Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

27) Chapter 59.1 ♬

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Chapter 59: I Became Eunuch (3.13)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci’s whole body paused. His evasive eyes also subconsciously glanced at Moqi Sui because of this sudden question. The eyes of the two people met again, and there was a panic in his heart.

Chu Ci aggrieved in his heart, “Yes, I like you, but you don’t like me now!”

However, this could only be said in his heart.

This action was obviously seen by Moqi Sui.

Once again Moqi Sui had understood something in his heart.

Although Chu Ci was shocked for a moment, he quickly adjusted his emotions.

How could this person know his little secret only through these small details. He must be play tricks as before.

Chu Ci denied firmly, “No!”

Because a moment of anxiousness, he completely forgot to call himself this servant like usual. He also forgot to restraint his tone.

After all, Chu Ci was not a veteran actor, so these few reactions have exposed his little thoughts.

Moqi Sui doesn’t believe the least bit at the excuse of the person before his eyes. He used his index finger to point to the paper that the other party just presented on the table and said, “Why do you hide this thing?”

Chu Ci had no choice but to continue explained, “Because it’s something given by His Highness, losing it will be disrespect to His Highness.”

If you tell a lie, you have to tell more lies to explain, and you have to be firm as if you are in dying struggle.

How could Moqi Sui not know, he said slowly, “I remember you are angry when Xiyue came.” After he finished speaking, he looked at the little eunuch with full of interest.

Chu Ci lowered his head and secretly frowned, he thought of whether to sell out Xiang Xiyue. After all, her line had not collapsed yet and it was a way to complete the mission. But, when he thought of wanting to match this woman with the person he like, he immediately felt unwell in his heart.

Forget it, sell her.

Sacrifice one Xiang Xiyue, there were still many people like Xiang Xiyue. If he sacrificed himself, he would have nothing.

Chu Ci said in a low voice, “That’s because Xiyue guniang was not good to His Highness, so this servant is angry.” After finishing this sentence, Chu Ci had already stomped Moqi Sui under his feet a few times in his mind.

I treat you so well, and you still interrogate me like this. Is this trying to kill me?

Chu Ci had now completely forgotten his self-reflection in the afternoon.

After Chu Ci’s explanation, Moqi Sui didn’t continue to question, and the sleeping quarters fell into silence.

Chu Ci kept his head down to admit his mistake, quietly waiting for his next fate. After passed the affair of the empress, he inexplicably felt that this normal Moqi Sui wouldn’t want his life.

However, the sleeping quarters was quiet for a while, and Chu Ci even wondered whether Moqi Sui was too sleepy and fell asleep.

“Although I don’t remember what happened before, but since you like me, I will allow you to continue to be my bed partner.” Moqi Sui suddenly said, and then added a sentence after saying this, “Of course only sleeping kind.”


Chu Ci suddenly had a dumbfounded face, and there was only a capital question mark in his head. He was stunned and looked at Moqi Sui to see if this person was joking.

Things seemed to develop a bit off the expected track.

The main point was that he just explained the emotion so eloquently, was this person didn’t listen at all?

But this seemed like a happy thing.

Chu Ci thought about it carefully. His relationship with Moqi Sui was gradually increasing like at that time. Just a few days ago, he was only eating with him, and now he was sleeping with him. Maybe it wouldn’t be long before it could be fix?

It seemed a little too beautiful to think about. Chu Ci secretly delighted in his heart.

This side, after Moqi Sui said this sentence, he finally got up from his position. He took the paper on the table and walked to Chu Ci, and handed it to him, before turned around and walked to his inner room, saying, “It’s late, so hurriedly serve me to sleep. I still have to go to the morning court tomorrow.”

Chu Ci let Moqi Sui ordered him, he happily put the paper back in his bosom, and followed Moqi Sui into the inner room to take off the other party’s robe and head ornament.

Moqi Sui looked helplessly at the little eunuch who was unskilledly taking off his clothes and said, “You seems very unskilled?”

Moqi Sui’s clothes were too complicated, he was indeed not very skilled. With a grievance in his tone, he said, “I’m only watch the door.”

Fortunately, although this His Highness the crown prince complained a little, he didn’t dislike him.

After Chu Ci had removed the head ornament, he followed Moqi Sui and standing at the bedside.

He immediately let out a sigh and said a sentence in his mind, ‘En, Luo Mei is right, the bed here is indeed very big.

Moqi Sui saw the person next to him had not moved and said, “Take off your clothes, you sleep inside.”

Chu Ci quickly recovered, he stretched out hand and began to remove his outer garment. His clothes were simple and took off much faster.

In this weather, as soon as the outer garment was taken off, it was chilly, and Chu Ci quickly took off his shoes and went to bed. He went inside the quilt and lay down honestly, and then closed his eyes.

Moqi Sui couldn’t help feeling better when he looked at Chu Ci’s appearance. When he saw that the other party was already lying down, he also lifted the quilt and lay inside.

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