Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

25) Chapter 128.2 ♬

Chapter 128 Part 2:

When Chu Ci opened the refrigerator, he found that the food Quan Gan brought for him at night was still there. He looked around and quietly took it to the room.

He ridiculed Quan Gan once again in his heart.

You have a very unyielding character to speak, just can’t admit you like me!

The next day, Chu Ci deliberately got up after Quan Gan left.

He quickly climbed out of the bed and took the script with him, and then hurriedly left the residence.

He originally wanted to go to the bus station not far away to take the bus, but when he saw the car key placed at the entrance hall, he suddenly had a bright idea. He directly took the key and went out.

Sang Qi had a driver’s license and he drove a car hundreds of years ago. He should have no problem on the road.

When Chu Ci drove the car on the road, he showed off to the system, “I’m really a genius.”

The system looked at his unsteady appearance and couldn’t help reminding, “Be careful, you haven’t drove for hundreds of years, don’t get involved in a car accident.”

“Don’t curse me.”

Chu Ci drove the car to stop downstairs of his entertainment company and parked it in the parking spot with great difficulty.

He just got out of the car and the owner of the white car beside him also came down.

Chu Ci looked up and just met Fan Chuan’s sight.

Fan Chuan was surprised when he saw Chu Ci and wondered, “Why did you come to the company?”

Chu Ci took out his script and shook it, “Work must be like work, I’m easy to be lazy at home.”

Fan Chuan listened to him talking nonsense and looked behind him, and then widened his eyes as he looked at the front of the car that Chu Ci drove, saying, “It seems that you have calmed down, Quan Gan is really good to you, this is a limited edition.”

Chu Ci looked at the car behind him and said, “This, I secretly drove out.”

“Ah!” Fan Chuan saw something and quickly ran to the side of the car, pointing to a large scratch on it, “Don’t, don’t tell me this is your masterpiece?”

Chu Ci stretched his neck and glanced at where Fan Chuan was pointing, and then recalled the situation of reversing before, he hesitantly said, “It seems, yes.”

Fan Chuan whole person was in chaos and roared, “I thought you already get it over. What kind of trouble are you doing now! Can’t you content with be kept? This opportunity can’t be sought by others!”

Chu Ci thought of Quan Gan casually spending money for that ‘Chu Ci’ and curled his lips, “It’s nothing, he is not so stingy.” Then he held Fan Chuan’s shoulder like the two good friends and said, “Don’t care about it, let’s go in to work.”

Fan Chuan hadn’t known what to say to the person in front of him. He shook out the hand on his shoulder and held it, “You listen to me, no matter what you want, I will endure it after this drama finish and successfully broadcast!”

Chu Ci touched his nose and said, “I…I will try my best.”

Fan Chuan said seriously, “Don’t try your best, you must!”

Chu Ci stayed in the company until eleven o’clock in the evening and ate skewers outside. After filling his stomach, only then he entered the car to return.

When he drove the car near the house, he found that the lights in the living room were still on, but he was not afraid.

Chu Ci walked into the house as soon as he parked the car.

Sure enough, Quan Gan didn’t sleep. He was sitting on the sofa seemed to be waiting for him.

“Not asleep yet? I’m at the company today and quite tired. Let’s go to rest first.” He pretended to greet and then turned his head to walk to the stairs.

Quan Gan originally still a little angry when he saw that Chu Ci didn’t come back even at 10 o’clock, but when he saw him appeared, the anger in his heart disappeared instantly. Seeing that Chu Ci was still angry with himself, he said helplessly, “In the future, come back early and eat together, cold food is bad for your health.”

Chu Ci stopped his footsteps and turned to smile at him, “Then, you have clear your relationship with that person?”

Quan Gan frowned, his heart always wanted to satisfy Chu Ci, but he suppressed his impulse and finally said the words.

“Don’t make a fuss.”

Chu Ci looked at him seriously and said, “I didn’t make a fuss.”

Quan Gan was in a mess by the inexplicable thoughts in his heart, he hardened his heart and seriously said towards this more and more unreasonable man.

“You should recognize your identity.”

Chu Ci saw that Quan Gan even said such words, it was a fake that he didn’t feel disappointment.

He frowned and said, “Is it the keep?”

However, Quan Gan just looked at him silently.

Seeing that he didn’t dare to answer, Chu Ci directly exhaled and said, “Then I don’t want to be kept.” Then, he directly turned around and walked to his room. Since he gave up the keep, he couldn’t live here anymore. He was not without residence.

Quan Gan watched Chu Ci went upstairs and pressed all his words down to his stomach.

When Chu Ci came, he doesn’t bring many things with him. Just casually packing up and it was done. It was still a small suitcase.

He pulled his small suitcase slowly down the stairs and stood at the doorway facing the man who smoking in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, “Thank you for the keep, I’m leave.” After speaking, he directly opened the door and walked out.

A cold wind blew outside, Chu Ci body couldn’t help shaking.

He looked at the street lights in the distance, he sighed and said to the system, “It seems that there is no bus, help me to see if there is a taxi farther away? Otherwise I have to walk to go back.”

“You go to the main road and wait, there will be a car. There is a gas station nearby, and there will be a taxi to refuel at night.”

Chu Ci shrank his neck and rushed into the night while pulling the small suitcase.

“If I had known earlier, I will quarrel with him during the day, so it would be easier to leave.”

Quan Gan looked at the man outside the house while suppressed his thoughts of chasing him. He watched Chu Ci left the courtyard and walked alone through the street lights.

When he couldn’t see the man, he took out his cellphone and dialed the assistant’s phone.

“Drive the car to here and you can see Chu Ci on the road, you send him to where he wants to go.” After that, he hung up.

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