Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

28) Chapter 93.2 ♬

Chapter 93 Part 2:

Hearing this sentence of the system, Chu Ci’s heart was temporarily calm down.

He suddenly remembered that he and Yu Yuan started to do it in the dining room, before came to the bedroom to continue fought for three hundred rounds.

Fortunately, his body had long been recovered as before because of his primordial spirit. So there was no the least bit discomfort, instead there was a refreshing feeling.

Thinking of what happened before he lost consciousness, Chu Ci immediately put on a coat and rushed to the dining room.

He just ran to the door of the room, when the person who prepared breakfast came out from inside.

The two of them stunned.

Chu Ci looked through the open door and found that everything was restored the same as before.

He pretended to say calmly, “Did you see the video camera inside?”

The man shook his head.

Chu Ci turned around to go back to the bedroom, at the same time saying, “After an hour, clean my room.”

After taking a bath in the room, he habitually went to the dining room.

Chu Ci had just sat down and prepare to eat, when a scene from last night suddenly appeared in his mind. He looked at the table and chair surface in front of him, in his mind was all filthy images. He knew how good that drug. It could make people act boldly as if they were drunk, and they could remember all the things they did afterwards.

He casually grabbed something and went to the study. It seems that it was time to change place to eat.

Chu Ci was hiding in the office. While nibbling on the buns, he was thinking about yesterday’s affairs.

He couldn’t figure out why Yu Yuan would change like that yesterday, as if completely switched individual. Carefully thinking about it, his appearance a bit similar to the blackening second male lead that he watched. He had to ask the system.

But before asking, he asked something else first, “System, why didn’t you remind me of that drug prepared by Yu Yuan?”

The system said innocently, “I haven’t been always with you to solve the Ji family’s problem. Yu Yuan is not a dangerous person, so I didn’t observe him. Moreover, that drug is not a dangerous thing. Your little husband’s interest, I can’t fully participate in it.”

“What kind of interest is this?”

Chu Ci thought for a while and couldn’t understand why Yu Yuan who’d always well-behaved, became like this. He put aside the drug’s matter and said, “You help me investigate the thing that stimulated him.”

The system immediately replied, “I checked this issue for you yesterday. He saw you and Shi Cheng kissing.”

“Kissing?” Chu Ci couldn’t remember getting close to Shi Cheng to that stage. As he was thinking, he suddenly remembered the matter of the day before yesterday.

Did he misunderstand?

Chu Ci gritted his teeth and said, “He actually treat me this way because of a messy speculation?”

The system said faintly, “He probed you many times, but unfortunately you didn’t perform well, so he is sure that you use him as a tool to get Shi Cheng angry. After thinking a lot, his mind just distorted. But don’t worry, he has returned to the Yu family, he probably won’t come for a long time.”

Chu Ci’s face froze, “He actually still dare to be angry after doing that to me? I also angry that he gave me the drug!”

The system said, “Actually, he is not bad like this. I’ve seen other blacking people. That’s much more terrifying than Yu Yuan.”

Chu Ci interrupted directly, “Don’t explain for him. If he don’t come to apologize, I’m going to ignore him.”

The system persuaded, “Isn’t it just a matter of explanation? He may really has change of heart if you get so bad tempered.”

Chu Ci hesitated for a while, but his anger was still there. He compromised, “Then a few days later, I can’t just stick it back like this.”

When the system saw him give in, he compromised, “Okay.”

A week passed in a blink of an eye.

Chu Ci really didn’t do anything, just sitting in the office in a daze, continuously hypnosis himself in his head to forget the matter of his impotence being discovery.

At this time, the office door was knocked by someone, and the door was pushed open before he could answer.

Luo Fu, who he hadn’t seen for a long time, walked in aggressively.

“I heard that the person you secretly married is that boy from the Yu family?” Luo Fu said angrily.

Chu Ci said calmly without extra expression on his face, “Yes.”

Luo Fu glared, “Do you know what he is doing? He reached his hand to our territory. He even wanted to annex our shopping mall! You say, isn’t this called lead the wolf into the house!”

Chu Ci pursed his lips and said nothing. He was actually in the middle of discussing this issue with the system.

“Is Yu Yuan really getting worse? He even wanted to absorb the Ji family’s territory?”

The system said, “It hasn’t been caused by you.”

Chu Ci didn’t talk to the system again, saying directly, “I know, I will deal with this matter.”

Luo Fu originally wanted to oppress his sharpness but didn’t expect him to still look confident.

Since he guaranteed, he stepped back, “Don’t let those brothers who are working hard outside bitterly disappointed.”

When Luo Fu was about to go out, he couldn’t help but say, “Be an example to the brothers, don’t be so old, even Sister-in-law can’t hold down.”

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