Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

31) Chapter 131.2 ♬

Chapter 131 Part 2:

Chu Ci was not as happy as others when he suddenly didn’t have to shoot the night drama scene. Now it was the relaxing day, but it would be doubled to make up for it later.

When he changed his clothes, Xiao Liu muttered on the side, “Why did we suddenly stop shooting?”

“Who knows!”

Chu Ci had just finished removing makeup and changing clothes, when he suddenly saw the assistant director of the crew came in.

“Chu Ci, I will send you home tonight.”

Chu Ci doubtfully looked at the assistant director who he was not particularly come into contact with, “Assistant director, I won’t trouble you. My home is not far from here, and it’s very convenient for me to go back.”

The assistant director saw that Chu Ci still guarded against him, explaining, “It’s the director who asked me to send you back, saying that he is afraid that something happen to you. If something happen to you as the lead actor of this drama, the crew’s loss will be very big, and the future progress will also be unable to keep up because of your problem. So it’s safe to take my car.”

Chu Ci looked at Xiao Liu, the other party was obviously unclear about the current situation. He smiled and teased, “Assistant director, what’s happened? This drama has been filmed for so long, didn’t I go back myself every day? You don’t care so much about me before.”

The assistant director suddenly remembered the things on Weibo and probed, “Could it be that you…don’t know yet? You are on Weibo’s hot topic, but it’s appear out of nowhere, someone should be secretly doing it.”

“Ah?” Chu Ci and Xiao Liu glanced at each other and picked up their cellphones.

The assistant director waved his hand and urged, “Hurry up get on the car before looking at it. When the reporter surrounds you here, you can’t leave.”

After Chu Ci got into the assistant director’s car, he immediately opened Weibo with Xiao Liu. The two looked at each other in dismay after looked at it.

Xiao Liu actually seemed to see more storms and waves, he pointed at the screen and mockingly said, “This narrative is really like fabricate, who believes in the marketing words?”

The assistant director said while driving the car, “Fans believe it. Now there are many brainless fans. You can look at a few comments above, which is unpleasant to read.”

When Chu Ci was about to open the comment, Xiao Liu quickly grabbed his cellphone and said, “Chu-ge, you have better don’t look at it, it will hurt yourself.”

Chu Ci pouted, but didn’t insist on.

Anyway, he could see it after going back.

Qian Luo called Quan Gan after he saw that the assistant director send off the person.

“Old Quan, you plays quite big this time.”

“It’s still okay.” Quan Gan’s voice sounded quite calm.

Qian Luo snorted and said, “Are you hiding at home to smoke again? Don’t smoke and check Weibo.”

Quan Gan frowned, “I don’t play that.”

“Come on! No wonder that things will expand.” Qian Luo said, “Your family’s little chick has been put on the hot topic, the topic name is called: Chu Ci is mistress. If you don’t protect him well, he might be swallowed whole.”

Qian Luo also wanted to mention that he delayed the work on account of his little lover, but the phone had been hung up.

“Bah! If I had known earlier I’ll talk about my problem first.” Qian Luo looked at the dark phone screen and said, “Don’t even tell me a word of thanks! See I’m still going to help you next time?”

After Chu Ci returned home, he immediately turned on the computer, and then quickly looked at Weibo.

He couldn’t wait to open his own topic.

“Tsk tsk!” Chu Ci carefully read the marketing’s post on Weibo once through and said, “It’s a pity that these people don’t write novels. The plot can be said to be quite ups and downs. I’m almost going to be persuaded after reading it myself.”

The system directly said, “It’s Chu Ci’s doing. He wants to destroy you before you are popularized by Quan Gan.”

Chu Ci generously read the following comment and said indifferently, “Then I have to wait.”

From Sang Qi’s memory, Chu Ci was not very familiar with that matter of the entertainment circle, but still understood some superficial knowledge.

Such as, one could climb faster if they were kept. Such as, ‘Chu Ci’ was never fighting against Quan Gan.

He turned the computer off and directly lied down on the bed, “Tired, I’m going to sleep.” Anything messy, just let Quan Gan to solve it.

Early the next morning, Chu Ci was woken up by the ringing of his cellphone.

He fumbled the cellphone from the head of the bed and directly pressed to answer the phone without saw who called.


“Chu Ci? Are you still sleeping!?”

Fan Chuan’s roar came from the other end of the phone, directly made Chu Ci’s drowsiness by half.

He opened his eyes and said, “Chuan-ge, what time is it now, it’s so early, why don’t you let people sleep?”

Fan Chuan said, “You still have a mood to sleep at this kind of time? Even if you didn’t see what happened this morning, you should know what happened last night? I hears it’s because you the drama stopped. You wait for me to came to your home immediately. Before I come, I hope you can go to Weibo to understand things.”

After speaking, the phone hung up.

Chu Ci frowned, he looked at the computer on the table in the distance and reluctantly got up from the bed, and then pressed the power button on the computer.

“Weibo? What’s happened on Weibo?” Chu Ci muttered while opened Weibo.

He first looked at the position of his topic yesterday. His topic was no longer visible, replaced by another topic: Quan Gan, Chu Ci.

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