Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

23) Chapter 127.2 ♬

Chapter 127 Part 2:

Today was his fifth day lived at Quan Gan’s house. At this time, Quan Gan was still busy working.

Chu Ci had already stayed with Quan Gan and lost the pleasure of spying on him online. After only five days, he felt that he had bored and was about to become moldy.

He lay on the bed with a laptop that had not been turned on at the side. He held the cellphone in his hand and turned over to Chuan-ge number.

He was going to ask Chuan-ge if there was any work he could do, it was a waste of life to stay at home.

Before Chu Ci dialed the phone number, his cellphone rang automatically.

The caller was truly the man who he was about to call.

Chu Ci immediately picked up and said happily, “Chuan-ge! I just about to call you.”

Fan Chuan looked at the door where nobody had opened after he pressed the doorbell for a long time, “Where have you gone? I rang the doorbell for so long and no one open it.”

“Ah?” Chu Ci looked at his surroundings and said, “I’m not at home.”

“Where are you then? Don’t tell me you go out to have fun.”

Chu Ci saw that Fan Chuan asked tightly and could only confess, “I’m in Quan Gan’s house.”

The man who had just been aggressive was silent in an instant.

When Chu Ci saw that there was no sound, he subconsciously looked at the phone screen and confirmed that Fan Chuan hadn’t hung up, “Chuan-ge, what’s up? Didn’t you let me hook up with Quan Gan? At the moment, are you still being scared in the end?”

It took Fan Chuan quite a while to retrieve his spirit and impatiently said, “No wonder Director Qian Luo sent someone to talk to me about signing a new drama with you. Why didn’t I think of it! Quan Gan and Qian Luo are good friends!”

“New TV drama? Qian Luo?” Chu Ci said a little stupefied.

Fan Chuan succinctly said, “It’s precisely the famous director Qian Luo who take the initiative to invite you to be the male protagonist of his new TV drama, saying that he thought you have good potential in the last time movie and want to offer you. But now it seems that it’s requested by Quan Gan. He is never stingy with his people.”

Chu Ci froze for a while and said, “So I’m being thoroughly supported?”

“Yes!” Fan Chuan excitedly said, “I have signed the contract for you. As long as you work hard, you will immediately become a popular actor!”

Hearing this, Chu Ci become somewhat elated, even if being kept, this feeling of a meat pie fell from the sky had always been able to make people the most happy.

He happily said, “You should call me directly for this kind of thing, why do you even run to visit personally.”

Fan Chuan said, “I’m looking for you mainly to give you the script of this drama. Director Qian said that you should study it first. I think he is right. Want to be stable in the front line, you still need strength. So I also hope that you can work hard in this aspect and personally send the script to you. I didn’t expect you to be out.”

Chu Ci thought for a moment and directly said, “Then you send it to Quan Gan’s place?” He just needed something to do, and this script came at the right time.

Fan Chuan thought about it for a while and then gave up, “You have better come out, I’m quite pressured to go to Quan Gan’s house.”

“All right! Then you wait for me.”

Chu Ci hung up the phone and immediately got up from the bed. While changing his clothes, he said proudly to the system, “My road to be actor is about to go on the right track. Although it has Quan Gan’s factor in it, but also didn’t waste Sang Qi’s talent!”

He changed into the casual clothes and went out. In order to be easy found each other, he make an appointment in the doorway of a coffee shop that was familiar to both parties.

Chu Ci soon saw Fan Chuan’s car in front of the coffee shop and directly opened the door to sit in.

Fan Chuan waited for him to come in and picked up a thick script from the back seat and handed it to him, “This drama is relatively long, you have to study it carefully.”

Chu Ci took the script and beamingly said, “I definitely live up to Chuan-ge’s education.”

When he was about to get off the car with the script, Fan Chuan quickly reached out and pulled him down, “Ah? You just leave like this? You’re just such a bit forget loyalty when in love.”

Chu Ci looked at him doubtfully and said, “Forget loyalty when in love?”

Fan Chuan mysteriously said, “Can you tell me how you hooked up with this big shot? Innumerable people want to hook up with him for so many years, only you succeeded, tell me the secret is where?”

Chu Ci smiled confidently, “Not such a hook up, just he send himself on the door, probably I’m natural beauty.”

“Tsk tsk.” Fan Chuan looked at Chu Ci and said, “How come I haven’t seen you such a person who show off one’s good looks shamelessly before.”

After Chu Ci made a joke, he said seriously, “Chuan-ge, I have to go back and study the script, don’t gossip, really nothing.” Then he prepared to pull the door knob.

“Ah!” Fan Chuan suddenly patted Chu Ci’s shoulder and said, “You take a look, that’s your financial backer, right?”

Chu Ci’s hand on the knob paused, and then turned his head to look into the distance, only to see Quan Gan and ‘Chu Ci’ walked out of the coffee shop not far away, and then got into the car together.

If he could see people wrongly, then he would never mistake the car.

He remembered that this car was the one Quan Gan used to take him to his house.

Chu Ci was stunned and his face immediately cold down.

Fan Chuan noticed the change in his complexion and advised, “The big shot generally won’t keep only one person and ‘Chu Ci’ has been with him for four years, so don’t care about it.”

Chu Ci watched the car driving away and asked the system in his mind, “System, what are the two of them say in the car?”

The system said, “Nothing.”

Chu Ci narrowed his eyes, he didn’t expect Quan Gan still didn’t break with that person. He could carry the keep’s name, but he couldn’t compromise if Quan Gan still want to be involved with that person.

Fan Chuan saw that Chu Ci still looked at the distance and was afraid that he had a bad plan, he persuaded, “I’m a little afraid when you look at them like this, you can’t do anything foolish to provoke him.”

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