Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

29) Chapter 111.1 ♬

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Chapter 111: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.15)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci pretended to arrange his clothes and then swaggeringly went back.

Anyway, the rift would appear every day, it was the same if he just come again. Maybe the system had already made the list of names at that time.

Chu Ci walked in front of Fu Zhi, seeing he was still standing there motionless, he urged, “Let’s go back, it’s cold outside.” As he speaking, his body trembled and he rubbed his hands, “I didn’t say who bullied me, you guessed it yourself.” So if Si Yuan said that he incited disharmony of their friendship, he wouldn’t bear this blame.

“Yeah.” Fu Zhi responded calmly before turned around and walked side by side with Chu Ci, while extending his palm to him.

“What? Want to charge a protection fee?” Chu Ci said doubtfully as he looked at the hand stretched out in front of him.

Seeing he doesn’t understand, Fu Zhi grabbed his hand directly, “Lend you the warm, just take it as the apologize for Si Yuan.”

Chu Ci looked at his hand that was grabbed by Fu Zhi, always feeling something was wrong, but Fu Zhi’s hand was really warm, so he threw that strange feeling behind him and let Fu Zhi pulling him. At the same time, he nodded and said, “You really need to apologize for him.” It’s all because of you that I suffered this kind of calamity.

God knew that he clearly came to school for Si Yuan, but now inexplicably had become the main relationship with Fu Zhi.

It was already past midnight, almost everyone had entered the dream. It was extremely quiet and there was no one outside.

Chu Ci followed Fu Zhi to walk to the dormitory on the position of holding hands with him. He could only hear the footsteps of the two of them all around.

Seeing his dormitory door, Chu Ci suddenly remembered that Si Yuan made his bed wet, and he couldn’t help regretting.

If I had known earlier, I will find someone to help dry it out before going out. How I can solve the problem of sleeping now?

As he followed Fu Zhi, Chu Ci asked for help in his mind, “System, can you help me dry the bed?”

“No.” The system didn’t even think about it and directly refused this time. He said, “Did you forget that this is magic world? There are many capable person with unusual age in this world. If I go out to do something, someone will definitely be aware of it. This will made you in danger.”

Chu Ci had to give up, “Okay, just let it wet. At worst, I have to put on a few more quilts above the bed.”

The two men soon stood in the front of the dormitory door.

Chu Ci directly pulled back his hand from Fu Zhi’s hand to open the door. Fu Zhi squeezed the hand with remaining warm, the gloomy flashed past on his face.

As soon as the door opened, Chu Ci saw Si Yuan’s head coming out from the quilt.

Seeing the person coming, Si Yuan showed a disappointed expression before said concernedly, “I thought something happened to you.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows.

If something happened to him, he was afraid that this person would extremely happy.

At this time, Fu Zhi came in from behind, closing the door, and said at the same time, “It’s already very late, let’s sleep first. If you have something to say, put it off until tomorrow.”

Chu Ci gave Fu Zhi a face and walked to the side of his bed to prepare solved the problem of his wet bed. Only then did he find out that his bed was covered with a quilt, and the wet part on the bed was completely covered.

Chu Ci looked at Si Yuan and was sure that the quilt was not do by Fu Zhi.

He directly lifted open the quilt, it was still wet underneath.

The bed was not so big and the wet place was in the middle, it was definitely not possible to sleep directly.

Chu Ci took a quilt and a blanket out of the storage ring.

Fu Zhi had been paying attention to him all the time, seeing he suddenly took out two distinct things, he said strangely, “What’s the matter, are you cold?”

Chu Ci heard Fu Zhi’s voice, he squinted his eyes and thought of a good idea.

He pointed to his bed and said, “The bed is wet, there is no way to sleep, so I thought it would be better to sleep with a few layers.”

Fu Zhi frowned, he walked around his own bed to come over and lifted the quilt to see. After a long silence, he said, “Then just sleep with me.”

Si Yuan stared at Fu Zhi and then looked at Chu Ci again, he hinted with his eyes at Chu Ci, “You dare!”

Chu Ci was also stunned when he heard Fu Zhi’s suggestion, and then he looked at Si Yuan proudly.

The other party really warned him again.

He precisely wanted this result. He immediately walked to the side of Fu Zhi’s bed, took off his outer clothes and directly lifted the quilt to go on the bed, saying, “Thank you Fu Zhi, I know you are the best.”

Si Yuan knew that Chu Ci must have retaliated against him for the matter of poured water, he could only look at Fu Zhi, hoping that he could be clear-headed.

“Fu Zhi, I remember that you will unable to sleep when you sleep with others? There will be course tomorrow.”

Fu Zhi looked at the person nesting in his bed and a little overwhelmed by emotions, he absent-mindedly replied, “Not at all.” After speaking, he also took off his outer clothes and went to bed.

After Fu Zhi also went to bed, only then Chu Ci discovered that the bed in the school was really quite small. Because he troubled others, he quickly said to Fu Zhi, “Squeeze over, so you don’t fall to the floor when fall asleep.” His voice was so loud that Si Yuan could hear it.

Si Yuan looked at the two people lying on a bed and felt that his lungs were going to burst with rage. But he must maintain his demeanor.

It seems that he had to find Fu Zhi to have a talk tomorrow. If not, he would have to find his family to persuade him.


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