Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

3) Chapter 134.1 ♬

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Chapter 134: The Fox and Taoist (8.2)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci looked at the man downstairs and blinked his eyes. He completely forgot that he was a fox demon, and had to hide when encountered the demon catcher.

The main point was that he didn’t sense the danger at all.

Fei Chan came after the wolf demon’s breath. He had just entered this town and had long been noticed the faint fox demon’s breath and the breath left by the wolf demon. When he looked up, he saw the young man in the restaurant looking at him, and his whole person was startled.

Not because the other party was a fox demon, but because of his firm belief of wanting to kill the demon for many years, immediately disappeared without a trace when he saw him.

He frowned doubtfully, but the wolf demon’s breath was gradually weakening, he could only take back his gaze and hurried to the direction of guidance. This was his task to get down the mountain and promised to help this time, which must be completed.

Chu Ci saw that his beloved clearly saw him, but as if he was blind, he retracted his gaze and walked forward, completely hadn’t intention to stop.

“Didn’t you can dream of me? You don’t recognize me when I changes face!” Chu Ci’s anger instantly rose from his chest.

However, the aunt behind him confiscated when she saw that the man left, and continued to discuss about the handsome taoist who had just walked past.

“I heard that he’s never lenient to capture demon, I don’t know what the entangled past this kind of person have.”

“Customer, the chicken you want!” At this time, the waiter carried over the roast chicken that he ordered.

After seeing the food, Chu Ci’s anger calmed down a lot. He looked at the chicken on the table and asked the system, “System, where is that baldy going now?”

The system looked at the direction of the target and said, “He should be chasing a demon, the demon catcher is going down the mountain for the task.”

“Task?” Chu Ci thought for a while and said, “That is to say, he just passed by here, and he didn’t come back until he capture the demon?”

“Yes, he will return to the Xumi Temple after completing the task.”

“That won’t do!” Chu Ci immediately stood up and shouted, “Waiter, help me pack this chicken up, I will take it away to eat!”

“Okay!” The waiter warmly took the oil paper and carefully wrapped the chicken with it.

“Thank you.” Chu Ci thanked the waiter, and then paid the money. He put his own food into his bosom, before chasing in the direction of Quan Gan disappearance.


“Ah, just now a handsome young man sat behind you, why didn’t we see it!” Chu Ci had just left, and the two aunts moved the topic to him.

“He doesn’t look like a human being.”

“He’s like a fox demon, but it’s impossible. Hearing other disciples at the Xumi Temple said that because that great master never let go of any demon, any demon who hears the name of this great master will avoid him very far away. As a result, isn’t the town much more peaceful recently? It’s precisely because hears that the great master come back here. That young man and the great master didn’t make movement just now, so it’s certainly not.”


Because his stomach was still hungry, Chu Ci couldn’t help but take out the oil paper bag from his bosom, and pulled a chicken leg from it to eat up.

He asked the system for help while chasing, “You help me see where he is going.”

The system directly said because he had confirmed his direction before, “Go straight along this road.”

Chu Ci quickly speeded up, chewing chicken leg on his mouth. His previous anger was all gone, and he was even discuss with the system about how to know each other with the target with some excited.

Finally, after nearly half an hour’s journey in the woods, Chu Ci heard the fight sound.

The system also concerned about the situation of the current target, he always paid attention to the action of this target, and took the initiative to explain, “He has found the wolf demon, and the two sides are in the fight.”

Chu Ci followed the sound of fighting and walked carefully to the side of the woods. It didn’t take long to see the two shadows flying around not far away.

As a demon plus in the animal form, he was quite sensitive. He could clearly see Fei Chen and a strange man suppressing each other. That man should be the wolf demon.

But it was obvious that the wolf demon had been in the disadvantageous position.

“This wolf seems to be the one who killed the original owner?” Chu Ci clapped his hands, “It’s really fortune rise and fall.”

The wolf demon gradually had no power to retaliate. He suddenly gave up resistance and lay on the ground to beg, “Great Master, I’m wrong! I won’t suck people’s essences anymore! Please let me off. It’s not easy for me to cultivate into a human form. As long as you are willing let me go, I will correct all the bad habits and become a good demon!”

Fei Chen looked at the demon who admitted defeat in front of him, there was no slight movement in his eyes, he directly hit the wolf demon’s spirit cover.

Chu Ci saw that the wolf demon slowly changed back to the original form. After screaming on the ground for a few times, he escaped with the tail between his legs.

If Chu Ci heard correctly, he heard the wolf demon scolding his beloved for being unfeeling.

Seeing that the wolf demon was not dead, Chu Ci asked the system curiously, “What happened to the wolf demon?”

“The wolf demon inner core is destroyed, so he returns to the original form. If he wants to wreck the human world again, I’m afraid that he has to cultivate for hundreds to a thousand of years. Of course, he has to successfully escape various dangers during this period.”

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