Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

22) Chapter 90.2 ♬

Chapter 90 Part 2:

The system didn’t expect that Chu Ci would be so calm when he heard this, and asked, “Do you know what is the young adult film between men?”

Chu Ci said, “I know, isn’t it the GV, I’ve seen it before.”

* ‘GV (Graphic Violence)’ -- it’s the film’s rate, means adult film.

Seeing him still so calm even if he knew, the system couldn’t help reminding, “Didn’t you care?”

Chu Ci said puzzlingly, “It’s good for him to have this awareness, why should I stop it? Isn’t this for our future happiness?”

The system was silent for a while and said faintly, “You really need to experience more ah, four worlds simply not enough."

Because Chu Ci was concentrate on the TV drama, he didn’t hear the system’s words clearly and just directly passed it as talking irrelevantly.

However, in his heart, he noted the things in the drama: Absolutely can’t stimulate the other party when the relationship is still not stable. If you do so, the other party is likely to be mentality abnormal because of self-doubt.

At the lunch time, Chu Ci considered to be learned something after watching the idol drama for the whole morning. Therefore, while reviewing the things in the TV drama, he was ready to deal with Yu Yuan’s enthusiastic attack at any moment.

However, after the two met at the dining room, they smiled at each other and then eating their meal. Yu Yuan who was sitting beside him, was very calm

Yu Yuan put down the bowl after eating his fill. He immediately stood up and said, “I’m full, I have something to do and left first.” After speaking, he instantly left.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes blankly and could only ask the system, “What’s this guy want to do?”

The system said, “Watching the young adult film.”

Chu Ci sighed, “Young people have a strong thirst for knowledge, but it just so happens that he watch his young GV and I watch my idol drama.” He had decided to continue watching this drama in the afternoon.

Yu Yuan didn’t bother him, so he directly plunged into the office after eating.

The whole day of time, one spent his time in the office and other one spent his time in the room.

In the evening, Yu Yuan quickly ate his meal and said excitedly after eating, “I’m go back to the room first. I’ll waiting for you in the room.”

Chu Ci looked at his back doubtfully, always feeling that this man was planning something.

He originally wanted to ask the system, but after thinking it over, he let it be. Since the two of them were already lovers, it was okay to keep this surprise.

Chu Ci unhurriedly finished his meal and then walked to the bedroom curiously.

When he in front of the door, he knocked on the door specially, reminding the people inside before reaching out to open it.

Just after the door was opened, a bouquet of champagne-colored roses appeared before his eyes.

Yu Yuan’s face came out from behind the bouquet, he said with a smile, “I will send you flowers every day in the future. This color of rose is suit you the most.”

Chu Ci looked at the bouquet in front of him, and then he took the flower with a difficult to hide smile at the corners of his mouth, saying, “I should be the one who send the flower.”

Yu Yuan doesn’t care and smiled, “I send my flowers, you can also buy it if you want to send me. As long as you send the flower, I will like it.” After he finished speaking, he turned around and entered the bathroom. Before he closed the door, he blinked his eyes and said, “I’ll take a bath first, you wait for me.”

Chu Ci sat on the sofa and looked at the flower in his hand. He always felt that what he had learned for a day was useless. His hard to come by sentence was distorted by the other party’s watertight words.

The alarm bell rang in his heart: This seems not quite right.

Soon, the sound of water in the bathroom suddenly stopped, and then the bathroom door was opened without warning. Yu Yuan came out naked and rushed to the wardrobe, while shouting, “Oh, I forgot to take the underwear.”

His current look completely hadn’t the previous conservative shyness.

Chu Ci’s sight subconsciously followed him.

After Yu Yuan picked out a underwear from the drawer and was about to wear them, he saw Chu Ci was staring at his certain part. He put down the underwear and showed off, “Is it enviable? How about compare ours, who is bigger?”

Chu Ci almost breathed out because his sentence was stuck in his throat. In order to stabilize his imposing manner so that the time he spent on the TV drama today was not wasted, Chu Ci put down the flower and said, “Are you seducing me?”

Yu Yuan looked at him with a smile on his face, he threw the underwear to the side, and then sat relaxingly on the bed. He crossed his legs and said honestly, “I’m ready, let’s do it!”

Chu Ci looked at the enthusiastic Yu Yuan, remembering what the system reported to him, he bent the corners of his mouth and stood up to walk to the bed. At the same time, he agreed, “Okay.”

After he went to the bedside, Yu Yuan took the initiative to climb up.

Chu Ci who wanted to take the initiative was hugged by Yu Yuan, and kissed by him.

Fortunately, he was still the one above from the position.

When he was kissing by Yu Yuan until his breath disorder, a few memories of Ji He suddenly flashed in his mind.

Chu Ci’s brain seemed to be thrown into a □□, his whole person dumbfounded.

When he was stunned, Yu Yuan suddenly used his strength to pull him onto the bed. At the same time, Yu Yuan turned over to press him down.

Chu Ci came back to his senses, and immediately stopped Yu Yuan’s next move.

He suddenly thought of an idea, he pretended to be uncomfortable and said, “Wait a minute, my stomach hurts.”

After speaking, he used all his strength to push the man away, and immediately rushed into the toilet.

Yu Yuan sat on the bed and looked at the back of a certain person escaped, he said to himself, “It seems a little too urgent.”

Chu Ci hid in the toilet, took off his pants and poked his little brother. He complained to the system in his mind, “Damn, why don’t you tell me that Ji He impotence!”

The system said, “It’s naturally because I thought your primordial spirit can cure it, so I didn’t care. Now I know you can’t.”

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