Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

3) Chapter 82.3 ♬

Chapter 82 Part 3:

As soon as the elevator door opened, he saw someone waiting at the door.

“Is there anything I can do for Sir Ji this time?” The person at the door said respectfully.

This person was Jiao Zhu, one of the people in charge of the black market.

Chu Ci still doesn’t say superfluous words, and directly said, “Buy someone.”

Jiao Zhu immediately enthusiastically said, “Then I will show you around? A few new chicks have just arrived, you can also pick one.”

“En.” After Chu Ci said such a word, he continued to maintain his aloof appearance.

The fact that Ji He was gay was always well known, so Jiao Zhu immediately understood when he saw him come to buy someone.

Jiao Zhu turned his head and led this group of people deeper into this floor.

Chu Ci followed him around several turns, and the other party finally stopped in front of an iron door.

Jiao Zhu took the lead to the front of the iron door, and leaned over to scan the pupil recognizer device. The big iron door in front of them slowly opened.

A huge and dim room appeared before Chu Ci’s eyes, and there was a faint crying sound from the inside.

Jiao Zhu pressed the switch at the side of the door.All the lights in the room were on, and the situation inside was clear at a glance.

Throughout the room was lined with rows of iron cages, almost every cage was with people.

“Sir Ji, please come in.” Jiao Zhu made an invitation gesture, saying, “If you fancy a person, directly tell me. You can take him back immediately.”

Chu Ci followed Jiao Zhu into the room. The people inside reminded him of the animals in cages he had seen before, but he could do nothing and couldn’t show sympathy. He could only quickly sweep their faces. Both men and women were beautiful people, most of them had numbness and despair expression on their faces.

As he looking, he learned about the fate of the people here from Ji He’s memories.

When fortunate, they could became a servant, but most people would have the fate of being plaything.

Chu Ci’s face was calm, but his heart was in a mess.

At least, he couldn’t let Lian Cen suffer this.

Chu Ci looked over from cage to cage. After he saw two unfamiliar faces, he realized that he didn’t seem to know what Yu Yuan looked like.

There was nothing found after searching Ji He’s memories, indicating that he never seen Yu Yuan before.

Yu Xiangming actually hid him so well.

Chu Ci quickly called the system to help him, he must know this kind of trivial matter.

“System, tell me which cage the target is in.”

“He is not here.” The system’s words were very decisive.

“Not here?” Chu Ci’s brains turned to understand the meaning of the system, he immediately withdrew his foot and stood still.

Seeing that the client suddenly stopped, Jiao Zhu quickly moved close, saying, “Which one Sir Ji fancy?”

Chu Ci said indifferently, “What I want is not here.”

Jiao Zhu was stunned for a while, and then he immediately smiled, “Deserve to be called Sir Ji, your information is very effective.” After speaking, he pointed his finger to the front, “Then please come this way.”

Chu Ci looked at the front, and then lifted his foot to continue walking forward.

He followed Jiao Zhu to the most end wall and watched him lift his hand and gently pushed against the wall. The wall separated, and a door appeared.

Chu Ci watched him skillfully pressing a string of passwords before the door opened.

Behind the wall was a small clean room.

After Chu Ci followed Jiao Zhu inside, he found a beautiful boy handcuffed on the only bed in the room.

He quickly confirmed to the system, “Is this the target?”


After getting affirmation, Chu Ci looked at the person on the bed. The clothes on his body were obviously being changed, it was very transparent, and the body under the fabric was faintly discernible, but there was no way to see that place that could confirm his identity.

Just in case, Chu Ci decided that he should first determine this part in every world.

Jiao Zhu said at the side, “Is Sir Ji want to find him?”

Chu Ci ignored him and walked to the bedside, trying to see a certain part clearly, but when he walked in, he found that the person on the bed was awake.

Yu Yuan froze when he saw him, then stared at him fiercely.

Chu Ci didn’t care about this. In order to hide his purpose, he looked at the person on the bed and said indifferently, “I want him.”

Chu Ci’s face was as calm as water, but his heart blossomed. He absolutely didn’t expect that his darling turned into a beautiful weak young man! He seemed to have just grown to adulthood. The Heaven was helping him.

However, Jiao Zhu behind him said apologizingly, “Sir Ji, I’m afraid this goods can’t be sold directly to you.”

Chu Ci withdrew his eyes and turned to look at Jiao Zhu.

You just said that if I fancy a person, I can take him away. How dare you renege now?

Jiao Zhu was accustomed to meet the big shot. If there was no sufficient reason, he wouldn’t dare to say such things. When Sir Ji looked at him, he smiled and explained, “Because this goods has been added to the auction list tonight, and the list has been sent out, if you want to get him, I’m afraid you can only wait for the auction at 8 o’clock tonight. Moreover, you are not the only one who knows this goods. I hope Sir Ji can understand.”

Chu Ci secretly gritted his teeth, but he said indifferently on the surface, “Okay.”

After talking, he turned around and left this uncomfortable place.

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