Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

33) Chapter 96.1 ♬

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Chapter 96: Forcibly Buying, Marriage First Before Love (5.15)


Translator: Mimi

The sky outside was already dark. Chu Ci stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window with a wine glass in his hand, watching Long Ling’s car disappear from view.

The system suddenly said, “Why, want to cooperate with Long Ling? I advise you not to, she is the target’s enemy of killing his father. How to say, you are considered to be Yu Xiangming’s daughter-in-law.”

Chu Ci just taken a sip of wine and was choked by these words of the system.

“You think too much.” Chu Ci lowered his head to look at the time on his watch, confirmed that an hour had not passed yet, he couldn’t help saying, “I’m thinking about how Yu Yuan is now, can you help me take a look?”

The system just worried that this radish would think of some idea in confusion. When he heard he said this, he suddenly felt some sympathy for Long Ling who had just left. This man didn’t take her and what she said seriously from the start.

He said, “Wait a minute, I’ll take a look.”

Taking advantage of the system go to help himself check the situation, Chu Ci opened his phone album.

He was looking at the photos that he had taken in the Night Scene several times, in a quite good mood.

After a few minutes, the system came back and said, “He’s not do anything and still lying down, but it’s uncomfortable to see him enduring.”

Chu Ci was even happier when he heard it and said, “If there is no problem in that place of me, I will certainly take his first time to return what he done to me!”

The system silently said, “Don’t think about it, it’s more expectant to put this beautiful wish in the later world.”

“Hehe!” Chu Ci looked at the photos on the phone while talking to the system and suddenly smiled slyly, “Yeah, it’s impossible. So I thought about making these photos into big pictures and hanging them in my bedroom!”

“You can, but I suggest you print it out and paste it on the bedroom wall yourself, otherwise it will destroy your image in your subordinates’ heart.” After saying this, the system sighed inexplicably, “If revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it?”

Chu Ci pouted and said unconcernedly, “I think I’ve already very soft. You think about him not only gave me the drug but also taking me, and also taking video of what we was doing! I just took a few photos after gave him the drug.”

Speaking about this, Chu Ci frowned, seeming to remember something, “What did he do with the video that night?”

The system thought for a while and said, “Didn’t do anything, he just hide in the room to watch it every day?”

Chu Ci directly silence, and then silently turned to go to the office, saying, “I think we don’t call injusticily revenge each other, should call return politeness for politeness.”

He went to the office and opened the printer inside.

Ji He’s office was very large, and the things were very complete. It can be said to have what is required.

Chu Ci transferred all the photos he took to the computer and chose to print in color, using A3 paper.

When the first photo came out of the printer, Chu Ci picked it up and looked at it, he was quite satisfied.

He proudly said, “Needn’t to make big illustrated magazine, this way also good. I will put him all on the wall of the bedroom later.”

The system faintly said, “Then be careful not to let the second person enter the room.”

After a pile of photos were printed out, he rolled it up and took the nail before walking towards the bedroom.

The subordinate on duty in the corridor saw what was in his hand and immediately approached, “Boss, do you want to paste papers? Just let me do it.”

Chu Ci subconsciously hid the papers behind him and said, “No need.” Although he wanted to retaliate against Yu Yuan, he was still unwilling to show this kind of photos to others.

Seeing that the boss wanted to do it himself, the subordinate went to do his own thing.

Chu Ci returned to the bedroom and closed the room carefully, and locked it specially. Then, he happily threw the photos that he printed out on the bed, and picked out the sexiest one from the inside to put at the head of the bed.

Soon the four walls of the bedroom were covered with photos of Yu Yuan.

After doing this, he went to bed with satisfaction.


Early the next morning, Chu Ci saw the photo on the wall just after opening his eyes.

He was stunned for a while before recalling of what he did last night.

Yesterday, he felt very exciting, but now he looked at it, he suddenly feel like he was crazily in love with Yu Yuan.

Thinking of Yu Yuan, Chu Ci immediately inquired to the system, “After an hour yesterday, how did Yu Yuan solve his physical problem?”

The system said calmly, “Go home to watch your video and solve it himself.”

Chu Ci’s originally curious face immediately darkened and said in silence, “If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t ask, I’m not very happy to hear this answer.”

At this time, the system took the initiative to say, “Last night, Long Ling was dead. Shi Cheng got a shot in the leg.”

Chu Ci surprised, “Dead? How did she die?”

The system affirmed, “Yes, Yu Yuan did it.”

Chu Ci frowned and then let go, because the ending of this woman was not surprising.

Yu Yuan’s ability to be the boss, plus his relationship with his father was really good, someone killed his father in front of him, this kind of hatred couldn’t be forgotten.

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