Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

32) Chapter 112.2 ♬

Chapter 112 Part 2:

Chu Ci could only get up while avoiding Fu Zhi’s eyes.

The two of them tidied up as usual and then went out of the room together.

At this time Si Yuan was already waiting for them at the door, yesterday’s events doesn’t seem to affect him much.

When Si Yuan saw the two people who came out together, he inexplicably felt that something was wrong. But he just flashed a trace of doubt without further investigation.

Since Fu Zhi doesn’t let him took care of him, he doesn’t care, seeing how far they could develop.

When Chu Ci saw Si Yuan, he discovered for the first time that his presence was so lovely. The yesterday’s full of prejudice was gone without a trace. This person was now his lucky star.

Si Yuan felt the hair on his body stood up.

On the way to the classroom, Chu Ci deliberately let Si Yuan stand between him and Fu Zhi, reducing the unnecessary contact with Fu Zhi.

Because he had a hard time to calm down his heart at night and it was going to become in a mess again.

Chu Ci finished the whole day’s courses muddleheaded, his head was full of Fu Zhi’s matter. Although the two of them were separated from each other by Si Yuan, they were still close. He simply felt a day dragged past like a year.

On the contrary, Fu Zhi seems to be feel nothing, quite hateful.

After the course in the afternoon finished, Chu Ci didn’t even want to eat dinner together and said directly, “You two go first, I have something to find the headmaster.”

Fu Zhi was also very understanding this time, he said ‘yeah’ without asking anything. However, he watched Chu Ci slipping away.

After Si Yuan saw Ye Xin left, he finally couldn’t suppress the curiosity in his heart.

“What, you two already quarrel after I’m out in a day?”

Fu Zhi glanced at him calmly, “I just let him know my feelings.”

“Ah?” Si Yuan stumbled, and then seemed to understand what it was, he proudly said, “So, Young Master Fu was rejected?”

“He just scared.” Fu Zhi turned around and said, “You can eat dinner yourself.”

Seeing the headmaster was just Chu Ci’s excuse. After he left the school building, he walked alone on the road without people. He just wanted to calm himself.

There were only he and Fu Zhi in the dormitory, he couldn’t calm down and couldn’t figure things out.

When Chu Ci was tired, he squatted in a deserted small corner, and began to self-reflection in all aspects.

“System, I’m actually a very single-minded person.”

Although the system knew that he was not in a good mood, he couldn’t help but ridicule, “You forgot you have love histories?”

Chu Ci curled his lips, he didn’t want to tell the system that he knew that the target was the same person that was why he liked the target in each world.

“Ai~, you don’t understand me.” Chu sighed.

Chu Ci stayed there for a long time. When he came back to his senses, he looked at the sky and said, “Has Fu Zhi slept yet?” He planned to wait until Fu Zhi fell asleep before going back.


“Okay.” Chu Ci continued to ponder in the corner. He doesn’t believe that he would changing heart after seeing someone different. Although it was only a little feeling now, this was also a very dangerous omen.

Is it because of staying alone in this world for a long time? In the previous worlds, all almost seamlessly connected, and he could run into the target immediately after he arrived. This time, he stayed here alone for fourteen years because of inconsistent information.

Are my feelings diluted by time?

However, for whatever reason, Chu Ci still felt himself let the target down.

Chu Ci picked up the small branch and poked the ground nonstop.

“System, has he slept?”


“What time is it now?”

“Eleven o’clock in the evening.”

“Why doesn’t he sleep yet?” Chu Ci stood up from the ground and began to walk again.

The night was quiet, enough for him to be awake.

In a blink of an eye, he found himself accidentally walking to the place where the crack appeared.

Chu Ci blankly looked at the place where there would appear the crack not far away and faintly said to the system, “Should I run away?” There was nothing wrong with walking away to avoid a problem.

The system said disdainly, “To be terrified because of such a trivial matter, I certainly a little look down on you.”

Chu Ci tangledly sat on the grass and sighed, “When will the target appear?” My feelings will be worn out by time!

If he appeared now, he may be able to stabilize his emotions. But he now had nothing in his hands, no information and no direction, even the list of names hadn’t done.

Suddenly, Chu Ci thought of the hair given by the system.

He touched his storage ring and a small glass bottle appeared in his hand.

Because it was too small and the surroundings were dark, Chu Ci could only see it clearly after he held the bottle close to the front of his eyes.

When he held the bottle to the front of his eyes, he found that the hair inside was constantly moving around as if it was alive.

Chu Ci said in surprise, “System, why the target’s hair moving? This is not a bug, right?”


Chu Ci repeated, “The hair you gave me is moving!”

The system was silent for a while and suddenly realized what it was, he quickly said, “Can it be the target in the school?”

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