Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

22) Chapter 74.2 ♬

Chapter 74 Part 2:

The system kindly reminded, “You must be careful, beastman’s animal form is very important, don’t let others see it.”

Chu Ci muttered, “I know this.” Then, he surrounded the little peacock Lian Cen with the quilt.

The system comforted, “You don’t have to be sad. The animal form is not something that anyone can see casually. He does this shows he trust you. Sleep now also consider sleep with original shape. Fighting, the future can still be expected.”

This comforting completely hit Chu Ci’s heart, he immediately nodded confidently, “After thinking carefully, the development is also very fast. After a year of getting along with me, I think it can be almost successfully accomplished.”

The system said satisfyingly, “It’s good you can think this way.”

Thinking of himself would be safe for the next year, Chu Ci temporarily forgot the previous headache’s matter, and couldn’t help but feel in very good mood. Looking at this little peacock, he felt that it was getting more and more adorable.

After the little peacock Lian Cen finished eating, Chu Ci put the pouch containing the grains back in the pillow side and lay down again.

The little peacock Lian Cen who was full this time, didn’t peck him anymore. After seeing that he was going to sleep, it walked to his side and nestled beside his arm, then hid its head under the wings ready to rest with him.

After thinking for a moment, Chu Ci directly reached out and hugged the little peacock into his arms, and the two entered the dreamland together.

The next day. Chu Ci faintly woke up and felt like he was holding a hot and soft thing. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the skin’s surface. He slowly looking up and directly met Lian Cen’s eyes.

Chu Ci who understood what he was holding, laughing and withdrew his hand from the other party’s waist, saying, “You became a bird last night, so you must sleep in my arms.” After sure he was safe within a year, Chu Ci now completely free of worries.

Chu Ci looked at Lian Cen’s beautiful back and grinned, “Isn’t your animal form can only be see by the closest people? You let me such a temporary replacement know, are you not afraid I will reveal your little secret?”

Lian Cen put on his clothes and turned to look at the grinning man on the bed, raising his eyebrows, he said, “If you think we are not close enough, I can do it again a few times.”

Chu Ci’s face stiffened, he turned over and hid back in the quilt, saying, “I will definitely keep it secret, no need!”

Lian Cen looked at the bulging quilt on the bed in a good mood before walking out. Before leaving, he explained, “The clothes are on the sofa. If you are hungry, go find Lian Shan. He will help you prepare the food. I will come back at night.”

Then Chu Ci heard the sound of door opened and closed.

After hearing that there was no movement behind him, Chu Ci got out of the quilt and said in his heart, “It’s a close call, even the previous aloof Lian Cen turns out to be fake.”

Chu Ci originally wanted to make up for his sleep, after tossing and turning sleeplessly in bed, he could only get up.

Thinking of yesterday Lian Cen said that he could eat a big meal today, his whole person immediately in spirit.

Chu Ci walked to the sofa to pick up the clothes that they prepared and looking at it. He couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.

He remembered that the clothes that Lian Cen wore in the morning seemed to be about the same to this one, and actually similar model!

Chu Ci couldn’t help reconsider in his heart: I have been lost face, and Lian Cen unexpectedly still want to put a symbol to let everyone know.

He looked around to see that there were no other clothes around. This one on his body was already wrinkled because of sleep, he could only put the clothes on reluctantly. He comforted himself that the same model certainly means that the material was also the same, it must be comfortable. Just wear it, anyway, his purpose came here was to hook up with Lian Cen. Even if he was wearing a prison uniform, he had to stay here.

Chu Ci left the room after he changed his clothes.

The people outside were gone along with Lian Cen’s departure.

Chu Ci went to the place where he had eaten a big meal before, and found that there was nothing prepared in that room. He could only looking for Lian Shan. He was able to contact Lian Shan’s cellphone before, and now he didn’t know where to go.

Lian family was much larger than the villa in the suburbs. He went around and actually somewhat lost. He walked so long, he was hungry and thirsty, but he doesn’t meet anyone.

He could actually ask the system, but he was afraid of being suspected because he was too familiar with the layout.

Chu Ci looked around and said in his heart: If there is no more people coming, I will call the system!

At this time, the sound of people’s footsteps suddenly came in the distance.

Chu Ci stretched his neck to see. When he saw someone shadow, he quickly ran out of the small road.

He suddenly jumped out of the small road and it startled the person who had just passed by.

Chu Ci glanced at the person, it was actually Lian Shan.

He finally found this man.

He then looked at the person with Lian Shan. He looked quite small, standing with Lian Shan only to his arm. He was also a head shorter than him.

Chu Ci frowned as he felt the person before him a little familiar.

The memories in his mind slowly converged, and Chu Ci recalled who this person was.

The other party clearly recognized him and pointed to Chu Ci, “Qin An, you actually still alive!”

Chu Ci drew the corner of his mouth, he looked at Lian Shan, and then looked at this omega called Lu Qing, and said used Qin An’s usual tone, “Oh, my Qingqing darling.” This omega was precisely the big shot who deceived by Qin An.

Lu Qing sized up the person in front of him and said, “The Lian family really raised people ah. After a few days haven’t see, that disgusting smell in your body is all gone.”

Chu Ci saw Lian Shan looked at him with expression as if he wanted to eat people. He seemed to say: You dare to hook up with someone else at the Lian family. You are screwed, I’m going to tell Sir Lian Cen.

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