Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

27) Chapter 93.1 ♬

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Chapter 93: Forcibly Buying, Marriage First Before Love (5.12)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci looked at Yu Yuan suspiciously and didn’t respond to this sentence of Yu Yuan.

When the words went through his head a circle, his relaxed mood immediately became alert.

There were many kinds of meanings of this sentence.

Yu Yuan looked at him with a smile while propping his chin, as if waiting for his answer.

Chu Ci didn’t immediately express his attitude, just asking, “What have you done?”

Yu Yuan shook his head and smiled, “I haven’t done it yet.”

Chu Ci saw he was only probing, thinking for a while and suddenly said, “Are you plan to have an affair?”

Yu Yuan smiled more happily this time. He blinked his eyes and said, “So you still care about me? Don’t worry, it’s absolute not have an affair.”

Chu Ci was thinking about it. As a person who does the mission, as long as his target was not cheat, he had nothing unable to accept. Since Yu Yuan asked for his consent, he nodded and said, “Then everything else can be forgiven.”

He had just finished saying his words, when he suddenly felt that it was a bit hot in the dining room.

Chu Ci pulled his slightly tight collar and looked at the burning candle on the table, “Shall we extinguish this candle? Although it seems unlikely, but when I saw this candle, I have a kind of hot feeling. I don’t know if it’s a psychological effect.”

Yu Yuan got the answer he wanted. The smile in the eyes became deeper as he looked at the person who sat opposite him.

He slowly got up from his position, then walking in the direction of Chu Ci. He said while walking, “Shouldn’t it, where is it uncomfortable? I’ll help you to take a look.” After he walked to Chu Ci’s side, he reached out to touch his forehead.

Then Yu Yuan quickly withdrew his hand and said, “You are so hot! Is it a fever?”

Chu Ci shook his head and quickly pulled Yu Yuan’s hand to rub his face, “My head is not painful. It’s hot, your hand is so cool.”

Yu Yuan put his hand on his forehead as his wishes, and then involuntarily moved from his forehead to his cheek and then to his neck.

Chu Ci narrowed his eyes, enjoying the cold fingers.

At this time, his eyes were fixed on the burning candle again, urging, “I’ll go to extinguish it, it feels more and more hot!”

He was about to stand up to do it himself.

However, he just stood up a little before immediately fell back into the chair.

Chu Ci looked shockingly and blankly at his legs and then looked at Yu Yuan, “My body is so strange.” At the same time, a strange feeling rushed over somewhere.

Yu Yuan looked at this kind of Chu Ci, and became more and more happy, he touched Chu Ci’s face to appease, “It’s nothing to do with the candle.” He lowered his head to the side of Chu Ci’s ear and said softly, “I’ve just add something to your wine.” After he finished speaking, he kissed his ear softly, as if to comfort him.

Chu Ci was stunned. He felt that the feeling on his body became more and more obvious and familiar. He firmly stared at Yu Yuan, “You gave me aphrodisiac!”

“This is not a simple aphrodisiac. It’s newly developed by the best research institute under the Yu family’s name. The efficacy is not comparable to those ordinary aphrodisiacs, and it won’t hurt the body.” Yu Yuan doesn’t pay attention to the anger of the man in front of him, he touched his face and rubbed his thumb gently against his lips. He suddenly put away the smile on his face and said coldly, “This is what you forced me to do.” Then, he said beamingly, “You said you would forgive me for anything besides cheating.”

Chu Ci had no strength on his body and could only grit his teeth to look at this suddenly perverted man, saying, “Now I add one more sentence, if you dare to force me, I won’t forgive you!”

Although he was so sure, what he was most afraid of was being found to be impotence.

Yu Yuan smiled and withdrew his hands. He looked at him, saying, “Okay, I definitely don’t need to force, I won’t touch you unless you invite me.”

After speaking, he walked out of the door.

Not long after, Chu Ci heard the sound of the door opened again. At this time, Yu Yuan walked in with a video camera on his hand. After entering the door, he didn’t forget to lock the door.

He placed the video camera at the best angle, and then said, “For fear that you will be renege later, I will record this process.”

Chu Ci endured the growing desire on his body and lightly groaned before saying, “You have good thinks!”

Yu Yuan shrugged his shoulders, “I have always been good thinks. Moreover, my wishes often can come true.”


When Chu Ci regained the consciousness again, he found himself lying in the bedroom. He looked around at a loss and said to himself, “I actually had such a terrible dream?”

At this time, the system quietly reminded, “You didn’t dream, the things you think dream are true, look at the time.”

Chu Ci frowned, and took out his cellphone to look at it. It was already in the morning, the time he usually get up. His memory was one day less, so those things were true!

His whole person stunned, and then he lay back on the bed as if nothing left to live for. He covered his legs with the quilt, at the same time had only one thought in his mind: my impotence must have been found…found…

He wanted to kill to silence people now.

Chu Ci immediately asked the system, “Does Yu Yuan still like me after know it?”

The system said, “It’s precisely because of like that he do this to you.”

Chu Ci immediately suggested, “How about end this world like this? I secretly killed him, and then went to the next world, everyone will be delight and satisfaction?”

The system was silent for a while and said, “It may be possible, but it’s very dangerous. If he know that you do it at the moment of death, then it will be ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful.”

“Ai!” Chu Ci came out of the quilt, trying to see if Yu Yuan was present, only found the mess in the room.

The system kindly said, “Yu Yuan returned to the Yu family.”

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