Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

23) Chapter 91.1 ♬

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Chapter 91: Forcibly Buying, Marriage First Before Love (5.10)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci instantly lost the excitement to pursue after he heard the system’s words.

He also doesn’t know what his primordial spirit could fix, and it seems that it really only had a healing effect on the injured body. He had been in this world for so long, if this problem could be cured, he would feel it now.

Chu Ci leaned against the wall as if nothing left to live for. He said after a long silence, “I’m afraid that the innate really can’t be healed. It’s a rare opportunity for me and such thing happen! I really have bad luck. Pretending for so long and it all in vain!”

He suddenly thought of something. His eyes instantly showed hope as he immediately consulted to the system, “System, can you help me cure this? You certainly able to do this kind of trivial thing, right?”

However, the system refused without hesitation, “No, I said that if I use our abilities, there will be problems. I advise you, don’t struggle if things already happened. Anyway, you will come to so many worlds. Just endure over this world, and there are four worlds later. It’s impossible for your body to be impotence in each world. Until that moment, you don’t strive as the one to hold, just to be done.”

Chu Ci’s eyes that had just ignited hope immediately dimmed again. He leaned against the wall in frustration and said, “You don’t understand my current feelings. I’ve set my mind on this matter for so long, and this suddenly come out, things have changed too quick, I’m a little incapable to accept.” He said with grievance as he poked his little brother.

Such a big thing had grown in vain. No wonder he never slept with Shi Cheng, it was because of this kind of thing.

Chu Ci felt gloomy for a while and then took a seat on the toilet lid, “System, help me looking at the outside. Telling me if Yu Yuan fell asleep. I will wait for him to sleep before going out. I don’t care, since he is going to be the top, this matter has to be dragged back.” As the person who had personally experienced it, he knew that once the target started for the first time, he would be addicted to this matter. The most terrible thing was that his primordial spirit would let him needn’t worry about kidney deficiency.

This was simply a vicious circle, and one of his biggest worries.

When the system saw him get over it, he agreed, “Okay, I’ll call you when he sleeps.”

After speaking with the system, Chu Ci quieted down, but his face was not happy.

He was sitting there shaking his legs impatiently.

Chu Ci thought that he had better send this boy back to the Yu family, so that the two of them could calm down for a period of time. Anyway, the current situation made him unable to take into consideration the blackening problem mentioned on the TV.

Because he came in urgently, there was nothing to do as entertain in the toilet. One by one, Chu Ci took shower gel, shampoo, and all things with words to read.

When he put down the last thing, he felt that it had been a long time, and couldn’t help asking, “System, he hasn’t slept yet?”

“No, he is very spirited.” The system said faintly, “He even solved it himself once.”

“Why he is so energetic?” Chu Ci leaned there paralyzed and wondered, “Didn’t he fall asleep early before?”

The system said meaningfully, “People, can stay excited until morning, you also experienced it.”

Chu Ci said helplessly, “What time is now?”

“A little bit past nine o’clock.”

“Do you have anything for pastime? I’m bored to death.”

“Yes, but you have to faint first.”

“Forget it.” Chu Ci sat on the toilet lid and changed several positions, before his mind suddenly seemed to touch a certain point.

He stood up and whispered confidently to himself, “What am I afraid of? That appearance of Yu Yuan looked like he will let me above him. Didn’t I have an excuse to deal with it?”

Thinking of this, Chu Ci suddenly felt that the time he was waiting just a moment ago was superfluous, and he simply had nothing to be afraid of the person outside.

Before he left the bathroom, he didn’t forget to flush the toilet, and then pushed open the bathroom door with a hand on his stomach, pretending to be a little exhaustion.

Chu Ci met Yu Yuan’s eyes just after going out. He immediately waved his hand and said, “No, it won’t do today. I seem to have a bit stomachache, I have no energy to do that things.”

He walked to the bedside under Yu Yuan’s gaze, and then lay down. He covered his body with the quilt and said, “Go to bed early, we will do it next time.”

Yu Yuan couldn’t help but bend the corner of his mouth when he saw this man pretended so hard in order to avoid this. He beamingly looked at Chu Ci and said, “Since you are uncomfortable today, just forget it. I originally didn’t plan to do it today. I hears that the first time between men and men is especially important. I watched a lot of films today, and learned various bed skills. But, I haven’t learned perfectly yet. You recuperate first, I will see you again after a few days. At that time, I will definitely let you experience a perfect night.”

After Chu Ci heard Yu Yuan’s words, his heart flicked up. Why did I feel that he has long been coveting my little chrysanthemum?

He secretly complained to the system, “Did this boy want to top me early? Why don’t you remind me?”

The system said innocently, “I clearly reminded you in the morning, you didn’t care.”

“Okay.” Chu Ci perfunctory responded to Yu Yuan while recalled the matter in the morning, and suddenly remembered that there was indeed such a thing.

However, he now felt wronged even more.

Originally, if he didn’t have this disease, he could just tell Yu Yuan that he was the husband confidently, but now he could only let the stinky boy think about this thing unconstrainingly. Moreover, he can only do so, after all, he had long understood that the disharmony sex life would affect the feelings between them.

After Chu Ci lay down, he was a bit sulky and turned his back to Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan followed him to go into the quilt, and then took the initiative to lean over and circle his waist. He grinned and said, “I must study properly to make you comfortable for the first time.”

Chu Ci’s tears flowed into river in his heart. Sure enough, this child was too energetic and had no place to spend. He need to be sent back to the Yu family to do something properly.

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