Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

33) Chapter 132.2 ♬

Chapter 132 Part 2:

Fan Chuan immediately changed his attitude when he saw that Chu Ci received a call and looked at him suspiciously. Obviously, he doesn’t believe that Quan Gan would take the initiative to call Chu Ci for such a small request to be reconciled. But as long as Chu Ci was willing to go back, it doesn’t matter what they say.

Under the guidance of Chu Ci, the car soon stopped at the gate of Quan Gan district, where he left home and waited for the car that day.

After getting out of the car, Chu Ci directly said to Fan Chuan in the car, “Chuan-ge, you can go back, I will settle the rest.”

Fan Chuan looked at the villas in front of him, then nodded his head and drove away.

Chu Ci directly walked pass the gate into the district.

He quietly walked to the door of Quan Gan’s house. At the moment, it was midday, this man was definitely not at home.

This was why he agreed to come back.

He planned to give Quan Gan a nice surprise, and then said his request, so that the effect would be better and the chance of success was also large.

After walking around the house, Chu Ci chose the roof of the garage, from where it was the easiest to climb to the second floor’s window.

After hiding his suitcase to one side, he took a chair at the door and was about to climb up.

But his arm strength seemed to be insufficient, it was quite difficult to put one leg on the roof.

“What are you doing?”

Just as Chu Ci prepared to go above, Quan Gan’s voice suddenly came from behind.

No way?

Chu Ci cautiously turned his head to look at the back and saw Quan Gan held shopping bags in both hands. He stood below him, looking up at him, with a cigarette in his mouth.

He could only pretend to be okay and say, “Oh, you’re back so early.”

Quan Gan put down the things in his hand and threw the cigarette into the trash can on the side, and then walked to the chair and said, “Get down.”

Chu Ci looked below, it was a little tall, he shook his head and said, “No, I won’t come down, I want to enter the house from the floor-to-ceiling window.”

Quan Gan helplessly beckoned, “Come down, I will hold you to the ground, the window is too dangerous.”

Chu Ci looked at the direction of the floor-to-ceiling window, and after thinking about it, he chose to go down from the original place.

He put his legs down first as he had just climbed up. He grabbed the roof with both hands and his legs swayed for a while before he was caught.

“Let go your hold.”

Chu Ci obediently let go of his hands that holding the edge of the wall, allowing Quan Gan to put him on the chair.

He jumped off the chair and said embarrassedly, “I wants to surprise you.”

Quan Gan looked at him and said, “I’m very surprised now. I’m glad you can come back.”

Chu Ci was a little bit uncomfortable when looked at the other party’s affectionate eyes. How to say, they were also old husband and wife ah.

He shifted his eyes and looked at the bag behind Quan Gan, “What did you buy?”

“The things you like to eat.”

“How do you know that I will come back?” Chu Ci took his luggage from the side and urged Quan Gan, “Let’s go in, it’s very cold outside.”

“I don’t know.” Quan Gan picked up the bag from the ground and said, “Have you thought about what to request?”

Chu proudly winked at him, “I’ll tell you at night.”

Quan Gan looked at him, he bent the corner of his mouth and spoiled, “Okay.”

After entering the door, Quan Gan looked at Chu Ci who was pulling his luggage to the guest room and said, “Are you still going to sleep in the guest room?”

Chu Ci froze for a moment, thinking of what he had said before, his mind turned a circle and said, “I miss my room!”

At night, Chu Ci took a bath in the guest room, and then asked the system, “Have Quan Gan been bath?”


“That’s good.”

Chu Ci wore the bathrobe and deliberately pulled the collar, before walked to the door of Quan Gan’s room and knocked.

Soon, Quan Gan who was also wearing a bathrobe, opened the door.

He looked at the man at the doorway and said, “What’s up?”

Chu Ci smiled mysteriously and said, “Moving close, I already thought of my request.”

Quan Gan leaned to the front of Chu Ci, waiting for him to say it.

Chu Ci climbed his shoulder and muttered something in his ear.

Quan Gan stood up and looked at him, suddenly said seriously, “It may be painful, are you sure?”

Chu Ci saw that the other party was just afraid of pain and didn’t directly refuse. He nodded and said, “Yes, as long as take it easy.”

Quan Gan saw that Chu Ci requested like this, he directly pulled him into the room and said, “From now on, you have no chance of regret.”

The next day.

Chu Ci dazedly looked at the familiar roof after a night and said quietly, “Didn’t outsiders say you impotence?”

Quan Gan doesn’t mind at all, “I’m not sick, I just didn’t meet you.”

Chu Ci bit the quilt and said, “It’s unfair, why Ji He is really impotence, but you are false!”

Quan Gan suddenly froze, “Ji He? Are dreams real?”

Chu Ci said doubtfully, “Are you still doubting that dream?”

Quan Gan reached out to hold the man into his arms and smiled, “I completely believe it now.”


Decades later, Quan Gan lay in bed and looked at Chu Ci, “What will you do when I’m gone?” Because of the support of Chu Ci’s primordial spirit, although there was little time left, Quan Gan’s speech was unambiguous.

Chu Ci gently smiled, “Of course, go with you to the next world.”

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