be okay to look at himself.

This time he didn’t understand what Yi’s Dream was thinking in her mind when she decided to break up with Chui Yan.

Although Intoxicated Heart’s face in the game has not yet reached Chu Ci’s like range, it was also considered to be superior and elegant. But who would know that the dream lover of thousands of girls in the game was actuality a greasy fat man.

Chu Ci felt that this man couldn’t even match Chui Yan in the game.

[World] Yi’s Dream: Yourself is so ugly, and still have the nerve to talk others?

[World] Peaceful: Is this the Intoxicated Heart that bragging himself as the number one beautiful man in Dream Back every day?

[World] Blizzard: F*ck f*ck, blind my eyes, need beauty photo to heal.

[World] Wen Yu: I think those two people are quite suitable.

[World] Intoxicated Heart: [Yi’s Dream] Looked at the former friend’s part, don’t jump if you want to continue playing.

[World] Peaceful: Yo, this face is ugly.

[World] Yi’s Dream: By the way, even if I looks ugly, I have a boyfriend in reality.

[World] Yi’s Dream: [Photo]

[World] Yi’s Dream: This is my boyfriend, so I hope you don’t put gold on your face.

This time photo, the woman was still Bai Yimeng, but the man next to her has changed. The man was very handsome! Bai Yimeng smiled happily. The man next to her just looked at the camera calmly. Even so, he was still handsome.

When Chu Ci saw this photo, he immediately beaten his chest and stamped his foot, and promptly saved it, then hurriedly looked to wash his eyes. Needless to say, the person with this iconic expression was certainly Chui Yan. Looking at the simple and honest face of Chui Yan, he almost thought he was like that. He only knew that Master was the most handsome boy in the college, he didn’t expect that Master was so good-looking.

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