Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

27) Chapter 39.2 ♬

Chapter 39 Part 2:

Chu Ci was sitting on the constantly shaking carriage, as he looked at the forest with endless darkness. Then the white light appeared in front, as it slowly became pink white color and finally grew bigger and bigger.

The Peach Blossom Forest was ahead.

The coachman left him at the entrance of Peach Blossom Forest and disappeared.

After Chu Ci got out of the carriage, there were people around him constantly appeared. They must be want to go to the Flower Ocean, because these people were going in pair, and they were holding hands intimately which obviously married couples.

Chu Ci felt that these couples were dazzling to the eyes. Then he looked at the direction of the peach blossom petals floating above his head and followed over.

White Swordsman said to just follow the petals.

It didn’t take long for Chu Ci to stand in front of the Flower Ocean’s entrance.

Worthy of being a place where couples would go, even the entrance has romantic atmosphere.

The peach blossoms in the forest all flew to circles and slowly fell around the circle. This place’s scenery was very beautiful.

Suddenly, two people holding hands appeared beside Chu Ci.

He glanced at them and found that they were two men. It seemed that they had just come out from inside.

Chu Ci couldn’t help but feel that this world seemed to be a lot more open. The two men could be so openly together.

After seeing Chu Ci, those two people looked around and said, “Are you come alone? Then you can’t get in, as you have to holding hands with your marriage partner to enter the Flower Ocean.” After speaking, they let go each other’s hand.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes and said, “I still didn’t get married, and just come to take a look.”

Heard him said that he was unmarried, one of them immediately said sincerely, “I advise you to not go inside just because you are curious. It’s simply looking for abuse, too pricking the heart. This kind of place is not suitable for single dogs like us!”

Another man nodded in agreement, “I spent the pointless expense to come here and not have fun but to buy suffer. I feel that the time when I broke up with my last relationship was not as sad as today. At the moment, I feel that even if she two-timing first at that time, I want to get back together with her here. I now have a kind of feeling that there is nothing couldn’t be forgiven. This Flower Ocean is poisonous to single dogs!”

The two people looked at each other and nodded violently.

Suddenly one of them looked at Chu Ci and said, “Oh, I’m remember. Didn’t you Ou Emperor?”

Seeing someone recognized him, Chu Ci laughed up. Then he reached out to hold the two people’s hand and said, “Don’t be sad, there will some girl!”

The two people looked at the hand that he held, they holding with both hands and nodded violently, “After breathes lucky air, there will be!”

Their sadness just a moment ago instantly disappeared.

“Ou Emperor is worthy of Ou Emperor. After rubbing your lucky air, I’m not sad anymore.” One of them said embarrassedly, “If you want to go in to play, just get married with the big shot Chui Yan, so that you won’t be cheated by others.”

After speaking, the two people left.

Chu Ci was a little moved by what the two people had just said.

He looked at the teleportation point in front of him with a smile: Can let people reminiscent of the ex-girlfriend and forgive her two-timing’s deed? This thing seems to fit for Chui Yan??

Chu Ci’s desperate seedling seemed to have been watered by the holy water and rapidly grew high and plunged into his heart. Isn’t the target lack of such stimulate to remember the moment when the two people love each other?

It turns out my luck didn’t exhausted! Chu Ci entered the transmission point while proud of himself.

Flower Ocean, Flower Ocean, my future depends on you.

Because of the recent encounter, Chu Ci who was originally thought to have fun in the game, quickly returned to the guild territory to think about Chui Yan’s matter.

He opened his bag and looked at the two sets of wedding clothes in the corner of the bag. Thinking of it was going to be use soon, he began to feel faintly happy.

But when he glanced at the wedding dress, he started to worry again.

Something like marriage can’t be done alone. What should I do if it lack a woman?

He couldn’t find a girl for Chui Yan to get married. He always felt that with his character, Chui Yan wouldn’t agree to casually marry anyone he doesn’t know. Even if he knew her, the possibility of him to agree was very small.

Moreover, these days he also found that although Chui Yan doesn’t handsome in the game, but he was very popular. If after he met the girl, he turned away and refused to reconcile, then the gains don’t make up for the losses. No better girl existed in front of Chui Yan.

After thinking of this difficult problem, Chu Ci’s excitement just a moment ago wiped out by half.

Chu Ci sat down on the ground again while felt disheartened.

“Ai, this idea is not work!”

Chu Ci murmured and lay down in the guild territory. All his hopes came to nothing.

Then Chu Ci’s eyes that originally gloomy because of the disappointment, suddenly brightened up in an instant. How did he forgot that those two people who entered the Flower Ocean were both men!

Chu Ci immediately sat up.

If women was out of the question, he could also find men. Chui Yan was a standard straight guy who has been certified by the system. He also needn’t to fear that he would be bent by the man.

Chu Ci searched in his mind and found that Chui Yan apparently never have a deep relationship with others. He seemed to be the closest person to him.

After thinking this, Chu Ci found that he was really lucky. So many people wanted to hook up Chui Yan, but in the end they were only hooked up by him. No wonder the people outside always thought there was something between them.

Chu Ci thought that he could only go on himself. He afraid that Chui Yan wouldn’t agree to have same-sex marriage with the male friend who he was not very close to.

Sigh, I think the target is a little pitiful.

Considering he is relate to my future, I will help him solve the problem.

I’m well fed and clothed because of him. Anyway, even if it’s unsuccessful, there is no loss. I just give it a try, in passing, I can also go to Flower Ocean to play.

Chu Ci looked at the clothes on his body, then he opened his bag and was about to take out the emerald green short skirt given by Chui Yan when he saw the wedding clothes in the bag. Chu Ci paused and switched to take the wedding dress, before put it on his body.

Chui Yan in the game certainly not look good in women’s clothes, so he would be the one who wore it.

After dressed in the wedding dress, Chu Ci lay down in the guild territory and has a grand dream of being successful.


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