Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

31) Chapter 95.1 ♬

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Chapter 95: Forcibly Buying, Marriage First Before Love (5.14)


Translator: Mimi

Yu Yuan looked at the slowly empty wine glass in Chu Ci’s hands, the expression in his eyes slowly became deeper with the decreasing wine.

In order to prevent himself from being recognized by the man in front of him, he never spoke. Because he came at the last moment, so Ji He must had not recognized himself.

But although he came to the Night Scene for the first time, he also knew that drinking the wine offered by someone meant accepting the invitation of the other party’s one night stand.

Yu Yuan was very angry but didn’t show it.

How dare this man come to this kind of place to hook up for a one night stand!

Sure enough, this man still needs to be locked up.

Yu Yuan could only secretly clench his fist to calm himself down. He wanted to see to what degree this man would really do.

After finished drinking the wine, Chu Ci gently put the glass on the table, and then took the initiative to reach over Yu Yuan’s arm. The meaning of the invitation already quite obvious.

It was the first time Yu Yuan saw this man dressed like this, and the first time he saw this man being so proactive to invite people to do that kind of thing.

Of course, except for that time when he slipped the aphrodisiac.

Suddenly there was jealousy in Yu Yuan’s heart. If he didn’t come, this person must be do the same with others now.

Thinking of this, he directly pressed this seductive man on the sofa and kissing him.

Chu Ci was originally vilely teasing this man, but he didn’t expect Yu Yuan to become so hungry in a few days.

He was stunned when he was thrown down. By the time he reacted over, he was kissing wildly by the other party.

Chu Ci raised his hand and patted the man holding himself, saying with a smile, “How about going upstairs?” Although he doesn’t know the reason why he suddenly went crazy, thinking that this man had been driven to be perverted by himself, then this state was regarded as understandable.

Because he knew that Yu Yuan had recognized him, he needn’t to not talk to hide his identity. Moreover, he spoke more could make the other party think himself didn’t know who he was. Like this looked more like an ordinary one night stand.

After listening to Chu Ci’s suggestion, Yu Yuan stood up from the sofa. He also wanted to educate properly this man who married but still ran out to seduce people.

When Chu Ci was about to get up, he suddenly felt his body hung in the air for a while. He was actually picked up by this man.

Although same-sex marriage was legal in this world, but the appearance of the two men still caused a lot of attention.

However, both of them wore masks, and no one felt embarrassed. Yu Yuan was not at all care as he carrying Chu Ci upstairs under the eyes of everyone.

There were special rooms for everyone upstairs. Although Ji He rarely came here, because of his status, they also gave him a private room after the first time he came. Chu Ci rummaged through his mind a circle and found that Ji He seemed to have never used it even once.

After Yu Yuan took him to the second floor, Chu Ci said directly, “Room 000.” When Yu Yuan walked to the door of the room, Chu Ci stretched out his hand and pressed the fingerprint lock.

With a click, the door opened.

Yu Yuan impatiently kicked the door open. After entering the door, he let the door close slowly itself. He threw the man that he holding directly on the bed, while loosening his shirt collar.

Of course, neither of them took off their masks. This was also the consensus.

Chu Ci rarely took the initiative to stir Yu Yuan up. In fact, he was scheme in his mind. He decided to use this opportunity today to resolve their previous grudges.

He got up directly and pulled Yu Yuan’s loose collar towards himself, and he fell on the bed.

After Ji He owned this room, he listened to the attendant to tell him every detail here, so Chu Ci now knew this room well.

Being pulled by Chu Ci, Yu Yuan not at all affecting shyness.

Chu Ci’s initiative made him very enjoyable. He allowed him to crawl on his body and want to press him. Anyway, he knew that this man couldn’t.

Suddenly there was a sound of click in the room. Although it was subtle, Yu Yuan heard it.

Then, there was a slight chill feeling on his wrists that were pressed by Chu Ci above his head.

After finishing his scheme, Chu Ci got up from Yu Yuan with a mischievous grin on his mouth.

He flaunted in his mind, “The plan succeeds!”

Hearing this, the system came to look at it. When he found the man on the bed, he sighed, “I guess you are definitely not here to roll in the sheets with him.”

“That’s of course. Am I cheap running to roll with him now?”

At this time, Yu Yuan moved his hands, he couldn’t be more familiar with the touch on his wrists. But, one night stand’s place had this kind of equipment was completely expected.

He didn’t expect this man to play this kind.

He calmly waiting for his next action.

Chu Ci happily looked at the man handcuffed by him, walking aside to a glass of wine, then added something in front of Yu Yuan, while saying, “I want to play fresh.”

He stood at the side of the bed while holding the wine glass, then using mouth-to-mouth method to feed that glass of added wine into Yu Yuan’s mouth.

After feeding, Chu Ci put the wine glass to the side and directly reached out to pull off the mask on his face.

Yu Yuan finally noticed something wrong when he saw him taking his mask.

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