Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

27) Chapter 129.2 ♬

Chapter 129 Part 2:

“Yes, he just went upstairs.”

As soon as he finished explaining, the man on the other side of the phone just directly hung up.

Xu Wen looked at the phone screen and raised his eyebrows, he said to himself, “It doesn’t look like a quarrel at all. Like just like, care just care, put it on the shelf.”

Chu Ci returned to his own home. He casually shook the quilt and lay down on the bed.

After standing in the cold wind for so long, he felt super satisfied after hiding in the warm quilt.

Chu Ci closed his eyes and sighed with satisfaction, and then suddenly opened his eyes again.

He doesn’t know what would happen if Fan Chuan knew he quarreled with Quan Gan.

Chu Ci shook his head and decided to put this matter aside first.

When the boat got to the pier-head, it would go straight with the current, so he was happy for a few days, and it was good to have a few stable days.

It was already very late, Chu Ci lay down for a while and went straight to sleep.

He had a dream. In the dream, Quan Gan came to beg forgiveness, and took the initiative to send himself to bed.

As soon as he woke up the next day, Chu Ci immediately looked at his cellphone. Without any news, he directly asked the system, “System, what is Quan Gan doing?”

“Get up and go to the company.”

When Chu Ci heard it, he sneered, “Hehe, this completely lacking any feeling guy! If I take the initiative to reconcile, I will be strike by thunder!”

He immediately got up and tore off all the posters in the room and threw them into the trash can, and the whole room instantly more pleasing to the eye.

Chu Ci had once again lived his original otaku life, because he suspected that his leading role might being replaced, he was too lazy to analyze the script. Every morning, he would go to the social networking site to see if Quan Gan had been separated with ‘Chu Ci’, but there were always no the least bit related news.

After a week passed this way.

Finally, his cellphone rang, but the caller was Fan Chuan.

When Chu Ci saw the name on the screen, his beautiful face couldn’t help wrinkling.

This person don’t know, right?

The matter that should come still come back.

He took a breath and answered the phone pretending to be relaxed, “Chuan-ge, what’s up?”

Fan Chuan directly explained, “You can prepare to enter the crew, they will shoot in the Yingshi City first, because they know that your home is here, so I didn’t prepare a hotel with you, you can stay at home temporarily.”

“Enter the crew?” Chu Ci froze for a moment, thinking that he had received such a drama recently, and subconsciously said, “I haven’t been changed?”

Fan Chuan instantly heard something was wrong and said, “Honestly confess, is something happened?”

Chu Ci quickly denied.


“It’s good hasn’t!” Since the crew had already called to notify, it just explained that everything was going well, Fan Chuan put down his suspicion and said, “You can just get over it.”

After Fan Chuan hung up the phone, Chu Ci quickly picked up the script that was pressed under the computer and turned it over. He didn’t expect Quan Gan would feelings to this degree.

Since you are going to give me this drama, then I will be first-rate. Anyway, I only vowed not to take the initiative to reconcile.

On that day, Chu Ci read the script from beginning to end. When he saw a certain scene, he surprised, “System, it seems like I’m going to kiss the female protagonist.” Then he swallowed and said, “I really want to hold that scene for Quan Gan to see.”

The system said, “Maybe he really can see it.”

Chu Ci sneered, “Then I’m going to act well!”

A few days later, he entered the crew as scheduled. Because there was nothing matter at home, he devoted himself to the filming. So he was so busy that he threw Quan Gan to the back of his mind.

Chu Ci found that acting was quite fun.


“Chu-ge, the next scene is you kiss the female protagonist to pledge your love!” Xiao Liu was sent to him by Fan Chuan as his assistant again.

Chu Ci took the script to look at it and said happily, “It’s my first time to kiss the girl!”

“Really?” Xiao Liu sized him up and said, “You are more than twenty and also good-looking.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows at him and said openly, “Because I like men!”

Xiao Liu surprised, “Do you really only like men?”

Chu Ci nodded and said, “Yes!”

When the two were chatting, Xiao Liu suddenly stretched his neck and looked out, “It seems that someone came to our crew. I don’t know which person came to visit, so many people are watching, it looks like a big shot!”

Chu Ci turned his head to see. The group of people had just entered the film studio, even the director was there.

He subconsciously guessed, “Is it the investor?”

“Maybe that’s.” Xiao Liu also felt reasonable when he heard it and nodded his head.

Suddenly, he seemed to recall something and said, “Investor? Then, isn’t it precisely the film emperor Quan Gan?” Then he quickly pushed Chu Ci, “Chuan-ge said, let me supervise you and the big boss to have good relationship. There’s still time now, you hurry up to say hello to him.”

Chu Ci silently looked at the crowd until Quan Gan’s face finally emerged from the crowd.

“Hey! Chu-ge!” Xiao Liu reached out to push him when he saw that Chu Ci didn’t move, “Quickly go.”

Chu Ci withdrew his line of sight and looked at Xiao Liu, and then he moved close to his side and said, “I will tell you a secret, don’t tell Chuan-ge.”


Chu Ci said quietly, “I quarreled with Quan Gan and we still in the cold war!”

“Ah?” Xiao Liu looked at the man in the distance and then looked in his direction. “You have a cold war with Quan Gan? No! Why you dare to have a cold war with the financial backer?”

Chu Ci sat upright and said as it should be by rights, “That’s because he was wrong first.”

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