Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

26) Chapter 92.2 ♬

Chapter 92 Part 2:

Moreover, your technique is so lacking. Even if I’m not impotence, I won’t feel it, let alone yes. Chu Ci said this sentence in his heart.

In spite of it, he still a little apologetic and kissed the person in front of him, saying, “Go take a bath and rest, you are tired too.”

Yu Yuan reluctantly said, “Okay.”

Chu Ci took the initiative to pull Yu Yuan to go into the bedroom.

Behind him, Yu Yuan followed him with sullen expression.

After arriving in the room, he seemed to want to make the final struggle, saying, “Do you want to take a bath together?”

Chu Ci immediately picked up the computer on the sofa and solemnly doing the work after he entered the room. When he heard Yu Yuan’s invitation, although he sat there calmly, but his heart was worried. He pretended to be calm as he fiddled with the things on the computer and then said, “You go first, I still have work to do.”

In fact, he just opened a blank document, typing disorderingly on it.

Yu Yuan looked straight at the man who lowered his head to focus on his own thing. Although his face was always smiling, but seemed to be solidified on it. At this time, Chu Ci continuously stared at the computer in order to cover up his guilty conscience, he completely didn’t notice it.

Yu Yuan turned his head and went into the bathroom without saying anything.

After hearing the sound of the door opened and closed, Chu Ci moved his eyes away from the computer.

At this time, the system took the initiative to say quietly, “Aren’t you going to do the deed sooner or later? I haven’t seen you so afraid before. Even your first time, I didn’t see you like this.”

Chu Ci complained, “It’s this body fault. In fact, I wasn’t particularly afraid, but Ji He’s thought afraid of being known was too strong. I accepted his memory in this area and was affected a lot. Anyway, I now feel that if he knew that I had this disease, I would be very, very ashamed. If even this was known by him, I really can’t continue to pretend as this Ji He! I’m now already very tired of pretending in front of him.”

Chu Ci said no more, the system was still say a sentence faintly, “You still can’t hide it.”

Chu Ci stared at the bathroom door in a daze. The dignity was the root of man. He was originally radish and doesn’t afraid, but after entering so many worlds, he felt that he and the human thought were already on the same path. The man’s ability was very important problem!

The person inside were quickly bathing, and when the sound of the water stopped, Chu Ci returned to his senses and continued to be busy on the computer.

Yu Yuan smiled when he came out, “How come you suddenly become so busy. I’m a little tired today, I’ll sleep first.” After speaking, he got into the quilt naked.

Chu Ci saw that Yu Yuan was really well-behaved today, so he put down the computer and went to take a bath before lay down.

He found that Yu Yuan was particularly cold and sensible tonight, but this looks just good, it was best to keep like this.

Sure enough, he should be a bit busy.

The next day. When Chu Ci woke up, Yu Yuan already gone.

But, he was not surprised. After all, Yu Yuan was now the head of Yu family, he must be back to the Yu family early to handle things.

However, when he went out and passed the floor-to-ceiling window of the living room, he found that this man was actually relaxing in the sun outside.

Chu Ci walked outside and said strangely, “Are you not going home?”

Yu Yuan gave him a big smile and said, “I don’t go today.”

Chu Ci wondered, “The Yu family has so few affairs?”

Yu Yuan only gave him a smile, and then said mysteriously, “There are many things, but today is special situation.”

Seeing Yu Yuan’s mysterious smile, Chu Ci felt inexplicably void in his heart, always feeling that Yu Yuan had some bad intentions. However, he could only wave his hand calmly, “Then you play by yourself, I have to deal with things.”

Yu Yuan obviously in a good mood as he still gave him a big smile with a harmless look on his face.

The two lived as before again.

When Yu Yuan saw Chu Ci entered the office to handle affairs, he took out his cellphone and made a call.

“Is the thing ready?”

After hanging up the phone, he went out the gate by himself.

At midday, Chu Ci came out of the office with satisfaction. Because Yu Yuan didn’t harass him, this showed that his premonition in the morning was just he thought too much.

When he pushed open the door of the dining room, he found that the food on the table was not the usual one.

There were flowers and red wine on the table in front of him. His footsteps stopped for a moment.

Yu Yuan sat across the table and looked at him with a smile.

Because of Yu Yuan’s quietness in the morning, Chu Ci relaxed a lot. He walked to his position and looked at Yu Yuan amusingly, “Is this the reason why you don’t go to the Yu family today? It’s midday now, shouldn’t candlelight dinner be at night?”

Yu Yuan tilted his head and said, “You roughly guessed right.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and then sat down.

At this time, Yu Yuan picked up the wine glass and raised it at him, “Let’s drink a cup.”

Chu Ci picked up the wine glass beside him and raised it at him, and then drank it without hesitation.

Yu Yuan looked at Chu Ci as he drank a little bit of the wine he poured for himself, before put down the glass in his hand and looked at the man on the opposite side happily, “Ji He, do you love me?”

Chu Ci nodded and said, “Love.”

Yu Yuan was even happier when he got a reply. He looked at Chu Ci with his chin in his hand, saying, “Then, will you forgive me no matter what I do?”

Translator Note:

Yu Yuan is blackening because of misunderstanding. What he want to do? ^-^

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