Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

33) Chapter 113.1 ♬

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Chapter 113: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.17)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci looked at the hair inside the bottle, at the same time moved the bottle to his right side. He found that the hair was pointing at the same place as if wanting to go in a certain direction.

He said doubtfully, “The target is at school? Means that this hair can find the target?”

The system thought for a while and said, “There’s a possibility. Because the target is not an ordinary person, his hair will naturally not be ordinary. Therefore, if the target is located close to it, it may have a sense of its owner.”

Chu Ci was eager to see the target now, hearing the system’s words, he quickly opened the lid. Placing the hair inside was too restrictively, he was now want it to display its biggest effect.

As long as he found the target, his current troubles would certainly be solved.

Thinking of seeing the target soon, Chu Ci’s heartbeat couldn’t help accelerating.

He couldn’t help saying, “System, you can’t sense the existence of the target all this time? It seems that you are really waste in this world.”

Being ridiculed like this, the system angrily said, “I’m not waste yet, I’m still struggling!”

After Chu Ci ridiculed the system, he carefully held one end of the hair in his hand. It really pointed to the student dormitory behind him as if attracted.

At the same time, the barrier above the school suddenly shook unstable. But there was simply no one in the dead of night to find this unusual vision.

When Chu Ci was about to turn around to walk in the direction of the hair pointed, he suddenly found a flash in front, and the crack suddenly appeared.

Chu Ci looked at the crack that suddenly appeared and said strangely, “System? Is it already 12 o’clock?”

The system obviously brushed off his little anger for Chu Ci’s ridicule just now, and perfunctorily said, “No, it’s only 11:30.”

Chu Ci looked at the crack that really existed with a puzzled look and said, “Are you mistaken? The crack in the barrier has appeared now.”

“I’m not mistake, it’s really 11:30.” The system finally got serious, and strangely said, “The rift certainly only appear at 12 o’clock. You might see fancy patterns.”

Chu Ci stared at the rift in front of him and said certainly, “It really appeared! You take a look at it yourself.”

Only then did the system matched up his sight with Chu Ci’s eyes. After confirming that Chu Ci was right, he said puzzlingly, “You wait for a moment, I will check the reason.”

“Is my words bother you so much?”

Fu Zhi’s voice suddenly sounded from behind Chu Ci, startling him.

“Why Fu Zhi come out!” Chu Ci was startled and quickly put the hair back into the glass bottle, and then quietly stuffed it back into the storage ring. After doing this, only then he turned around and looked at Fu Zhi, saying, “No, I just strolled to here and can’t help but stay for a while.” Then he pointed to the rift behind him, “I didn’t expect it to appear now.”

Fu Zhi stood far away that Chu Ci couldn’t see the expression on his face clearly.

Fu Zhi calmly said, “You don’t have to go, because no matter where you go, I will find you unless you have the marriage pact with others.”

Obviously Fu Zhi doesn’t believe Chu Ci’s half true and half false excuse at all.

Chu Ci said helplessly, “I really didn’t plan to leave.” Since the target in the school, of course he had to find him before thinking about this issue again, maybe the two of them would stay to study together.

But again, I already had the marriage pact with your younger sister, and won’t you be scared to death if I say it!

Due to the new discovery just now, Chu Ci became a lot calmer facing Fu Zhi.

Sure enough, the target must be found to stabilize the feelings, otherwise the widowed relationship was really easy to be squeezed by the third party.

Fu Zhi suddenly became serious and said, “Come back with me.” The tone of his words seemed to not allow him to refuse at all.

Chu Ci had never wanted to leave, seeing Fu Zhi still requested like this, he deliberately surrendered, “Okay okay okay! I listen to you!” Then he walked to Fu Zhi’s direction.

Just after he walked to Fu Zhi’s side, he smelled a strange scent in the air. He and Fu Zhi looked alertly in the direction of the wind blowing.

The scene in the distance made Chu Ci felt a panic.

The black mist was rapidly coming to their direction. All the plants where the black mist went were turned into ashes, and its smell exactly the scent of plants became ashes.

Chu Ci looked blankly at the distance and said softly, “What…what is this?”

Fu Zhi pulled him back a few steps and said, “I don’t know, but it’s not a good thing, be careful.”

The black mist stopped not far away from both of them. Then a face emerged from the mist.

Chu Ci startled, “The big iron gate?”

The black mist ignored him, it looked around before bellowed, “Where is he! I just smelled his scent!”

Chu Ci was pulled back slowly by Fu Zhi, at the same time being on the alert at the black mist to prevent it from discovering them.

But just after taking a few steps back, that face looked straight at them.

The black mist showed its teeth and said, “Where is he! Tell me!”

Chu Ci looked at the scorched place behind the black mist, his hairs directly stood up. This was no joke.

“What are you looking for?” Chu Ci replied to the black mist while he asked the system for help in his mind, “System, help! This thing appears strange, help me see what is it looking for?”

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