Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

31) Chapter 112.1 ♬

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Chapter 112: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.16)


Translator: Mimi

After Chu Ci asked, he kept hidden in the quilt, waiting for the system to answer.

“Tsk tsk.” The system obviously didn’t react over for a while, and after a few seconds of silence, only then he said puzzlingly, “Fu Zhi has romantic feeling at you? Shouldn’t be. I see you’re not a beauty in this lifetime. Why did you suddenly become popular?”

Chu Ci was originally still in a state of perturbed. Hearing the system’s words, he immediately retorted, “I said I have inner beauty.”

The system sighed and said, “So, the current situation is that you have a marriage pact with his younger sister, and now this older brother is taken a fancy of you? You’re not someone who can attract the Fu family’s people, are you?”

Chu Ci was still very dumbfounded about the current situation, but his nervous heartbeat made him unable to think about anything else and could only ask the system for help, “Help me think about how should I answer him? This is I’m doing sin right!”

However, what made him feel most dumbfounded was not that Fu Zhi liked him, rather he didn’t expect that himself actually would have an intense feeling that he shouldn’t have at the confession of someone other than the target.

This was too unscientific!

Chu Ci believed that he was a quite single-minded person, how could he so easily had change of affection.

Seeing that the system didn’t answer him, he also didn’t urge him, because he was distracted, trying hard to suppress his somewhat unstable heartbeat.

However, it was not very successful no matter what kind he used. Because Fu Zhi’s words kept echoed in his mind. As long as he recalled what he said, he had just a bit stabilized heartbeat was in disorder again.

Chu Ci wished he could made himself faint now.

“Ye Xin?” Fu Zhi couldn’t help calling after he saw the heart on his palm kept relaxing and accelerating.

The request for a relationship was just his momentary impulse, but he doesn’t regret it.

Now that he said it, Fu Zhi decided to make things clear.

When Chu Ci heard Fu Zhi called him, he even more hoped that he could faint, it was also okay to fall asleep, or it would be better to leave the room just now.

However, the reality was cruel, he was not asleep and still stayed in the room with Fu Zhi.

Chu Ci gritted his teeth, and summoned up his courage to pull the quilt down.

He looked at Fu Zhi who was still sitting calmly in the front of his own desk and said, “I remember I said that I have someone I like.”

“Yeah.” Fu Zhi answered and said, “But this doesn’t hinder me from liking you.”

“Wuwu!!! System!!!” Chu Ci tried hard to make his face look serious and imposing, but he directly cried to the system in his mind and said, “Why does Fu Zhi like me! What should I do in this situation! I…I already have someone I like.”

In order to prevent the system from ignoring him, Chu Ci also threatened, “If you don’t help me find a way, I will just follow Fu Zhi, and didn’t do the mission.”

This threat was quite effective for the system, he didn’t ignore him but could only say, “I don’t know, I haven’t experienced it.”

Chu Ci’s brains turned quite fast, and said unwilling to give up, “Don’t you see many silly men refused by women? Haven’t you seen this kind of scene?”

“Hmm…” The system thought for a while and said, “Yes, all of them directly rejects the man with telling him that she only want to be friends.”

“Right, right, right! I just regards him as a friend.” By such a reminder, Chu Ci’s mind instantly clear and he agreed, “Then I will just said so.”

Chu Ci focused his eyes on Fu Zhi and swallowed, “I…” only regards you as a friend.

He wanted to say it in one breath, but the next few words came to the edge of his mouth and inexplicably returned into his stomach, so he only said out a word.

Chu Ci cried in his mind, “System, can you control me to say it? After see Fu Zhi’s face, I actually can’t say it!”

“You no need to answer me.” Just when Chu Ci asked the system for help, Fu Zhi took the initiative to say, “It’s good that you know it, no need to give me answer. You have a good rest.” Then he put the book down and entered the bathroom.

Because of a few words of Fu Zhi just now, all the chaos in Chu Ci’s head seemed to be appeased and immediately restored to calm.

Fu Zhi sighed silently in the bathroom, as he looked at the heart on the center of his palm finally calmed.

Things finally ended after Fu Zhi’s words, but at this time the system said, “I think this Fu Zhi is good.”

Chu Ci lightly hummed, “Yes, I also think he is good, how about I don’t do the mission in this world and live with him for a lifetime?”

As soon as the system heard it, he quickly said, “But he is your wife’s older brother, and you should do your mission properly.”

Chu Ci was lying down on the bed, listening to the sound in the bathroom with his eyes closed. Although his head was awake, there was still a trace of strange feeling in his heart.

He silently buried himself in the quilt, comforting himself: Let’s sleep, maybe it will return to normal tomorrow.

When he opened his eyes again, it was already the next day.

Chu Ci was lying in bed, because he had a night’s dream, yesterday’s matter was still echoing in his mind, but he was a lot calmer.

When the waking up bell rang, he sat up as if nothing had happened, and then pretended to be okay, and turned his head to Fu Zhi to greet as usual, “Good morning!”

“Good morning!” Fu Zhi didn’t seem to be affected by what happened yesterday, and greeted him back.

Right, that was it!

Chu Ci was quite satisfied with the current situation, and took yesterday’s matter as a dream.

However, this dream shattered after he met Fu Zhi’s eyes.

Chu Ci’s heart was inexplicably panicked again.

No way!

Chu Ci wailed in his heart and withdrew his gaze: Why I can’t resist even look face to face, too useless!

However, Fu Zhi got up as if nothing.

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