Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

29) Chapter 60.1 ♬

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Chapter 60: I Became Eunuch (3.14)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci saw that He Ruoshu was surrounded by the crowd and stood at the doorway of crown prince’s palace and doesn’t enter inside, he quickly welcomed her. After all, Moqi Sui also explained it when he left.

He walked to the door and said, “Miss He, please go inside. His Highness the crown prince has explained over. If you come, you must be receive well. If you standing at the door, this servant will be punished for negligence.”

He Ruoshu still hesitated and said, “I and His Highness the crown prince never met each other. It’s probably not proper for me to enter his sleeping quarters like this.”

Chu Ci smiled and said, “What’s there, there is Xiyue guniang inside, you are not alone.”

“Xiyue guniang?” He Ruoshu froze and said doubtfully, “Is it the person that the crown prince likes before?”

Chu Ci nodded his head.

It seemed that Moqi Sui and Xiang Xiyue’s romantic history was still quite well known to many people.

Hearing Xiyue guniang was inside, He Ruoshu no longer declined and directly went in.

When Xiang Xiyue saw He Ruoshu came in, she merely glanced at her, and then doesn’t pay attention to her again as she directly sat down without regard for others and drank the tea.

He Ruoshu glanced at Xiang Xiyue’s rudeness to her and actually not mind it, she merely smiled and said, “Miss Xiyue, you still didn’t marry the crown prince, it’s unsuitable for you to sit in the crown princess consort’s seat, right?”

Chu Ci could feel the undercurrent between the two people, and guess that He Ruoshu was not a person easy to bully.

Although Xiang Xiyue ignored this future crown princess consort, when she heard the other person talking to herself, she immediately became able to see her smile in general and said, “Does Miss He want to sit here? I remember that the emperor still didn’t send the decree of marriage, even if you now come in to see the crown prince, it is also secretly, the name is not legitimately conferred.”

Luo Mei and others obviously also noticed the smell of fire between the two people, and began to stand in the queue one after another. It didn’t take long for everyone to stand behind the future crown princess consort.

He Ruoshu was not angered by Xiang Xiyue’s words, but just slowly sat down on the chair on the side, she seemed more imposing.

She chuckled lightly, “I just said it’s inappropriate to sit in that noble position with Miss Xiyue’s identity, nothing more.”

Such a light as a feather sentence directly pierced Xiang Xiyue’s sore spot. She directly picked up the tea cup and smashed it in front of He Ruoshu’s feet, and then stared at the other party angrily, as if her eyes could eat people.

He Ruoshu deserved to be the crown princess consort’s candidate. She watched Xiang Xiyue calmly from beginning to end. Even if the tea cup was thrown in front of her feet, she only took a step back, while the eunuchs and palace maids behind her were startled into a jump.

Chu Ci was the only one who didn’t stand in any side, but he was secretly happy.

“What are you all doing here?”

Moqi Sui’s voice suddenly sounded from behind.

When they heard this voice, all stood up and walked to the door, only to see Moqi Sui who accompanied by Liu Quan, had came back from the morning court.

A group of people respectfully performed a salute. If it wasn’t for the broken tea cup on the floor, it would make people think it was harmonious here.

After Moqi Sui entered inside, he first looked at Chu Ci and then looked at the fragments of the tea cup on the floor.

He Ruoshu saw that the crown prince came, so she respectfully stood aside.

In contrast, Xiang Xiyue stayed at the side with unhappy face. At a glance, she appeared sulking at the matter just a moment ago.

Moqi Sui just glanced at her without going to comfort, and then turned to He Ruoshu and said, “Miss He, it must be startled you.”

When Xiang Xiyue saw Moqi Sui didn’t care about her first, she was stunned and turned her head to look at him, but she didn’t get the other party’s concern even after waiting for a while.

At this side, He Ruoshu said generously, “It’s okay. The empress let me come to meet His Highness, and since I have see His Highness, I’ll go back.”

Moqi Sui also didn’t have any intent to retain her, and directly gave order to see a visitor out.

“Luo Mei, send Miss He.”

Chu Ci looked lively and happy. His mood was a lot calmer now. He knew that he had an advantage over these two women.

Even if Moqi Sui lost his memory, but the habit formed during that time had a great influence on him. There was a saying that the pavilion closest to the water enjoyed moonlight first. He had already slept with him now, if he tried hard, it was not impossible.

Unexpectedly, as soon as He Ruoshu left, Xiang Xiyue immediately cried in a low voice.

Chu Ci looked at this woman with a little annoying. Isn’t she very violent just a moment ago, yet she is crying now?

But this trick was obviously enough to attract Moqi Sui’s attention. He finally turned to look at Xiang Xiyue and said with a smile, “What are you feel wronged for? I just saw the cup that you smashed.”

Xiang Xiyue cried louder, and said while crying, “Just now, your future crown princess consort mocked my low birth in front of a bunch of palace maids. If she became a crown princess consort, she will definitely bully me.”

Moqi Sui let her crying, but he didn’t go up to comfort her and just smiled, “Then, I won’t be the crown prince. This way, I can marry only one person.”

When Chu Ci heard Moqi Sui’s words, his face looked resentful. He didn’t expect that the other party would suddenly look at him and quickly put away his expression. But he secretly said in his heart: You are comfort your Xiang Xiyue, what are you doing looking at me.

As soon as Xiang Xiyue heard it, she quickly stopped crying and looked at the crown prince in front of her, “You can ask Your Majesty to give me a status.”

She was raised from the palace maid, it was not impossible to raise her status again.

Moqi Sui slowly sat in his seat and said, “Xiyue, I’m no longer that four-year-old child. I can’t continue to rely on Imperial Father’s favor to run amok. You should content with your situation.”

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