Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

23) Chapter 37.2 ♬

Chapter 37 Part 2:

[World] Six Six: Don’t you just take a photo with a handsome guy to fool people?

[World] Blizzard: Although it’s a man, it’s enough for me to wash my blind eyes.

[World] Butterfly Thousand Lily: If this is real, then it’s really a pity. Such handsome guy actually be with a woman like you.

[World] Mountain Tears: F*ck! Isn’t this the most handsome boy of my college? I remembered that Yi’s Dream is Bai Yimeng! So she really couple with the Prince Charming.

[World] Mountain Tears: You actually don’t cherish the Prince Charming and even fooling around with an ugly man in the game, what will happen if the Prince Charming knows?

[World] Mountain Tears: I don’t understand ah. Each aspects of the Prince Charming are much better than Intoxicated Heart who like to pretend to be forced. Is this so called loathe eating exotic delicacies and come to eating coarse grains?

[World] Peaceful: [Mountain Tears] You also wear a sockpuppet and speak again, be careful of being killed by revenge.

[World] Yi’s Dream: My boyfriend knows my matter in the game, needn’t you to worry about it. Now let me declare, I and Intoxicated Heart have always been fake couple in the game. Because he said he didn’t want to be chased by ugly womans, so let me block it for him. I’m considering him as my friend and help him, I didn’t expect him to do this kind of thing.

[World] Six Six: 666! Big reversal. But what is true andwhat is false, only both sides are clear of it in their heart.

Seeing Bai Yimeng finally clarified her relationship with Intoxicated Heart, Chu Ci finally felt relieved. It was the right way to abandon the scumbag and return to the people who really like you. And fighting!

Chu Ci thought this and still secretly private chat Bai Yimeng.

[Private chat] Chu Ci: Master lady.

[Private chat] Yi’s Dream: He actually tell you this?

[Private chat] Chu Ci: Oh no...I’m eavesdrop.

[Private chat] Yi’s Dream: ...…

[Private chat] Chu Ci: I know you broke up with Master. Since Intoxicated Heart is no-good, you should reconcile with Master? He still likes you, he was in a daze without doing anything yesterday.

Chu Ci felt that he had worked hard, and he couldn’t see whether his luck was enough to be succeed, but this time he felt that his luck was full to burst and might be successful.

[Private chat] Yi’s Dream: I don’t need you to say that, I also know.

Chu Ci looked at Bai Yimeng’s not-so-friendly reply and gave up the idea of continuing to chat with her. Since she knew clearly in her heart, he felt relieved.

But, can’t this woman treat me a bit better? Is there a bride who treats matchmaker like this?

Feeling vexed!

Bai Yimeng didn’t appear in the World after she sent that statement.

Chu Ci looked at the wedding clothes in his bag with melancholy. There were two sets in the corner of the bag that he specially prepared for Chui Yan and Bai Yimeng.

When Chui Yan online again, he would tell him what Yi’s Dream declared, hopefully it would be useful for the two people’s reconcilement.

Chui Yan was a responsible person. Although he went offline at 11 o’clock on time to sleep, since he was Matchmaker, he would still go online every day to hold ceremonies.

Therefore, even if he broke up and was in a bad mood, Chu Ci believed that he would go online on time in these two days.

But Chu Ci heard him saying that the official would send the real Matchmaker over two days later. What if Chui Yan didn’t reconcile these two days and not played anymore, what was to be done. He temporarily couldn’t reach his hand in reality.

After packed up the wedding clothes, he started to sell it on the World.

The wedding clothes, this kind of thing, would only get cheaper, so it was best not to store it up.

Chu Ci was making the wedding clothes while selling, until the materials in his bag were consumed.

[Your friend Chui Yan is online.]

Unconsciously, it was time for Chui Yan to go online again, as the system notice jumped out as always.

Upon receiving the notice, Chu Ci immediately began to look around. He should be offline in Bailu building yesterday.

Sure enough, It didn’t take long for Chui Yan’s appearance became clearer and clearer in his line of sight.

After Chu Ci saw Chui Yan, he eagerly told him the matter he had thought about all night.

“Master! After you went offline yesterday, the master lady cleared her relationship with that Intoxicated Heart in the World, and also declared that she has a boyfriend in reality. I think, aren’t you misunderstood something?”

Chu Ci gave a light description of yesterday’s event.

As he listened to Chu Ci’s chattering, Chui Yan quietly walked to his side and stood still. His face didn’t show joy or surprise because of this matter.

Chu Ci even suspected that this person was indifferent to this matter. But he seemed sad yesterday, so it should be impossible, right?

[World] Chui Yan: I’m online. Those who want to get married can come to find me.

Seeing Chui Yan doesn’t take care of his own matter, Chu Ci once again worried and angry, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

He took out a stack of silver banknotes and slammed it on the table in front of Chui Yan, “This is the money from selling the wedding clothes. I’m working hard this much, so fifty-fifty!”

After finished speaking, he went into the back hall angrily, and returned to the guild territory.

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