Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

28) Chapter 59.2 ♬

Chapter 59 Part 2:

Chu Ci could feel someone lying down next to him, thinking of his current identity, he still didn’t forget to act.

He secretly moved very far into the inside of the bed, which would make him look pitiful.

Because the bed was big enough, the distance between the two of them was so large that another person could sleep there.

Chu Ci didn’t forget that Moqi Sui liked to hug him to sleep.

“A-Ci, sleep closer!” As expected, the person next to him gave an order after laid down for a while.

Chu Ci curled his lips behind his back, and then moved back a little bit intentionally.

Moqi Sui frowned when he saw the person on the side moved a very small distance and said, “Come closer again.”

Chu Ci secretly happy in his heart and moved a little bit again, the distance he moved was not much different than the first one.

After two times, there was no another order behind him.

Moqi Sui apparently didn’t want to shout, and directly reached out his hand to grab the little eunuch who lying very far away into his arms, and whispered, “You don’t look like such a timid person.”

Chu Ci suddenly froze because of the sudden closeness of the two bodies, before very quickly relaxed.

As long as Moqi Sui doesn’t speak and look at his eyes, other places were actually no different from before, of course, including this embrace.

“It’s really you.” Moqi Sui said these words and put his head directly on Chu Ci’s shoulder.

Chu Ci could feel the breathing of the man behind him gradually slowing down, and apparently began to fall asleep.

Chu Ci sniffed and closed his eyes. He was actually quite sleepy.


The next day, before dawn, Moqi Sui who was going to the morning court, got up first.

Chu Ci had slept with him for so long and woke up with him for the first time.

Taking off the clothes were already very complicated, and it was even harder to wear. Probably Moqi Sui felt it was a waste of time to wait for Chu Ci got up, he directly do it himself, and that speed as if he was a servant.

Moqi Sui said while wearing clothes, “Today the young miss of the He family is coming to the palace. If I don’t come back, you properly receive her on my behalf.”

Chu Ci had no great waves for these women, but he silently said in his heart.

Haha, you already know that I like you and you still made me go to serve your future empress, scumbag!

After Moqi Sui left the sleeping quarters, Chu Ci boldly tossing and turning on the bed, treating the things on the bed as that scumbag, he ruthlessly stepping on it.

Because the prince had left, there must be the palace maid came to clean up. In order to avoid gossip, Chu Ci quickly dressed well, and then stayed inside for a while, thinking about how to convince outsiders that he was just being punished to sleep on the floor.

However, after waiting for a while, he didn’t see anyone come in. After thinking about it, he took the initiative to open the door and went out, and he really met the little eunuch who guarded the door was ready to rest.

Chu Ci looked around and dragged this man to ask, “Why the people who clean up has not come?”

The man smiled and said, “She has just been here, but when His Highness left, he told me need not clean up today, so I persuaded her to go back. I’m waiting for her to come before dare to leave.”

After saying this, the man left.

Chu Ci recalled what the man had just said, and there seemed to be a strange feeling.

He stretched out in a good mood, and suddenly found that there was a woman coming to this side not far away.

He took a closer look. It was Xiang Xiyue.

Haha, the crown princess consort hasn’t come yet, and this Xiang Xiyue actually came.

It was impossible for this woman to not know that the crown prince was going to the morning court. Coming so early in the morning, he was afraid that it was not so simple to meet the crown prince.

Chu Ci looked around, but he didn’t see any servant come out to greet this woman, and he could only do it himself.

“Xiyue guniang, I’m afraid that you come untimely. His Highness is still in the morning court.”

Xiang Xiyue looked at the little eunuch in front of her and recognized him. The smile on her face was slowly put away. She said in a low voice, “If you dare to say anything about the matter in the Bie Courtyard, you’re done. You should know that the prince will believe a little eunuch or believe me.”

Chu Ci also didn’t intend to speak out, anyway he just said the bad words of this woman yesterday.

He secretly curled his lips and said softly, “This servant doesn’t dare. This servant also hope that Xiyue guniang can take care of me in the future.”

Xiang Xiyue saw that this person was tactful, she let out a light snort and walked to Moqi Sui’s sleeping quarters, saying, “I’ll waiting for him here.”

Chu Ci suddenly made a little scheme in his heart, and said, “The crown prince just left not long ago, and I don’t know when he will come back. But, the daughter of Senior Official He is coming to the crown prince’s palace today. It’s not very convenient if Xiyue guniang here.”

Xiang Xiyue had already revealed her true face before Chu Ci’s eyes, so she was not afraid to show her true face to him. She sneered and said, “I know she is coming, so I come to take a look what this future crown princess consort is like.”

Chu Ci applauded secretly in his heart. The struggle between women was really frightful.

At this side, Xiang Xiyue had just rested for a while, when there came another person outside.

Chu Ci had never seen the future crown princess consort, but after seeing the enthusiasm Luo Mei at her side, he roughly guessed one or two.

Luo Mei was a person who would climb where high branch goes.

Thinking of the fact that no one received Xiang Xiyue when she entered the door, he couldn’t help but feel she was a little pitiful, even the palace maids didn’t look at her optimistically, no wonder she was coming to fight in one breath.

But he doesn’t know whether the young miss of He family was a powerful character or not.

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