Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

30) Chapter 111.2 ♬

Chapter 111 Part 2:

Early the next morning, Chu Ci awakened before the waking up bell even sounded. He found himself embracing Fu Zhi unconsciously. When he turned around, he found that Si Yuan was sitting on his bed with dark circle on his eyes.

Chu Ci looked at him while lying down, at the same time looked at his bed, “Don’t you feel wet?”

Si Yuan said fiercely, “I have dried your bed for you, you can roll back to sleep! I have something to say to Fu Zhi.”

Chu Ci looked at his bed and smiled, “I like to sleep alone, and two people sleep are too crowded.” As he speaking, he pushed Fu Zhi to wake him up, and then crawled back to his bed and sighed with satisfaction.

Chu Ci looked at Si Yuan called Fu Zhi out early in the morning, he roughly guessed that it had something to do with him in his heart. But he doesn’t care, this wife’s older brother would cover him. If he was unable to cover him, he would just ran off.


Fu Zhi was pulled by Si Yuan to the empty room.

Si Yuan said directly after closing the door, “Tell me, are you like this civilian?”

Fu Zhi obviously dissatisfied with how Si Yuan called Ye Xin, and corrected, “His name is Ye Xin.”

Si Yuan nodded his head and said, “I know, so answer my question.”

Fu Zhi’s fingers slowly rubbed the mark on his palm, and then said with a slight smile on his face, “Yes.”

Si Yuan stared at him, thinking that this man would hesitate, but he didn’t expect that he admitted it so directly.

His prepared words were useless now.

Fu Zhi didn’t wait for Si Yuan to respond and reminded, “I hope you don’t trouble him anymore, it’s my business to like him.”

Si Yuan gritted his teeth and said, “What to do about Si Ying? She has been waiting for you for so many years!”

Fu Zhi was remain unmoved and said without hesitation, “I have told you many times that it’s impossible for me with Si Ying. You ask me what to do, it’s better to persuade her to give up earlier.”

Si Yuan saw Fu Zhi became like this for such a person, he couldn’t help threatening, “What do you think he would think if he know that you already have a marriage pact and he was just a substitute for that person? You likes that baseless person for fourteen years, will he believe that he has completely replaced that person?”

Fu Zhi originally still had an amiable manner, but after Si Yuan uttered these words, his face gradually gloomed down.

“Si Yuan, I hope you don’t intervene in this matter. If you still treat me as a friend, just watch aside.”

When Si Yuan saw Fu Zhi had already made up his mind, his heart sank down. He looked at Fu Zhi in disappointment, “Okay! Then I will just watch, seeing you can go to when.”


The waking up bell finally rang.

Chu Ci reluctantly jumped out of the warm bed, and at the same time the room door opened. Fu Zhi and Si Yuan finally came back.

After entering the door, Si Yuan glared at him, but said nothing.

Chu Ci looked at Si Yuan’s appearance and immediately knew that he must have lost the negotiation of this unknown content about him.

Si Yuan sat in his bed and suddenly announced, “I decided to move to the attic, I will leave this place to you two to whisper sweet nothings to one another! My heart won’t feel vexed if my eyes don’t see it.”

Chu Ci strangely looked at Si Yuan.

It seemed that this man received a quite hard blow, he suddenly wondered what they said.

However, Fu Zhi was calmer than him. Not only he didn’t surprise, he also didn’t dissuade. He just nodded his head and said, “Yes.”

Chu Ci was baffling, the two of them didn’t talk for a long time, how could he be so angry?

“System, what did they talk about outside just now?”

The system perfunctorily said, “I’m very busy. If I want to get the list of names early, don’t bother me with a trivial matter.”


Chu Ci did his own thing quietly, as if the matter had nothing to do with him.

But the attic was not something bad. He actually wanted to go there himself, but he didn’t expect that Si Yuan would do it first.

In the evening, when Chu Ci came back from the outside, Si Yuan had already moved away, and there was only Fu Zhi alone in the room, reading a book quietly.

Chu Ci reclined on the bed and hesitated for a long time before saying to the person in the room, “Fu Zhi, thank you.”

“It’s nothing.” Fu Zhi replied calmly, not even looking away from the book.

Chu Ci sighed and said, “I can have a friend like you, I have probably spent the rest of my luck.” But he quickly turned the topic, “But it’s worth it! If I can have some future prospects, I’ll definitely tried hard to repay your protection and feelings for me now!”

There was only the sound of turning the book in the room. Chu Ci felt that Fu Zhi probably didn’t take his words seriously.

“Actually, you needn’t to try hard to repay me.” Fu Zhi lightly said such a sentence, he was silent for a while before saying, “Just be my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” Chu Ci blinked his eyes at a loss, and soon understood the meaning.

He looked at Fu Zhi, seeing he was reading the book, he said hesitatingly, “Are you kidding?”

Fu Zhi’s fingers paused, he suddenly put down the book and looked straight at him, “I’m serious.”

Chu Ci stared blankly at Fu Zhi, his heartbeat actually accelerated inexplicably.

He swallowed down and then directly withdrew into the quilt. He quickly reported to the system, “Fu*k! System, my wife’s older brother actually have romantic feeling at me! He said he wants me to be his boyfriend.”

Fu Zhi didn’t expect Ye Xin would have this reaction, he froze for a moment, and then turned his eyes to his palm.

The beat of the gray heart on it was obviously much faster. This showed that he had a chance.

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