Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

25) Chapter 38.2 ♬

Chapter 38 Part 2:

Chui Yan was not the least bit emotionally moved by Bai Yimeng’s coquettishness and said calmly, “What’s the matter?”

Bai Yimeng knew that such thing has happened, Lu Jiang was definitely still angry. His current attitude was completely her own fault. She blamed the her at that time for being obsessed with the game.

She said in a low voice, “Are you still angry? I...I just want to tell you that I have cleared my relationship with Intoxicated Heart.”

Chui Yan frowned and said, “This is already your business, no need to report it to me.”

Bai Yimeng bit her lip and said pitifully, “The yesterday broke up that I told you is not really I want to break up. I just wanted to see if you care about me. When I said that I like Intoxicated Heart at that time is also my nonsense talk. I just want to see you feel jealous, nothing more. I’ve been with you for so long, but you have always looked like you don’t care, so I didn’t feel security. Thus, I want to test you like this. I’m really just friends with Intoxicated Heart, I didn’t expect you to be angry and no longer pay attention to me.”

This excuse was flawless. His original intention of at that time when she and Intoxicated Heart together was actually to help him block the peach blossom. This was still Enthrall to put forward of it, but the development of the later was beyond his expectation.

Bai Yimeng continued, “I’m sorry, I will definitely not test our feelings this way again.”

Chu Ci could hear the sincerity in this sentence. The little person in his heart waved a small flag and shouted to forgive her.

However, Chui Yan who he has high hopes for, just quietly listened to Bai Yimeng’s explanations. The expression on his face was no longer tranquil but slowly turned into indifference.

“The relationship between the two of us end here. I don’t think I’m the boyfriend you want.”

Every word of Chui Yan was alienated and indifferent, breaking Bai Yimeng’s careful thinking and also breaking Chu Ci’s little hope.

Bai Yimeng who was originally confident that they will reconcile looked at Lu Jiang with an unbelievable face. She wanted to see from his over-low adjusted face that the other party was joking.

However, the fact told her it was not.

Bai Yimeng didn’t believe that the relationship between the two of them would soon cease, and continued to ask pitifully, “Why? I just made a joke and it really going to develop to this stage?” It was as if the one who do the wrong thing first was not her but Chui Yan.

Chui Yan also responded to this question mercilessly, “Whether it’s a joke or not, you should know it clearly yourself.”

Bai Yimeng panicked in her heart, but she still suppressed it and said angrily, “So you think I’m lying to you?”

Chui Yan didn’t answer this question, and just replied faintly, “You can go. There are people outside waiting for me to be witness of their marriage.”

Chu Ci was sitting in the guild territory. He listened blankly, looking forward to the time of thing would taken a new turn, but he didn’t expect that after the silence, there was noisy sound. This mean Bai Yimeng had left and their relationship was over.

His body that originally sitting upright, suddenly slumped softly on the ground. His face was frustration.

Is this a failure? Bai Yimeng’s excuse is flawless, how can it fail?

Chu Ci was lying on the ground dispiritedly. His whole body emitted a sense of despair, just like a rotten radish.

After Chui Yan finished receiving the people, he entered the guild territory. Chu Ci never came out. He was curious what he was doing inside.

However, as soon as he entered the guild territory, he saw his disciple lying not far away from the teleportation point with 大 character. Chui Yan frowned and said, “Get up.”

Chu Ci just moved his eyes and glanced at the person who had just broke up. Seeing Chui Yan didn’t want to say a word, he turned over and continued to silently despair with his back to Chui Yan.

Chui Yan looked at Chu Ci’s back and probably guessed why he was so depressed. He remained silent for a while, before said, “You seem to wish me reconcile with her?”

Heard Chui Yan said this, Chu Ci’s anger burst up. He didn’t turn around, but the strength of his speech came back.

“She explained to you, why don’t you get back together? She just feel insecure.”

Chui Yan slowly said, “Do you believe what she said?”

Chu Ci’s heart moved. I don’t believe it, but I hope you believe it.

So he chose not to speak.

Chui Yan also didn’t care and continued, “Her tone and attitude when she proposed to break up is completely doesn’t like fake.”

Chu Ci knew that it was true, and it was not good to continue talk irresponsibly. He could only say depressingly, “You are not afraid of lonely for a lifetime in the future?”

Chui Yan said, “I have a mental mysophobia. She has touched my bottom line. Even lonely is better than with her.”

Chu Ci remembered what the system told him. Even if Chui Yan just liked the female lead and not to the point of being in love, as long as she doesn’t touch his bottom line, he would continue to focus on her. But, once she touched his bottom line, there would be no chance.

As Bai Yimeng touched his bottom line, this time it was really over.

Why is my good luck not reflected in this matter at all? Did I overuse it in digging treasure and it unable to recover?

“Can you tell me why you care so much about my emotional life?” Chui Yan suddenly said.

Chu Ci was too lazy to make up the reason, he said dispiritedly, “If you are happy, I can be happy.”

Chui Yan stunned, he looked at Chu Ci’s back and said, “It’s 11 o’clock, I’m offline.”

Chu Ci suddenly turned his head and looked at him hesitantly, “Are you going to online tomorrow? Don’t suddenly stop playing, okay?”

“Online.” Chui Yan thought for a while and said, “If I stop playing, I will tell you in advance, rest assured.”

After Chui Yan finished speaking, Chu Ci received the system notice.

[Your friend Chui Yan is offline.]

Chu Ci lay flat on the ground, as he looked at the sky of the guild territory.

As long as the two people not dead, there should be hope.

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