Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

30) Chapter 94.2 ♬

Chapter 94 Part 2:

Yu Yuan had been very busy recently in order to realize his plan.

His face was cold as he listened to the people under him reporting today’s results, and prepared to discuss tomorrow’s plan, when the cellphone in his pocket suddenly began to vibrate.

Yu Yuan slightly frowned and immediately took out the phone to answer.

Only that person knew the number of this cellphone, and that person usually called only after Ji He fallen asleep. This time, there must be some matter.

“Boss, Sir Ji entered the Night Scene, and I can’t get in there.”

When Yu Yuan heard the words of Night Scene, his face immediately cooled down, “I know.” After he finished speaking, he directly hung up the phone, then stood up and said to the people that were still discussing, “This is the end of today’s meeting, I have some personal matters to deal with.”

After speaking, he left behind the subordinates who looked at each other, hurriedly left the office.

Yu Hong was the first one return to his senses and said, “Have you found Xiao Yuan has changed a lot?”

=> “Xiao” -- which mean ‘Little’. Appended to a person’s given name to show familiarity & affection.

“It’s indeed a big change, don’t know if Sir Hong know what the cause?”

Yu Hong mysteriously said, “I think it has something to do with Ji He.”

“Ji He? Could it be the two of them broke up?”

“Broke up? Should be divorce, right? Recently, the Ji family always taunted us, saying that their boss married our boss, so we are their people!”

Yu Hong shrugged his shoulders, “I check Xiao Yuan’s marital status every day, it has always married.”

“Ai? Then, isn’t it just the problem of feelings?”

“That also can’t say for sure, Xiao Yuan hasn’t been to the Ji family for a week, how could a married couple that passionately in love be like this ah.”

“Ai, I don’t understand the young people’s affairs. But, can let Xiao Yuan chamge to have the manner of the leader, I also satisfied.”

This side, Yu Yuan who was discussed by them, went outside and directly drivimg out the gate of the Yu family after out of the office.

Not long after Chu Ci stayed in the corner, a young woman dressed in alluring clothes came over.

The woman sat next to him and handed the wine glass in her hand to the front of Chu Ci, saying, “Do you want a drink?”

Chu Ci glanced at her and saw that she was a beauty. Even if she was wearing a mask, he could see that she was not common good-looking. However, he could only smiled at her apologetically and said, “Sorry, your gender is not in my requirement.”

The beauty was stunned for a while, and soon understood. She took back the glass with some regrettably, then got up and left.

In this place, if someone invited you to drink, it means that this person wanted to spend a passionate night with you, commonly known as one night stand.

Chu Ci smiled as he looked at the people who were constantly looking for one night stand, slowly sipping his own wine. Eventually, he couldn’t help boring and ask the system in his mind, “Where is Yu Yuan now?”

“He is on his way here by a car.” The system paused and suddenly realized, “So you’re here just want to lead him over?”

Chu Ci laughed and said, “Yeah. I’m going to make him angry.”

This time, a man sat next to him, handing him a glass of colorful wine in his hand.

Chu Ci smiled and shook his head.

The other party also got up and left with regret.

At this moment, the system said, “Your target comes in.”

Chu Ci raised his head, pretending to drink while glanced at the door with the corner of his eye. Sure enough, a man in formal clothes came in, also wearing a mask. At a glance, he knew that he was rushing over under busy schedule.

He cheerfully said to the system, “You guess, can he find me?”

The system said, “No need to guess, he has walk towards you.”

Chu Ci secretly glanced again with the corner of his eye, and sure enough, Yu Yuan was getting closer and closer to him.

He wondered, “How does this man recognize me?”

The system said, “You should ask yourself.”

Yu Yuan walked halfway and suddenly stopped, and then walked to the counter of the bar and sat down there.

“Hehe, actually didn’t find out.”

Since the other party’s back towards him, Chu Ci looked at him unrestrainedly.

When he saw the woman who invited him to drink before walked to Yu Yuan’s direction, he sneered and said to the system in his mind, “If he dare to drink that wine, I will break his legs!”

The system began to dampen his enthusiasm again, “You can’t beat him.”

Chu Ci lifted his glass and took a sip, “If I can’t beat him, just slip the drug!”

Fortunately, Yu Yuan lived up to his expectations and rejected the woman’s wine.

This time, he moved again, as if preparing to turn around.

Chu Ci immediately withdrew his sight, lowering his eyes and shook the wine glass in his hand.

It didn’t take long for Yu Yuan to sit down next to him, followed by the sound of the collision on the table.

A glass of wine was pushed in front of him with both hands.

Chu Ci looked up at the person beside him, pretending not to know. He sneered in his heart, “Is he testing me?”

He smiled at Yu Yuan and directly reached out to pick up the glass and then drained the cup in one gulp.

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