Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

32) Chapter 95.2 ♬

Chapter 95 Part 2:

Sure enough, after the other party dropped his mask, he also stretched his paw towards him.

Yu Yuan frowned, and finally decided to speak.

“How did you recognize me?”

Chu Ci smiled, reaching out to take off Yu Yuan’s mask and said, “Secret.”

Even if he found himself fooled by Chu Ci, Yu Yuan’s heart was much brighter than just a moment ago. At least it showed that this man didn’t come to invite someone casually.

He thought for a while and said, “So you deliberately led me here?"

Chu Ci smiled, “Yeah. How was it? Are you happy or unhappy? Are you pleasantly surprised or not?” He was too lazy to pretend now to Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan remembered that himself was still angry and said with a calm face as before, “I’m not happy, but there is surprise.”

Chu Ci didn’t care about the meaning of these words. He knelt on the bed on one knee and patted Yu Yuan’s face, “I should have revenge.”

Yu Yuan’s face was still calm.

Chu Ci smiled and said, “You actually dare to give me the drug, see if I don’t kill you!” As he speaking, he began to undress Yu Yuan’s clothes and pants until he was stripped of nothing.

After taking off the clothes, the drug effect also started up.

Chu Ci took out his cellphone and taking photos at the man on the bed, completely disregarding his darkened face.

After finished taking photos, he sat down on the sofa, saying, “I didn’t kiss the man named Shi Cheng at all, you like to believe it or not. As for your appearance now, is what you owe me!” He took the mask and put it on, then walking to the door. When he was in the doorway, he turned his head and smiled, “That handcuff is electronic, and it will be unlocked itself after an hour. You can enjoy your single time well and think about what I just said.” After speaking, he opened the door and went out without looking back.

When Chu Ci walked out of the door, he even specially told the waiter, “Tidy up this room tomorrow.”

After doing this, he left the place with a big swing.

After sitting on the car to go back home, the system said concerningly in his mind, “Aren’t you afraid to play him like this? If he is not venting it out, you might going to made him the same as you, okay?”

Chu Ci smiled and said, “Rest assured, this drug is not so fierce, I’m still very gentle. Moreover, even if it is wither, is also belong to the day after tomorrow cause. I will cure this symptom in minutes.”

Just after Chu Ci’s car arrived at the door of the house, he found that there was a car waiting at the door. The appearance of the car was that of the Long family.

Chu Ci said strangely, “Didn’t all so busy these days?”

As soon as his car parked, a woman stepped down of the car at the side.

He had seen this woman. She was the head of Long family with no real power: Long Ling.

Chu Ci still had to look like Ji He when facing outsiders. He raised his eyebrows as he looked at the little girl before his eyes, saying, “What’s the matter for the head of Long family to come here?”

When Long Ling saw Ji He got out of the car, she called respectfully, “Sir Ji.” After saying this, she smiled and looked at the door, “I wonder if we can talk inside?”

Chu Ci nodded knowingly, turned around and led the person to the house.

The two sat down in the living room.

Long Ling looked around to determine that there was no one, then she said impatiently, “Sir Ji, I won’t speak in a roundabout way with you. I heard that your marriage partner is that boy from the Yu family, is it true?”

Chu Ci nodded, “Yes.” He didn’t know what this woman was seek, thinking of her venomous thoughts, he would temporarily listening to her.

Long Ling couldn’t see the thoughts of the man before her, and continued to guide, “As far as I know, the Yu family is trying to swallow the Ji family’s territory?”

Her words immediately made Chu Ci probably guess her intention. He raised his eyebrows and continued to nod, to see what she want to do.

Seeing Chu Ci nodded, Long Ling affirmed that the Yu family had revenge on him because he had done such a humiliating thing as married him. She smiled and said, “Since the Yu family is so ruthless, how about we work together to deal with him? There is no harm to tell you now Yu Yuan, that stinky boy, is also targeting the Long family. Moreover, his action is fast and ruthless. In a week, one fifth of the Long family’s territory was swallowed by him. Once he swallowed the Long family, then he will retaliate against you in the same way sooner or later. Therefore, we might as well cooperate. As long as the Yu family is destroyed, because you have a marriage relationship, most of the things are actually going to transfer directly under your name.”

Chu Ci looked at Long Ling there drew her own plan, without disturbing her. Until she stopped and looked at him, only then he smiled and shook his head, “As long as there is no divorce, he is still the member of my Ji family. If he want my Ji family’s territory, I will offer it with both hands.”

Long Ling originally thought she could persuade this man. She instantly showed an unbelievable face when he said this way.

She looked blankly at Chu Ci for a long time before saying, “Sir Shi is right, you are really hooked by the appearance of that Yu family’s boy! I didn’t expect Sir Ji will be defeated by a man!”

Chu Ci felt she was not the least bit beautiful because he knew what this woman originally would have done. He smiled and said to her, “I don’t know whether or not I defeated, but I’m afraid that your Long family is soon. I have to remind you a sentence. The things you done, you will have to pay for it. It’s also quite pitiful to be a person like you.”

Long Ling saw Ji He not only didn’t listen to her own ideas but also humiliating her in turn. She stood up angrily, “There are more than one person who can cooperate with my Long family, I hope you don’t cry to ask me to help you at that time.” After talking, she walked away without looking back.

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