Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

34) Chapter 113.2 ♬

Chapter 113 Part 2:

The system was busy flipping through the information. Hearing Chu Ci’s call for help, he quickly turned to his sight. When he saw the black mist, he also had no clue, “I don’t know, I didn’t study this school in depth, only know that it should be the gate of your school, it seems to be enraged by something, and now its emotion is a little unstable.”

The black mist obviously didn’t listen to Chu Ci’s words, only thinking that he wasn’t sure, and said angrily, “Hurry up tell me! Where is he!” This bellow pressure was even closer.

Chu Ci’s head was blank, he could only ask Fu Zhi, “Did you see other people passing by here? I’m thinking about things and didn’t pay attention.”

Fu Zhi was much calmer than him, staring at the black mist, he calmly answered him and seems also answered the black mist, “No, there have always been only the two of us here.”

The black mist was obviously impatient. It wandered a circle in the vicinity, turning all the plants into ashes, at the same time bellowed, “No? Impossible! Even after another hundred years, I will never mistaken that scent on his body!”

Chu Ci looked around, there was no longer any place to hide, he could only whisper, “I will cast the teleportation spell!”

Fu Zhi said, “Yes, we must seize the time, the mentor should have noticed it and will soon arrive.”

As the two of them were talking, the black mist suddenly rushed to the front of them in one breath, and suddenly said to Chu Ci, “It’s you! You have his scent on your body, you know him, if you don’t want to become like those plants, tell me where he is!”

The black mist went directly to the front of Chu Ci and stared at him. Their distance were close, as long as the other party moved forward a little bit, he would become ashes like those plants.

Under the watchful eyes of the black mist, Chu Ci was unable to cast the spell at all, worrying that he would die like this if he provoked its anger.

The target hadn’t been found and the mission hadn’t been completed, he couldn’t just die like this.

Chu Ci said helplessly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you tell me what he looks like and I will help you to find him?”

The black mist angrily said, “You lie! You have his scent on your body. You must have been in contact with him just now.” Then he circled around Chu Ci once and said, “Your hand have his scent.”

Chu Ci looked suspiciously at his hand. When he just wanted to say that it made a mistake, he suddenly remembered that he had just held the hair. There was a trace of doubt in his heart.

“System, I think this black mist maybe coming because of the target’s hair.” Chu Ci stared at the fierce face in front of him and said to the system in his mind, “Did the target do something to it before?”

Being reminded such by Chu Ci, the system immediately remembered the identity of the target and said, “It’s very possible! He’s a big deal!”

“Found it!” At the same time, the system had also found the relevant information, “This black mist is sealed by the target’s previous incarnation, it hates the target to the bone, so the hair you just took out stimulates him.”

Chu Ci cautiously looked at the black mist in front of him and scolded in his mind, “You harms me!”

At the same time, Chu Ci found that an ice wall suddenly appeared in front of him, and then Fu Zhi dragged him away from his original position.

Chu Ci looked at Fu Zhi who stood in front of him, his heartbeat inexplicably speed up. He said in his mind, “Is the mentor almost arriving!”

“Yes, arriving soon!”

However, just after the system words fell, the black mist had already corroded the ice wall, and came over laughing, “As you are now, you absolutely not my opponent!”

Chu Ci saw that things were not good and had secretly launched the teleportation spell. Before his teleportation spell took effect, he stretched out his hand to pull Fu Zhi and said, “We run first!”

However, his speed couldn’t compare with the speed of the black mist approaching.

Fu Zhi obviously realized this and directly surrounded the two of them with the ice wall, while encouraging, “You can do it.”

The black shadow appeared instantly outside the ice wall, but the power difference was so great and the other party only took a second to break the ice wall into fragments.

The black mist rushed directly into the circle and the frightened Chu Ci directly pulled Fu Zhi away from the circle.

He originally thought that his teleportation spell could hold on, but his hope soon fell through.

Chu Ci stared blankly as the teleportation spell that he had completed was absorbed by the black mist completely, while it remained in place.

“I hate smart people the most, just like that person!” The black mist said angrily, and then the mist formed a hand and stretched out to grab Chu Ci.

Chu Ci had never learned the fighting skills. When he thought he was going to die, Fu Zhi suddenly stood in front of him without fear and propped up his ice wall again.

Chu Ci quickly returned to his senses and wanted to activate the spell again. Fu Zhi quickly stopped him and said, “It’s too late. You hide for a while, the mentor will arrive soon.”

Crack— Bang!

Just after Fu Zhi finished speaking, the ice wall in front of him shattered again, and the huge hand formed from the black mist wrapped him whole.

Chu Ci looked at the man who was gradually swallowed by the black mist, his heartbeat stopped and his brains were blank.

At this time, the headmaster and the mentors finally appeared. All of them joined forces to subdue the black mist.

When the black mist was compressed back into that face, Fu Zhi who was surrounding by the black mist just now, fell softly to the black ground due to the loss of support.

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