Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

24) Chapter 108.2 ♬

Chapter 108 Part 2:

Chu Ci seems to be used to Fu Zhi always asking some strange questions and directly admitted, “Yes.” In this respect, he doesn’t want to deceive people. He always felt that if that person knew he said to others that he doesn’t like anyone, he would be certainly angry.

Fu Zhi’s body imperceptibly stiffened, and then he slightly frowned and said, “How old? What does that person look like?”

Chu Ci said as if to show off, “About the same age as me. Although I don’t know what that person looks like, it certainly a beauty.”

Fu Zhi’s heart moved, and suddenly said, “Married?”

Chu Ci instantly dejected after he was asked this, “No.” It had been fourteen years and he doesn’t even know a hint.

Fu Zhi’s expectation that had just risen was fell through because of Chu Ci’s answer. He remained silent for a while and finally couldn’t help asking, “Where is that person?”

Chu Ci sighed faintly, “Can’t find.”

Fu Zhi felt roller coaster kind in his heart and once again happy. Doesn’t remember the appearance and doesn’t know where means that they haven’t been in contact for a long time. This person should be the one Ye Xin liked long ago.

Thinking of himself had married the person before his eyes, his confidence suddenly doubled. He obviously had more chances than that person.

Just after the two of them walked outside, Si Yuan took a thing out of the water and threw it to Fu Zhi, saying, “Here! What I just touched seems to be the Broken Distress Grass you want. If you want to thank me, just listening to my words.”

Fu Zhi stretched his hand to catch it, and held the plant in his hand.

Chu Ci curiously moved close to look at it. It was a slightly white plant. In the dark, he could hardly see green in it. He exclaimed, “The plant growing in the hot spring is like this ah.”

Fu Zhi saw that he was interested and directly passed the thing to him, “You hold it.”

Chu Ci felt that he could perceive his intention and quickly waved his hand, “No need, I have seen enough, it’s just a plant.”

Si Yuan who was sitting in the hot spring looked at the two people on the shore and let out a cold snort.

Although Ye Xin doesn’t admit to like him, but as long as he helped him to pick the Four Seasons Grass, then he still win the bet.

Chu Ci watched Fu Zhi put the assignment item into the storage ring before he went to the direction that Si Yuan had pointed before.

Fu Zhi suddenly remembered something, he stopped his footsteps and looked in the direction of the hot spring pool, saying, “I will help you find your assignment item.”

Si Yuan who was originally pleased with his scheme, was inexplicably glaring at Fu Zhi, and quickly opposed, “No need, Ye Xin just said that he would help me.” He looked at Chu Ci and said, “Ye Xin, is it right?”

Fu Zhi completely ignored his objection and said directly, “You helped me find my item, of course I have to help you.”

Chu Ci then agreed, “I don’t care.” He originally doesn’t want to help.

After speaking, the two of them entered the small forest outside under the fuming Si Yuan.

“I found your wife!”

After Chu Ci entered the small forest and was about to find his own item, the system that had been silent for a long time suddenly spoke in his mind.

He was stunned for a moment before reacted over, he said quickly, “Who is it? Where is she?”

The system said, “She is called Fu Zhi, right now in the Starr City.”

Chu Ci frowned, silently looking at the tall man in front of him and said, “Are you sure she is called Fu Zhi?”

The system said, “Yeah, a very beautiful little girl. Don’t you like beautiful women, she should be very fit to your liking.”

Chu Ci once again looked at Fu Zhi who completely didn’t have the least bit hint of femininity, and said with gnashing teeth to the system, “Then what a coincidence! I know Fu Zhi, but it’s a man! He’s right in front of me!”

“Ah?” The system was obviously confused by his words and said doubtfully, “A man? I remember it was a girl.”

Chu Ci looked at Fu Zhi in front of him with somewhat unsteady mood, he ran up and pretended to ask casually, “Fu Zhi. I heard that the nobles generally being set up the marriage partner from a young age, do you have any?”

Fu Zhi raised his head and looked at him, his eyes darkened as he said, “No.”

Since we are going to start from the beginning, I have to press this matter down to avoid misunderstanding.

Chu Ci wondered, “Why?” At the same time, he informed the system in his mind, “Moreover, he is unmarried!”

The system was silent and self-doubt for a while before said hesitatingly, “Maybe I heard it wrong. I will go to the Fu family now to take a look if there is girl with similar name. Because I’m busy, I traces it back until hearing the name and immediately come back.”

Chu Ci hurriedly urged, “Hurry up! This wrong is too excessive.”

“Okay, it’s useless to rush me.”

This time, Fu Zhi thought about what to answer and slowly said, “I like men, and my family is against it. I’m unwilling to give in, so I dragged it to the present.”

“Ah?” Chu Ci blinked his eyes blankly, digesting this news slowly in his head.

Seeing that he was quiet, Fu Zhi halted his footsteps and turned his head to look at him. He said with a bit smile, “Why? Do you feel disgusting?”

Chu Ci quickly shook his head and said, “No, I’m not disgusting, I’m just a little surprised.”

Fu Zhi didn’t get the answer he wanted, and pretended to be very disappointed, “No need to lie to me. Although the same-sex relationship is common, but there are many people who can’t accept it.”

Chu Ci didn’t expect Fu Zhi would be so sad because of his attitude. He could only earnestly say, “I’m serious, because the person I like is also men.”


Chu Ci’s voice just fell, when he heard such a reply in front of him.

Chu Ci frowned, there was always a feeling of himself being set on.

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