Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

24) Chapter 91.2 ♬

Chapter 91 Part 2:

The next day, early in the morning. Chu Ci took the initiative to kiss Yu Yuan after getting up, and then calmly said, “Good morning kiss.”

Yu Yuan immediately looked at him with joy.

Chu Ci pretended to suddenly recall it while he put on his clothes, “Yu Hong suffered a gunshot wound, he is recuperating. I think that I can’t confine you here for selfish desire. You should return to the Yu family to inherit that position.”

He just told the news to get Yu Yuan go back.

Chu Ci believed that his father’s death and Yu Hong’s injury were enough to make him no longer hesitate.

Sure enough, Yu Yuan frowned and said, “Uncle Hong is hurt? What’s going on?”

Chu Ci explained everything he knew.

Yu Yuan was silent for a long time, before finally nodded and said, “It’s indeed time to return to the Yu family, and my father’s hatred should be solved.”

Chu Ci felt relieved when he saw that Yu Yuan didn’t find his careful thoughts, and then continued, “Since you want to go back, then let me send you.”

Yu Yuan looked at him and his expression immediately turned bright, he said with a smile, “Okay, I will also introduce you to the Yu family’s people.”

The two went to the Yu family after having a meal in the Ji family.

When they just arrived at the Yu family, the family members were shocked when they saw the young master who had been missing came back. Obviously, Yu Hong didn’t tell others about Yu Yuan.

After they got off the car, Chu Ci was directly pulled into the house by Yu Yuan, and the two went to see Yu Hong who was still recuperating.

Yu Hong seems to be recovering well.

He was just having breakfast when the two went in.

Yu Hong was shocked when he saw Yu Yuan and Ji He, and choked on the meal given to him.

After Uncle Hong finished arranging his breath, Yu Yuan directly said, “Uncle Hong, I’m back. By the way, this is my wife.”

Chu Ci swallowed when he heard ‘wife’ word, and felt wronged in his heart.

Yu Hong looked at Yu Yuan and then looked at Ji He who was still expressionless as he was pulled by Yu Yuan. He coughed and finally chose to talk to Ji He, “Hello Mr. Ji.”

Chu Ci was actually not quite able to cope with this kind of thing, and because of Ji He’s identity, he could only calmly nod and said, “Hello, I sent your person back.”

Yu Hong nodded and then looked at him solemnly, asking, “Is the young master’s words true?”

Chu Ci nodded silently.

Yu Yuan saw that Yu Hong didn’t trust himself and said quickly, “Uncle Hong, I’m really not joking. Ji He will be the madam of Yu family in the future, I won’t marry anyone else.”

“Ai…” Yu Hong sighed and said, “Just be alive, you can do whatever else you want.”

Yu Yuan excitingly rushed up and hugged Yu Hong, “Thank you Uncle Hong for your support.”

After seeing the elders, Chu Ci was dragged by Yu Yuan to stroll around the Yu family before being allowed to leave.

Although he was relieved, he still said after he got on the car, “You can come to the Ji family at any time.”

Yu Yuan nodded and said, “That must be!”

Chu Ci didn’t return to the Ji family immediately after leaving the Yu family, instead he was looking at various places in a good mood.

When he returned to the Ji family after the whole day, he found a car parked in front of his house.

He has memory about this car, it was Shi Cheng’s.

Chu Ci frowned and asked the subordinate at the door, “Is Shi Cheng here?”

The subordinate immediately nodded, “Yes, he has been waiting for you at home all afternoon.”

Chu Ci didn’t want to see him very much, but he had to go. He could only walk reluctantly into the living room.

At this time, another black car drove into the Ji family’s yard, and the gatekeeper let it in without any inquiry.

When Chu Ci came to the living room, he saw Shi Cheng leisurely sitting on the sofa, playing game on his cellphone.

He leaned against the door frame and said frustratingly, “What do you want?”

Shi Cheng put down his cellphone, he stood up and walked to the front of Chu Ci. He said while staring straight at him, “Do you really fall out of love with me?”

Chu Ci nodded earnestly, “Yes. Moreover, I have long been fall out of love with you.”

Shi Cheng frowned and said, “Let me kiss you once. If you do, I promise I won’t bother you again in the future.”

Chu Ci looked at him ridiculously, “You leave the Ji family. I guarantee that unless my Ji family is defeated, you will never want to disturb me again.”

Shi Cheng stunned for a moment, and suddenly smiled, “You really changed.” After saying it, he lowered his head and cupped Chu Ci’s face, wanting to force a kiss.

Chu Ci reached out to block that mouth when he was about to kiss him, at the same time, he revealed disgust in his eyes, “I give you five seconds.”

At this time, Yu Yuan who stepped into the Ji family just a moment ago, appearing at the end of the corridor. When he saw the two people were kissing, his dazzling eyes immediately became dull.

He withdrew his footsteps and slowly backed to the corner, and then turned around, walking to the original way to go out.

He told everyone who he had met, “Don’t say I’ve been here.”

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