Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

26) Chapter 109.2 ♬

Chapter 109 Part 2:

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and said, “I don’t care.” After speaking, he snatched the book. He looked at the iron-faced mentor on the podium who was watching everyone looking for the book, “Snatch it in front of the mentor if you dare.”

Of course, in order to prevent Si Yuan from really snatched it, he quickly hid the book in his storage ring.

Si Yuan gritted his teeth and said, “Civilians are just like civilians, no matter how they look like a rogue.”

Chu Ci looked askance at this person, “I’m a rogue, can you control it?” After speaking, he abandoned Si Yuan, swaggeringly walking to Fu Zhi’s direction.

He went to see Fu Zhi after found the book, of course, in order to ask him to help translate the contents of the book.

It didn’t long before he followed Fu Zhi back to their position.

Fu Zhi was quite easy to speak and agreed directly.

Chu Ci found that Si Yuan who had just fighted over the book with him, had come back first. At the same time, when he saw him return to their position, he smiled at him inexplicably.

Chu Ci felt that this smile was somewhat malicious.

Sure enough, when he put down the book in front of his position, he found that the Three Lines Grass he had just taken out for the mentor to check was missing.

Chu Ci looked around on the side and finally found his Three Lines Grass on the floor, but it had been trampled.

He immediately thought of Si Yuan’s smile just a moment ago at him, and looked at the person who was separated by a seat from him.

This look met the other party’s eyes that was too late to dodge.

No need to think, this person must have done it.

“What’s up?”

Fu Zhi on the side looked at him and asked.

Chu Ci slowly said, “I don’t know which unscrupulous person trampled my item to the floor. Fortunately, I have more than one.” He glanced at Si Yuan as he took out a Three Lines Grass from his storage ring. Seeing that face of him, he just disinclined to bicker with him.

Si Yuan didn’t expect Chu Ci to prepare two items, he didn’t get the man angry this time, and actually was angered first.

The whole morning passed and the course was completed successfully.

Chu Ci found that himself quite gifted with magic.

Before the class was dismissed, Fu Zhi who had already done his assignment, suddenly moved close to him and explained, “I have something to do at midday and I can’t accompany you for lunch.”

Chu Ci looked at him and said, “If you have something to be busy, no need to report it to me, I can eat myself.”

After class, there was no shadow of Fu Zhi.

Without Fu Zhi, Si Yuan expressed his dissatisfaction with him without any qualm.

Chu Ci had just left the classroom and was forced to a small corner by him.

“What’s wrong with you?” Chu Ci asked directly before Si Yuan spoke.

Si Yuan stared at him and said, “I hope you can stay away from Fu Zhi.”

Chu Ci looked at him as if looking at a fool and said, “Why? Are you too bored to take care of so wide?”

Si Yuan opened his mouth to speak and closed it again. He wouldn’t tell this person that Fu Zhi liked him. If he knew it, it would only make him arrogance and more unbridled.

He thought for a while and said, “Don’t think of seduce Fu Zhi, he is my younger sister’s man.”

This sentence immediately made Chu Ci understand why this person targeted him. But he was a person who amenable to coaxing but not coercion.

Chu Ci lifted his head and deliberately said, “I precisely want to seduce him.” After speaking, he fling back his head, and then left under Si Yuan’s sluggishness.

It seems that Fu Zhi was quite popular, he had spoken of his sexual orientation and the girl was still come to cling.

A little envious.

After Chu Ci ate the lunch alone, he reluctantly walked to the dormitory.

He didn’t want to see Si Yuan, not only because he and him found each other disagreeable, but mainly because he looked at Yu Yuan’s face and then looked at these childish things he had done, just made his anger more big and even more want to beat him up.

Chu Ci finally stood at the door of his dormitory. He stared at the handle and sighed before pushing the door.

After the door opened, sure enough, he only saw Si Yuan there.

However, the other party rarely ignored him.

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows, but was happy.

He walked to the side of his bed and just about to sit down, but his hand that had just reached the bed suddenly felt the dampness.

Chu Ci frowned and lowered his head to look at his bed, only to find a large wet mark on it.

Obviously, the water was poured.

Si Yuan peeked at Ye Xin from the corner of his eye. After confirming that he found the water in the bed, only then he turned to look at him and said, “I’m sorry, just now my feet didn’t stand firm and I carelessly spilled the water on your bed.”

Chu Ci frowned and turned to stare directly at Si Yuan, “How can I stop you from doing such childish things?”

Seeing the other party spoke directly, Si Yuan unabashed and said without conceal it at all, “Move out, I think you are not in the same social class with us, it’s simply inappropriate to live together.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and said, “Moving out will make you stop everything?”

Si Yuan didn’t answer immediately, he pretended to ponder for a moment before said, “Well…at least it can stop the friction in the dormitory.”

Chu Ci originally wanted to stay in the dormitory for the time being because of Fu Zhi, but now it seems impossible. The attic was actually a pretty good place. Although Fu Zhi was good, the two of them were not couples and doesn’t need to stick together every day.

He originally wanted to get a verbal approval before going straight to the attic.

However, from what this man just said, it seems impossible to stop him.

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