Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

32) Chapter 132.1 ♬

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Chapter 131: He Became the Film Emperor (7.14)


Translator: Mimi

“What’s this about?” Chu Ci curiously entered the topic.

The topic’s top weibo blogger turned out to be a certified of Quan Gan.

When he chased the star before, he remembered that Quan Gan didn’t have a Weibo. Sure enough, after he went in, he found that he posted on Weibo, it was precisely about the topic.

Quan Gan issued a statement, which was in long graph pattern. At first glance, the number of words was really a lot.

Chu Ci opened the statement and read the contents from the beginning to the end.

As he was reading the content, the expression on his face twitched a few times, and then a smile appeared.

“What’s the first love? What’s just see the name of ‘Chu Ci’ thinking about me and can’t help but take care of him? What’s he finally get my forgiveness?” Chu Ci talked to the system while reading, “Quan Gan actually announces our relationship like this without my consent!”

The system knew that Chu Ci was certainly hypocrisy.

“Isn’t this what you want?”

Chu Ci believed that he was a very low-key person and firmly denied, “I didn’t say that I want him to let the whole world know!” Chu Ci looked at the time of the statement, it actually after he returned home and about to sleep yesterday. He couldn’t help saying, “After he send such a statement for so long, why he didn’t even call me on the phone?”

At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Chu Ci frowned, he thought of what Fan Chuan just said on the phone and wanted to pretend he was not at home.

“Chu Ci, open the door, otherwise I will tear down the door!”

Fan Chuan aggressively shouted while knocking outside the door.

This man would do anything to make him come out.

Chu Ci could only open the door reluctantly.

Fan Chuan squeezed in as soon as he opened the door. When he glanced at the computer screen on the desk, he said, “Have you finished reading?”

“Yes.” Chu Ci honestly nodded.

Fan Chuan lifted his chin to him and said, “Since you finish reading, immediately pack up your stuffs and go back to Quan Gan’s home.”

“Ah?” Chu Ci took a step back and strangely looked at Fan Chuan, “Chuan-ge, I promise this matter, but I want to be willing.”

Fan Chuan looked at the man in front of him and said, “What do you think?”

“Is it not?” Fan Chuan’s appearance calmed him down.

Fan Chuan took the initiative to turn off his computer, and then pulled the suitcase out from under the bed, saying, “I don’t know where Quan Gan’s intention to do this. Although I can’t grasp the boss’s mind, but this is the good opportunity for you to get through this difficult time easily. That topic last night is a fatal blow to someone like you who was still not popular. Now Quan Gan helps you move back a situation, so in order to minimize the damage of this crisis at the lowest, you have to go back to live with Quan Gan.”

Chu Ci felt awkward, “This is almost the same, you no need to use him so thoroughly, right?”

Fan Chuan helped him put his clothes into the suitcase and said, “I know you have quarreled with him, but he has helped you a lot, can’t you just go over this trivial matter?”

Chu Ci had to say, “It’s not that I’m unwilling to return, it’s because I vow, I have to wait for him to take the initiative to call me, otherwise I will never turn over in my life!”

Fan Chuan stared at him, “Are you actually taking your own prospects to make such a vow?!” Then he directly pulled him to go out, “God has a fart, God won’t make you famous, but Quan Gan will.”

Chu Ci immediately grabbed the door frame and said, “No! I won’t go! At worst I can’t be a star!”

Fan Chuan paused. When Chu Ci thought that he had escaped, he said sullenly, “Don’t forget the contract you signed with the company, disobeying the order is to pay the penalty fee!”

Chu Ci was frightened, but he still grabbed the door frame desperately and doesn’t give up.

At this time, a song rang from the room.

Chu Ci immediately as if he encountered a life-saving straw, “Chuan-ge, there is a phone call! Let me pick it up! Maybe it’s Quan Gan, my phone have only been you and him.”

Fan Chuan hesitated for a moment before releasing his hand, but he immediately stretched his leg to the house door, “Don’t think of closing the door, you come in to answer it, I’ll wait for you here.”

Chu Ci saw that a plan couldn’t be done and abandoned it, he ran into the room. He picked up his cellphone next to the pillow and hid in the toilet without looked at the screen.

After confirming that the door was locked and he was safe, he picked up his cellphone and looked at the screen.

“Dang! It’s really Quan Gan!” Chu Ci shocked when he saw the name and almost dropped the cellphone on the ground, he took a breath before pressing the answer button.

“Hello?” He pretended to be calm.

Quan Gan heard Chu Ci’s voice and bent the corner of his mouth, “I have done all you want me to do. Will you come back?”

Chu Ci pursed his lips and said, “If you promise me another request, I will come back.” There was one thing he had been thinking about for a long time. Even if Quan Gan’s doesn’t function, but it was impossible for him to only lie down on the same bed with Quan Gan. Then he could only take advantage of this opportunity to sit the initial price.

Quan Gan raised his eyebrows and said, “You say it.”

Chu Ci thought for a while and suddenly felt embarrassed to speak, because he had not asked this request before. He said, “You wait for it, I haven’t figured it out yet.”


When Chu Ci was thinking about what to say next, the toilet door was knocked.

“Chu Ci, come out! Don’t think I can’t take you if you’re hiding in the toilet! Hurriedly go with me…”

Chu Ci saw that Fan Chuan was about to say the next words and quickly said to the man on the phone, “I will call you later, I have something to do!”

After he hung up the phone, he directly opened the door of the toilet and pointed at the call record on the phone screen, proudly saying to Fan Chuan, “Quan Gan’s phone call.” Then he took the initiative to take the suitcase in Fan Chuan’s hand and packed the necessary things into the suitcase and then said, “Let’s go, I don’t have a car, you send me over.”

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