Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

3) Chapter 65.1 ♬

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Chapter 65: Marked by Beastman (4.2)


Translator: Mimi

Lian Cen’s small movement was seen by Chu Ci. He didn’t care why this person paused. As long as this person would listen to his explain, it meant that there was still a chance of struggling. He hurriedly said, “I was hit by your car like that and almost dead, it’s the Heaven blessing to be able to stand here and talk to you now.” Then he paused and said, “Actually, I came here because I always heard that Sir Lian Cen of the beastman country is good-looking, so I come out to walk, thinking if I can meet you.”

This excuse came out the moment Chu Ci saw the target. After seeing Lian Cen, the memory of this body about this man named Lian Cen immediately arised.

Although the name beastman race made people think of strong and fierce words, beastman race who succeed transform into human forms were all handsome men and beautiful women, except that their height were generally taller than that of human race. In such a generally high attractiveness index’s race, Lian Cen’s appearance was one of the best. Many human alphas have tried to pursue Lian Cen, but all of them have been rejected by him, even the original owner wanted to see him.

After receiving this information, Chu Ci understood why Dr. Jiang would say that to him.

The strange feeling flashed through Lian Cen’s heart. He didn’t care what the person before him said next, he just looked at him and asked, “What do you say your name?”

Chu Ci looked at the man in front of him strangely, and blinking his eyes, he doesn’t understand why he asked this question. He said after paused, “Chu Ci.”

Originally Chu Ci thought of Qin An in his head, but his mouth subconsciously said his real name. But, he also introduced himself just now, it doesn’t matter if he said it again. If he changed it back to Qin An, it may cause doubt.

This body was just a little bastard who was accidentally hit by his car, Lian Cen shouldn’t go to check his background so clearly, right?

That strange feeling in Lian Cen’s heart appeared again. It was still flash past, but that kind of feeling was a bit unclear.

Chu Ci didn’t wait for Lian Cen’s answer and just about to speak again, but he heard a noise in his ears. He looked in the direction of the sound and immediately frowned.

The target here was not yet settled, and the person who wanted to drive him away during the day appeared with those two big men. The man stopped his footsteps when he saw Chu Ci.

Lian Cen’s thoughts were interrupted by this. He frowned and turned to look at the three men in the distance and said, “Lian Shan, what happened?”

Lian Shan glanced at Chu Ci and then looked at Lian Cen, he quickly admitted his mistake, “Sir Lian Cen, it’s my negligence, I will immediately send this person back to the human race’s territory.”

When Chu Ci heard that he was about to be sent away, no matter whether Lian Cen agreed or not, he pretended to be weak and fell down, and then hugged the aloof beauty in front of him. He said in misery, “Sir Lian Cen, since you pick me up, just take me in. It’s a dead end when I go back. To be honest, I accidentally offended the big shot over there. It’s because they are chasing me that I bumped into your car. Of course, if I didn’t knock into your car, I might not be able to live now. Since you have saved me once, just save me again.” He was afraid that the man named Lian Shan would take him away, so he finished all his words in one breath.

Lian Cen was stunned by this sudden hug, and Lian Shan on the side also widened his eyes in shock.

Sir Lian Cen hate to be in physical contact with people the most. This dirty man actually dare to hug him directly! This man is screwed.

Lian Shan was already thinking about how to collect the corpse for this alpha.

Sure enough, although Sir Lian Cen tried to endure it, he still raised his hand to strike down in the end. The human who had just held him was fainted by his hand knife strike.

Lian Shan hurriedly signaled the subordinates beside him to drag this person away from Sir Lian Cen. At the same time, he respectfully said while stood in the same place, “Sir Lian Cen, how to handle this person?”

Although Lian Cen was unable to bear this dirty man and striking him to faint, but seeing the man was lifted by his subordinates because he was unconscious, he silent for a while and said, “Wash him, and let him stay.”

Lian Shan blinked his eyes and said puzzledly, “Sir, this human is chased to kill by people. Obviously, he is not a clean person. It may cause us trouble if we let him stay here.”

Lian Cen’s hand that was about to close the door stopped, he said, “I brought him back in front of those people. If there is trouble, I was already in trouble when I bring him back.” Lian Cen paused and then said, “If it is really a big trouble, when the people from human race come to ask for him, we will send him directly, which is more convenient than explaining that he has left.”

Lian Shan instantly understood and nodded, “What Sir said is right.”

After Sir Lian Cen’s door closed, he took the unconscious person away.

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