Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

25) Chapter 76.1 ♬

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Chapter 76: Marked by Beastman (4.13)


Translator: Mimi

When Lian Cen also appeared in the dream, Chu Ci directly woke up.

He suddenly opened his eyes and looked around, making sure that it was a dream before settled his heart down.

At this time, it was already dawn, and Lian Cen had changed back to human form. Because he was sleeping while holding the little peacock, so now he became holding Lian Cen’s waist.

Although it felt good, Chu Ci still pulled his hand back before Lian Cen woke up in order to prevent invite trouble.

When he was about to turn his back to Lian Cen, he suddenly felt something strange somewhere in his body. This feeling, he never experienced it here before, but had been in the previous worlds.

Chu Ci opened the quilt hesitantly and looked there, and indeed it happened. When he was ready to solve it by himself, he thought about Lian Cen, who was only a few centimeters away behind him, and felt much more pressure instantly.

He thought about it and chose to get up. After all, it was too dangerous to do this kind of thing right in front of Lian Cen’s eyes, especially at the time when he was about to wake up. His situation couldn’t be discovered by Lian Cen.

After Chu Ci got out of bed, he made sure that Lian Cen was still asleep and quietly ran to the outside bathing pool and sat down violently, until he calmed down, before crawling out of the bathing pool while trembling.

When he returned to the room wrapped in a bath towel, Lian Cen was already awake and was getting dressed.

Lian Cen looked at the person who came in damp from the outside and took a slight inhalation. He felt that a strange smell suddenly appeared in the air, which was very faint and a little familiar, and very soon disappeared.

He calmly sized up the chilly Chu Ci, asking, “Are you unwell?”

Chu Ci nodded his head, “It’s a little uncomfortable.” Then he was silent. He hadn’t yet thought of an excuse to take a cold bath in the morning. Fortunately, beastmans would do that affairs the first time they in the estrus period, so they wouldn’t know the previous world soaking in cold water in the morning.

He prayed silently in his heart that Lian Cen doesn’t ask too carefully.

As a beastman, Lian Cen’s sense of smell was actually quite sensitive. He already remembered what smell this was, but since Chu Ci refused to say it, he would not force him. After he put on his clothes, he said, “There will be guests at home these days, you can’t go out.” Then he left.

Chu Ci looked at the door he closed and curled his lips, “You unexpectedly don’t let me to see Lu Qing, I also unwilling to meet him.”

Chu Ci was now chilling, he couldn’t wait to crawl back to bed, ready to make up for his sleep.

In order to wait for the little peacock at night, he slept late, and in the morning he got up early because of an accident. He felt sleepy even after taking a cold bath.

Sure enough, he fell asleep after lying in bed for a while.

Just after he fell asleep, he began to have messy dreams. Xuan Lin, Lu Jiang, and Moqi Sui appeared together. This time there was Lian Cen. When he saw Lian Cen was going to do that kind of thing to him, he was awakened. Something that had just cooled in the morning appeared again.

Chu Ci frowned, and when he was prepare to solve it, he suddenly realized that something was wrong and quickly shouted, “System, how come I suddenly began to have spring dreams incessantly? Don’t tell me it’s rut?” He remembered Lu Qing reminding him about it yesterday. Don’t it so coincident? Speaking rut, then he was in rut, even a bit preparation time was not given.

“Let’s me see.” The system paused for a while and said, “You are indeed in rut, and having spring dreams are the early stage’s symptom.”

Chu Ci moved uncomfortably and said, “That means I have to sleep with someone as soon as possible?”

The system said, “Yes ah. Don’t you have Lian Cen now, let him help you. Anyway, he’s in human form during the day and it completely doesn’t affect the function.”

There was still a shadow in Chu Ci’s heart. Thinking of Lian Cen’s enduring power, he couldn’t help but dispirited, “When I have a spring dream of him, I wake up in fright. I’m not dare to play with him for the time being.”

He looked down at his excited place and sighed, just using the primitive method.

As he solved it, he searched for relevant information to solve this problem in his mind.

Qin An was alpha and had been mingled in that kind of place for a long time. It could be said that he was very understand such things as rut. He searched a circle and found that the solution to rut except to do the deed were to endure or use inhibitor, but that kind of thing was very few and only circulated in the human race. It needed various approvals to get that thing. In his current situation, it was completely impossible.

Chu Ci used his his five fingers for quite a while, still it wouldn’t do. Without any better option, he had to take off his clothes and go to the bathing pool to soak in the cold water, and finally comforted it.

After he put on his clothes again, the door of the room was suddenly knocked.

Chu Ci pricked up his ears and listened. Was breakfast delivered over? Lian Cen said in the morning that he wouldn’t be allowed to run around, maybe he let people send the meal directly. In this way, he could calm himself down in the room quietly.

He hurriedly open the door, but found that it was Dr. Jiang standing at the doorway.

The smile on Chu Ci’s face immediately disappeared. He looked at Dr. Jiang with a straight face and said, “Lian Cen already go out. If you looking for him, you can come again at night.”

Jiang Zhu glanced at him and said, “I know. It was Sir Lian Cen who ordered me to come. He said that you feel unwell and let me take a look at you.”

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