Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

23) Chapter 108.1 ♬

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Chapter 108: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.12)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci’s words doesn’t sound false at all, Si Yuan had already believed it in his heart, but it was a bit embarrassed to say it.

He pretended not to know and looked at Chu Ci with a kind of ‘I understand’ expression, “Since you are not good at admitting, then just forget it.”

Chu Ci didn’t expect that Si Yuan was such a narcissistic person. Si Yuan continuously looked at him with that strange gaze, making his original desire to enjoy the hot spring completely gone. In addition Fu Zhi was away, the atmosphere sank into awkward.

Chu Ci finally couldn’t bear it and went out of the hot spring. He directly put on his bathrobe and picked up his bath towel before left.

Si Yuan looked at Chu Ci who suddenly changed attitude and tried to reflect on what he did to make him so annoying.

When Chu Ci returned to the changing room, he specially went to the front of Fu Zhi’s changing room and knocked on the door, “Thank you.”

Fu Zhi didn’t expect Ye Xin to come back so quickly. He originally wanted to go to his changing room to have a look and the plan was dashed. He thought silently and answered, “Are you see it clearly?”

Chu Ci pretended to say lightly, “Although it’s not very clear, but I roughly understands.” After speaking, he walked to his changing room.

He originally wanted to thank Fu Zhi for getting rid of Si Yuan’s bath towel, but he let it pass after thinking about it.

It felt a little odd.

Chu Ci entered the changing room and wiped his body, he quickly changed his clothes, at the same time put the ring’s pendant on his neck and walked out. Since he had soaking in the hot spring, then he would go to find the assignment item as soon as possible. It was better to go back to the academy early.

Just after he opened the door of the changing room, Chu Ci was startled by the man standing on the side.

Chu Ci looked doubtfully at Fu Zhi who was already dressed well and said, “How about we go out to find the assignment item now? Didn’t you say that the Four Seasons Grass is quite difficult to find, let’s find it so as to avoid too late.”


At the same time Fu Zhi answered, his eyes swept towards Chu Ci. When his eyes touched Chu Ci’s chest, he was obviously stunned for a moment.

Chu Ci looked at Fu Zhi and then looked at the ring on his chest, he said doubtfully, “What’s the matter?” Then he picked up the ring and prepared to put it back in his clothes.

He had just pulled his collar, when the hand that holding the ring was held by Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi touched the thing in his palm and said, “Is this your storage ring?”

Chu Ci felt that Fu Zhi was a little excited to see his ring, he blinked his eyes and said, “Yes, it leaves behind by my father and mother.”

“You’ve been wearing it since childhood?” Fu Zhi asked.

Chu Ci nodded his head, thinking of the use of the ring that Meng Chen told him, he joked, “Because it’s used to marry, so I kept wearing it until I meet the person I likes.”

But as soon as he said this, he immediately remembered that the ring was a very important thing. He quickly pulled it from Fu Zhi’s hand and said, “You to touch it like this is no problem, right?”

Fu Zhi calmly looked at his empty hand, as if this process of identification was only a form.

He originally thought it didn’t possible this time, he didn’t expect this person to hang the ring outside when he came out.

He withdrew his empty and said, “Have we meet before?” He looked straight at Chu Ci, hoping he could remember it by himself.

Although Fu Zhi couldn’t remember the face of that person, he remembered very clear the ring hanging on his chest. At that time, the big ring hung around his neck looked very conspicuous. The most important thing was that his mother had just told him that he couldn’t take someone else’s ring, so he paid special attention to that thing.

He believed that the person in front of him should see his appearance more clear than him.

Being asked such a question, Chu Ci looked at Fu Zhi’s face with some doubt. After seeing it for a while, he shook his head and said, “Where have we meet?” After he asked this, he was searching in his mind for a few circles. If he had seen Fu Zhi, he would never forget it. His memory of the beauty had always been especially good.

He thought for a while and suddenly nodded his head, saying, “The day of registration! You should be that person in the same carriage with Si Yuan, right?”

Fu Zhi’s hope that had just ignited was extinguish out.

It seems that this person really forgot him.

Fu Zhi was holding a small brocade box in his hand at this moment. He touched it with his hand and then put it back into the storage ring. Inside was their wedding ring. He originally wanted to give it now, but he thought that he had better forget it.

Although he was a bit disappointed, it was good that the person appeared.

He had thought about this situation. At that time, the two of them were about the same age, and the other party probably didn’t understand the use of this, so he accidentally had the marriage pact with him. What if he already had someone he liked? What if he doesn’t like men?

Thinking of these, Fu Zhi silently clenched his fists, at the same time secretly made a decision in his heart.

Since there are still fifteen years, and since you have appeared again beside me, then I won’t give up.

Fu Zhi put away his feelings and looked at Chu Ci calmly, “Yes.”

Chu Ci stared at Fu Zhi full of hope thinking what he would say, but he didn’t expect the other party to say nothing after replying.

When Fu Zhi turned around and walked over to the hot spring, Chu Ci quickly followed up and said, “No more? Do you not have anything to tell me?” If there’s nothing to say, why did you ask such a strange question?

Fu Zhi thought for a while and then took advantage of the situation to ask, “Do you have someone you like?”

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