Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

3) Chapter 146.1 ♬

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Chapter 146: Return to Reality (10.2)


Translator: Mimi

In the Heavenly Palace.

Fu Li sat cross-legged, his eyes closed.

As the heavenly lord, his breath should have been pure without any impurities, but now the breath around his body flashed through the golden light from time to time, unable to dispel.

“Heavenly Lord, you are in danger of becoming the demon.” The immortal boy serving at the side reminded calmly, “Please separate out those nine primordial spirit fragments as soon as possible.”

Although the matter was urgent, the indifference nature prevented the immortal boy from generating excess emotions.

Fu Li could still hear the immortal boy’s words clearly although he closed his eyes to meditate. However, because these memories were too fierce, he was already unable to make a decision to strip the memory about the man named Chu Ci from his mind, and only stubbornly resisted.

At this time, the breath around his body became more and more chaotic, and the immortal boy had to retreat, while constantly reminding, “Heavenly Lord, please separate out those nine primordial spirit fragments as soon as possible.”


At the highest layer of the demon cultivation gathering place in the dimension world.

Teng Rong sat on the balcony and looked at the sky, waiting for his long-planned moment.

“Demon Envoy.” A virtual person suddenly appeared in the room. He walked to the balcony and said, “Although Yan Qu’s memory has been sealed, the process of being in contact for approximately a thousand years has an influence on him. He is not interested in anything, but suddenly want to find a partner now.”

Teng Rong looked at the sky and said without turning his head back, “Then let him find it. It’s the best if he found one. Once the dimension world’s partner is formed, it can’t be lifted except for the soul scatters. This way, he will never again be a threat to me.”

Teng Rong said while looking at the sky, “He can only belong to me.”

“Yes!” The virtual person said and then disappeared.


Chu Ci stayed in his room for a day. When he looked at the time again, he finally jumped up and rushed out of the room.

As soon as he walked out of the room, Chu Ci raised his head and looked at the sky. There were still a lot of people flying past in the sky, but ripples no longer appeared every time they passed through, which means the barrier already disappeared.

Chu Ci quickly walked to Guan Xi’s residence door, he knocked on the door and shouted, “Guan Xi, are you up? The barrier has been removed! Let’s go inside and play together.”

He shouted for a while and then stopped, but still didn’t see Guan Xi open the door and didn’t hear any movement, then he pressed the handle.


The door was unlocked and he opened it directly,

Chu Ci looked inside. He originally wanted to determine whether there was really no one inside, but after looking around, he found Guan Xi was lying quietly in bed.

“Tsk tsk, do you sleep so well?” Chu Ci casually walked to the bedside and patted Guan Xi’s face, “Guan Xi! Get up!”

He suddenly retracted his hand and paused, and then carefully touched Guan Xi’s face again.

It was cold, there was no the least bit temperature.

No way?

Chu Ci held his breath a bit nervously and slowly put his hand under Guan Xi’s nose. The person on the bed suddenly opened his eyes.

“You scares me!” Chu Ci directly jumped up in fright when he saw Guan Xi suddenly opened his eyes. He tentatively looked at the man on the bed and said, “Are you all right?”

Guan Xi wondered, “I’m all right, what’s up?”

After Chu Ci confirmed that the man in front of him was really okay, he stepped forward and touched his hand, “Guan Xi, why is your hand so cold? The way you just fell asleep scared me to think you were dead.”

Guan Xi let him held his hand and explained, “I was born like this. Moreover, there is no such thing as the body of the death people in the dimension world, it’s directly scattered.”

“You’re right.” Chu Ci nodded, and then finally remembered the reason he came here and pulled Guan Xi, “Let’s go, isn’t you say to find a partner for me? The barrier is already gone, let’s hurry up. There are a lot of demon cultivators in the dimension world, right? I don’t know if I can finish to see in several days.”

“Okay, okay!” Guan Xi was dragged by Chu Ci and quickly got out of bed.

After the two of them walked outside, Guan Xi looked around and raised his finger to point at that huge building in the middle, saying, “We’ll go to that middle platform, everyone will gather there in the next few days, and by the way, the people there most.”

“Yes, yes, Guan Xi has the final say.” Because Guan Xi was his guide, Chu Ci decided to listen to him.

“Then, let’s go.”

After Guan Xi finished speaking, he pulled Chu Ci and flew to the sky, joining other demon cultivators who kept coming back.

It took a few minutes to fly to the middle platform.

They saw from the sky that there were already quite a lot of people on the platform densely gathered.

Chu Ci grinned excitedly, he believed that regardless of whether it was the demon cultivator or immortal cultivator, their appearance would certainly not be too bad.

It didn’t take long for Guan Xi to pull Chu Ci to land on the platform.

In order to accommodate enough demon cultivators, the platform was quite large. The one who standing in the middle could hardly see the edge.

Chu Ci impatiently looked at the people around him. After this look, the excitement in his face just now instantly froze, as if being poured by a basin of cold water.

“Guan Xi, didn’t demon cultivators can decide their appearance, why are these people have such an appearance?” Chu Ci whispered to Guan Xi’s ear. At the same time, he lost a bit determination to find a partner.

Sure enough, the beauty was rarely seen.

Guan Xi said helplessly, “Only the demon cultivator of your demon race can decide their appearance during the cultivation process. The appearance of the demon cultivator of the human race can’t be really changed, it can only be transformed. But it can’t be transformed in the dimension world, so everyone is in their truest appearance.”

“Tsk tsk.” Chu Ci looked at the people with common face around him and said, “It turns out that the demon race still has this privilege.”

Guan Xi said with a smile, “This is also a kind of make up. All things in the human to cultivate immortals and demons is the easiest, so there is no such gift.”

“Yes, yes!” Guan Xi mentioned this, Chu Ci as a radish that became human form with great difficulty, approved.

Guan Xi pointed to a direction and said, “Come with me, I will take you to your kind. The demon race is generally good-looking, there should be one you like.”

Seeing that there was still hope, Chu Ci happily followed Guan Xi away.

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