Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

28) Chapter 130.1 ♬

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Chapter 130: He Became the Film Emperor (7.13)


Translator: Mimi

Quan Gan came out of the crowd, and at first glance saw Chu Ci sitting with his assistant in the distance. The other party was flipping through the script as if he was unaware his arrival, but the assistant beside him looked at his direction, and said something.

Even so, Quan Gan found that the irritability that had accumulated during this period of time was instantly calmed when he saw that person. Even if he knew that the other party was still angry with him, but he was also satisfied.

He didn’t see him for months and his feelings had never changed.

He reluctantly withdrew his sight and entered the recreational vehicle with Qian Luo.

Right after he got on the car, Quan Gan directly said, “Until where did you shoot it? Show me the script.”

Qian Luo picked up the script from the chair and handed it to the man in front of him, “You didn’t care so much about your investment in TV dramas before.”

Quan Gan took the script and said without changing expression, “I suddenly want to care.”

Qian Luo sat down in front of his close friend while muttered, “Are you here to see me or your family little cub? Your current appearance remind me of the hen protects the chicks.”

Quan Gan ignored him and concentratedly turned over the script in his hand. He let Qian Luo gave an offer to Chu Ci. Because of his trust, he never asked about the script, but he didn’t expect there was a kiss scene in the script, and couldn’t help wrinkling his brows.

Qian Luo looked at the page that he flipped over and said, “Don’t turn it over, that’s the one, page 56. In the afternoon, we are going to film the scene where the male protagonist kiss the female protagonist.”

Quan Gan completely didn’t in mood to see the following plot and directly threw the script on the table, “No.”

“Ah?” Qian Luo inexplicably looked at Quan Gan, and then seemed to understand something, he astonished, “What’s no? Don’t tell me it’s the kiss?”

Quan Gan said, “He is still young, unsuitable to film this.”

“Young?” Qian Luo looked at Quan Gan shocked, “When you asked him to kiss you ten times at that time, you didn’t seem to think he’s young!”

Quan Gan didn’t sway at all because his friend pointed out bluntly his little trick. He still said, “He can only with me.”

Qian Luo unconcerned and said, “No way, this kiss is very important, it must be there, we can’t skip it.”

Quan Gan still refused to back down, “No!”

Qian Luo pointed at Quan Gan and choked for a long time before saying, “When did you become so petty!”

Quan Gan said, “Anyone can, just he can’t!”

Qian Luo was powerless and angry, he sat upright and looked at him seriously, “Are you really fascinated by that person?”

Quan Gan didn’t answer, just said. “I have nothing to do in the afternoon, I’ll take a look at how you filming.”

Although the other party avoided the question, Qian Luo already understood in his heart. Hearing that Quan Gan wanted to stay overseer, he immediately angered, “You don’t believe me!”

“No.” Quan Gan’s tone and expression were remain unmoved.

Qian Luo gritted his teeth and said, “You win! I finally experience the taste of forgetting loyalty when in love.”


Chu Ci took advantage of the rest and immediately asked Xiao Liu to buy him a chewing gum to chew after dinner, clearing his breath.

Seeing that the rest time was about to over, Chu Ci looked at the recreational vehicle of the director rest with some excitement and said, “Xiao Liu, Quan Gan hasn’t come out yet, right?”

Xiao Liu nodded and said, “Not yet. It’s said that they sent two meals into the director recreational vehicle. It seems that might he will stay to see the filming situation.”

Chu Ci nodded with satisfaction and said to himself, “I hope he will stay to see the filming.”

He doesn’t believe that this man could still be so calm.

Based on his understanding of Quan Gan’s previous lifetimes, this man’s character would change, his appearance would change, but that petty energy could never change.

Chu Ci glanced at the time, looking forward to the afternoon hurriedly approached.

Finally, the director’s recreational vehicle door opened.

Chu Ci quickly withdrew his sight and looked at the script.

“Start work, start work, actors and staff members hurriedly to get into position, this afternoon time is very tight!” The assistant director shouted.

Chu Ci immediately stood up, he tidied up the hair and walked to the filming site, accompanied by the female protagonist of this drama.

He smiled at her and said, “Miss Li, I have to offend you later.”

Li Qi knew what he said and smiled, “This is the actor’s job, just take it seriously.”

Chu Ci glanced at the director’s direction from the corner of his eyes. Sure enough, Quan Gan followed him to the set position.

“System, help me pay attention to Quan Gan’s expression when the filming begins. I don’t believe that he can calmly watch my kiss scene.”

“Okay.” The system said. Quan Gan was a person who the system could never see clearly, so he also looked forward whether the target who only had dream would also have the same feelings for Chu Ci.

Chu Ci and Li Qi stood together at the entrance of the peach blossom forest, waiting for the start of the filming. The part of entering together was also going to be shot into the camera.


When everyone was ready, the director gave a command, Chu Ci immediately pulled Li Qi’s hand, and then walked slowly into the peach forest. They walked while confide in each other as the script said.

Quan Gan outside the scene saw that the two people holding hands, his complexion had become cold.

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