Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

30) Chapter 78.2 ♬

Chapter 78 Part 2:

Chu Ci returned to the house and found that the act of diverting attention was still effective. During this time outside, even if he didn’t deliberately prevent certain contact with the body, it really didn’t react, as if the rut’s matter had forgotten.

Because he did something bad, Chu Ci returned to the house and stayed honestly. But in fact it was not much honest.

He thought about the special news that he knew from the system today.

Chu Ci laughed and said, “System, I think Lian Cen likes me.”

System: “Where do you see it?”

Chu Ci said in surprise, “He helps me to solve my personal grievances just to keep me by his side. Did you leave your foreseeing ability, or your EQ originally so low?”

The system retorted, “Are you sure he do this transaction is not because he is too bothered to change the person?”

Chu Ci said confidently, “Where is the trouble with the sleeping thing? Forget it, I won’t argue with you.”

Chu Ci spent the afternoon happily because of this matter. When the footsteps were heard outside, he immediately went out and greeted him enthusiastically.

“You’re back!”

When Lian Cen was about to open the door, the door was opened from the inside, and then he saw Chu Ci’s smiling face. Thinking of the things that Jiang Zhu told him, he couldn’t help somewhat understand. He let the rare enthusiastic person held the clothes for himself.

Seeing Chu Ci was so enthusiastic, he also cared, “Is it boring at home today? How is your body?”

Chu Ci instantly thought of the matter that he secretly ran out and hung around with Lu Qing today. He swallowed and pretended to say calmly, “A bit, but not bad to sleep for a day. My body also much better now.”

Lian Cen raised his hand subconsciously and touched his head, saying, “If you are not feeling well later, just find Jiang Zhu. He will help you. Don’t hide it.”

Feeling the big palm above his head, Chu Ci was burst with joy instantly. He nodded his head and said, “Okay!” He showed off with the system in his mind, “He certainly like me!”

The two had dinner together with each other’s thoughts. It was a rare harmonious.

Because being sure that Lian Cen liked himself, Chu Ci was in a good mood. Even if watching Lian Cen deal with affairs, his feelings was still undulate.

However, it didn’t take long for him to find out that there was a little bit of situation at a certain part of his body. Chu Ci found that because he liked Lian Cen, watching him would make his situation worsened.

Seeing that the situation became more and more obvious, Chu Ci directly left Lian Cen who was still dealing with affairs, and went to the bathing pool.

At the time he pressed down this impulse, Lian Cen was ready to take a bath.

Chu Ci’s mood had been calmed down by the cold water. When he turned his head and saw Lian Cen who was not wearing clothes, he felt that there was another rush of heat.

He couldn’t do anything about it, and could only leave the bathing pool and go back to the house. Even seeing through the clothes, he already had an idea, but without clothes was simply a bomb.

Chu Ci returned to the room and looked at the direction of the sound in the bathing pool outside with a melancholy look.

“Sigh, if only he can let me on top! System, do you think it’s possible?”

“Don’t think about it! Even if he falls in love with you, it won’t change the problem of the top and bottom. The beastman males naturally like to control.”

Chu Ci sighed. He put on his clothes, lay down on the bed and wrapped in the quilt. His face facing the wall as he kept saying in his heart, “Be calm, be calm! With that man’s recovery speed, I will soon get the inhibitor. Just endure these few days.”

Lian Cen was sitting calmly in the bathing pool, his arm on the edge was tapping. He thought about what Jiang Zhu said before he returned to the house. He had approached him deliberately, but he said nothing. Was this man shy?

When he returned to the room after taking a bath, he found that Chu Ci was lying on the bed wrapped in the quilt tightly, and there was a little scent of alpha rut in the air. He couldn’t help but sigh faintly.

Just give him some time.

Chu Ci fell asleep in a complex mood and woke up somewhere uncomfortable.

It was midnight now.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t wake up by that peacock?

Chu Ci quickly sat up and worriedly looked at his side. Lian Cen had disappeared, and the little peacock somehow pulled the cloth pouch out and was eating there by itself.

Tsk tsk, you can find it yourself to eat, this is considered to have grown up.

Chu Ci needn’t concern about the peacock. He lowered his head and looked at the certain place where he had a reaction, that made he couldn’t even sleep well.

No matter what, he had to ask Lu Qing for an inhibitor tomorrow to solve the current desperate situation. After all, the speed of his little lover’s recovery was visible to the naked eye.

He was moving his hand while thinking. At this moment the peacock was already full. It raised its head and looked motionlessly at the Chu Ci who was solving his physiological problems himself.

Chu Ci who was originally pay attention to himself, suddenly raised his head and met the peacock Lian Cen’s black eyes. Those eyes looked at him so calmly, especially like Lian Cen’s eyes.

The more he looked, the more it was resemble. He quickly asked the system, “System, no matter what the beastman race can’t remember the memory of their animal form, right?”

The system said, “No, it’s just a few days at the beginning, and the memories will be intercommunicated later. You should be careful not to say anything wrong!”

Chu Ci alarmingly looked at the eyes staring at him. That certain place had been calm down because the fright. He lay down on the bed and covered himself with the quilt. He comforted himself, “It shouldn’t be so fast. This is only three days…”

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