Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

32) Chapter 79.2 ♬

Chapter 79 Part 2:

Lian Cen spent half of the day today to finally solve all the things that had accumulated because of his rut. Thinking of Chu Ci’s rut in these two days, he decided to return to the Lian family early. Not sure when he figured it out. Of course, he also planned to have a meal with him. The relationship between the two of them was obviously very good yesterday, and he was also very satisfied.

As soon as he returned to the Lian family, he first went to the room to find Chu Ci to take him to the dining room.

Lian Cen opened the door in a good mood. When he saw the room was empty, his body couldn’t help stopping. He entered the room and looked at the bed, no one was there.

Lian Shan was waiting for Sir Lian Cen at the door, and found a bit wrong after through the open door.

Sir seemed to be looking for something.

Lian Shan extended his head to look at the room. Someone who was supposed to be in the room seemed to be missing, and Sir Lian Cen was obviously looking for him.

Lian Cen said, “Did you call him to eat today?”

Lian Shan shook his head, “No.”

Lian Cen frowned and said calmly, “What is he doing when I was away lately?”

Lian Shan thought about the previous report he had heard from other people and said, “You said don’t disturb him, so I only know that he will go to the dining room himself before we deliver the meal. No one else has seen him and he should stay in the room.”

Lian Cen’s face cold. He remembered that he told him not to go out. This man promised very well on the surface. If it was not for Lian Shan said, he would always thought that this man obediently stayed in the room and didn’t go out.

Sure enough, he was a guy who need education.

Lian Cen took off his coat and threw it on the chair in the room, “I’ll go find him.”

Lian Shan obviously felt Sir Lian Cen’s anger, and while following him, he reflected on what he had said.

At the door of the room, there was still remain scent of Chu Ci’s body. According to this scent, Lian Cen followed along the twisting small road. His brows became tighter as he walked.

Chu Ci’s body still had his scent, so he could smell the route this person had traveled in a short time. Although this road was winding, it was indeed pass through the dining room. But, the scent only stopped for a while at the dining room before turned in the other direction. The destination seemed to be somewhere he didn’t want to think.

When Lian Shan passed the rockery following Lian Cen, yesterday’s matter flashed in his mind.

He immediately said the truth, “Sir Lian Cen, yesterday I seems to see the figures of Chu Ci and Mr. Lu Qing here. At that time, I thought I see wrongly. I think he might go to find Mr. Lu Qing.”

The atmosphere around Lian Cen became cold after he heard Lian Shan’s words.

Lian Shan also felt this pressure, and suddenly decided not to make the little report of Chu Ci in the future, because it seemed to make Sir Lian Cen very unhappy. When Sir heard Hong Ming was cheating before, he was not as angry as now. Sure enough, they were treated differently.

Lian Cen followed the scent and finally stood at the door of Lu Qing’s residence.

He looked at the courtyard in front of him and said calmly, “You stay at the door, I will go in myself.”

Lian Shan stopped his footsteps.

Lian Cen strode into the room. Just after he stepped into the room, he saw Chu Ci’s hand on Lu Qing’s body, the smile on his face was quite bright.


Chu Ci saw someone shadow from the corner of his eyes. He thought it was Jiang Zhu, and subconsciously turned his head to see.

When he saw the frosty face of Lian Cen, the smile on his face froze.

His mind was in disarray, and he could only wave his hand stiffly, “Oh, you…you are back.”

Lian Cen said nothing, he strode in front of Chu Ci and carried him on his shoulder. He ignored Lu Qing and directly turned his head to go outside.

Chu Ci was lying on Lian Cen’s body, facing Lu Qing behind him. He gestured to him, wanting Lu Qing to help him explain it. He didn’t expect Lu Qing actually gave him a brilliant smile.

He could only scold in his heart: this man who bite the hand that feeds him! He should be widow!

Chu Ci watched Lu Qing’s smiling face slowly disappear from his line of sight.

Lian Shan saw Sir Lian Cen really carried that alpha after entering the door, and looked at him in shock.

When Chu Ci saw Lian Shan, he could only show a bitter smile. He couldn’t even think of the good explanation with Lian Cen, he didn’t have time to pay attention to Lian Shan.

Lian Cen carried Chu Ci back to the room in silence. He directly threw him on the bed, then stood in front of the bed, he said while looking at the man on the bed, “You can explain.”

Chu Ci immediately raised his hand and swore, “I really have no relationship with Lu Qing! If there is, I will be strike by thunder!”

However, the expression on Lian Cen’s face didn’t get better because of his words. He just said coldly, “Oh? If there is no relationship, why you kept running there to him?”

Obviously he doesn’t believe Chu Ci’s words.

Chu Ci turned his head around and couldn’t think of the perfect explanation for what had just happened. He stared nervously at Lian Cen, and began to call the system in his mind.

Two people were always faster to think of a way than one person.

“System, save me! Help me think about the explanation. My mind is a bit disorder now, I can’t think of a good excuse at once.”

The system said, “What to think, why do you want to make such a simple thing so complicated? Just directly say the reason is enough, otherwise I think that any excuses are all futile. Moreover, if you lie once, you need to lie more to make up for a deficiency. Once things expose, Lian Cen’s trust in you will completely gone. Don’t forget, you are going to be with him for a lifetime.”

Chu Ci looked at Lian Cen whose face became darker because he didn’t immediately give an explanation. He gritted his teeth and said to the system, “I believe you once!”

He looked straight at Lian Cen with expression as if he was going to meet death and said.

“I’m an adult alpha, I’m also in rut! So I need the inhibitor. I know Lu Qing has this thing in his hand, so I can only ask him to give me some.”

Chu Ci deliberately ignored the matter of the transaction that he made with Lu Qing. It was even more troublesome to explain than this matter.

Lian Cen’s gloomy face finally had a reaction, but it didn’t get better. He gritted his teeth and said, “Very well, I originally thought you settled it yourself at night because you are embarrassed to say it. I didn’t expect you would rather use the inhibitor than let me help you to solve it.”

Chu Ci stunned, this sentence information capacity was a bit big, but he had no time to think about the meaning of the previous sentence. He didn’t expect Lian Cen to think about this, and he could only explain with a bitter face, “Absolutely not! I want the inhibitor just in case. In the future, when you are away and I’m in rut, if I have the inhibitor, I won’t let you down because of meeting omega! I absolutely like you the most in my life!”

However, Lian Cen was completely disinterested in his explanation, and now his mind was full of ideas on how to teach this person.

He pulled his necktie and unbuttoned his shirt one by one in front of Chu Ci, saying, “I originally want to let you slowly, but now it doesn’t seem to be necessary.”

Chu Ci looked at the full attack of Lian Cen unbuttoned his shirt, the heat of his body actually bubbled up by the hook. If he doesn’t understand what this man wanted to do, then he had treated several previous worlds in vain.

“System, you harm me again!”

The system completely didn’t care, “You have to pass this! I’m helping you!”


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