Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

34) Chapter 42.2 ♬

Chapter 42 Part 2:

[Private chat] Chu Ci: Are you there?

[Private chat] Yi’s Dream: ?

[Private chat] Chu Ci: Do you always think I’m a woman?

[Private chat] Yi’s Dream: ? Why suddenly ask this?

[Private chat] Chu Ci: I’m a man. I hope you don’t have any misunderstanding, and also explain it to your friend.

[Private chat] Yi’s Dream: Haha. I don’t understand what you’re talking about. What did you up to suddenly tell me this?

[Private chat] Yi’s Dream: But since you want me to help you clarify that you are a man, do you have any proof? Real photo or video?

[Private chat] Chu Ci: I have always been a man. Even if I dressed in women’s clothes, my voice is a man!

[Private chat] Yi’s Dream: I quite admire you about this. Actually always disguising yourself as a man for so long and not change back.

It seems that it’s impossible to make it clear at once.

This woman is really funny. She doesn’t believe that I’m a man but believes that Intoxicated Heart is a good man.

But I’m still in a vegetative state, where do I get the photo or video?

[Private chat] Chu Ci: You wait for me for ten days to half a month, and I’ll certainly prove it to you.

Chu Ci felt that if he said that he was in a vegetative state to Bai Yimeng, she must be more not believe. He could only push everything until he woke up.

[Private chat] Yi’s Dream: O(∩_∩)O No need. How about going to offline gathering if you are really sincere? The event also start in less than two weeks. At that time, the truth would naturally become clear without need you explain it to me.

Tsk tsk. Does that mean you still not believe it?

Chu Ci didn’t expect that it would turn out to be this way. It doesn’t matter when the people in the World misunderstanding. Anyway, these people were insignificant. But even Bai Yimeng has misunderstood. That was a bit tricky.

Chu Ci sighed and lay on the ground. At the same time, he opened the bag and put on the men’s clothes. It was probably because he often wearing women’s clothes, so everyone thought he was a woman.

[World] Mysterious Person: Hot news, hot news! Yi’s Dream joins Red Moon’s guild!

[World] Mysterious Person: Yi’s Dream become the Vice Guild Master of the Red Moon guild.

[World] Blizzard: Is this the rhythm of the situation?

[World] Small Onlooker: I guess Red Moon would soon get married with Yi’s Dream.

[World] Peaceful: His tastes is quite heavy ah.

[World] Red Moon: I want to temporarily occupy the Peach Blossom Forest tomorrow night. I hope everyone can make things easy.

[World] Blizzard: It seems that he is not run away.

[World] Small Onlooker: Yi’s Dream is quite powerful.

[World] Light Sprout: Speaking of this, I remember, yesterday I saw Enthrall’s members pushed to the resurrection point by the Red Moon guild.

[World] Blizzard: Bai Yimeng is originally Enthrall’s backbone. That Vice Guild Master is not pure. After leave, she certainly obstructed the Enthrall. So it seems that the number one guild is going to change.

Chu Ci frowned. This woman was really addicted to play. The system said that there would be a turn for the better. In this kind of situation, he doesn’t know what turnaround was still possible.

He could forget it for the first time, but she once again doing it, he didn’t want to continue bet his future fate with Bai Yimeng, this person.

He lay down on the ground with resigned look: Whatever, he doesn’t care anyway. Let’s pass these several days in the game first.


One day passed in the blink of an eye.

Chu Ci had used up all the materials and was lying on the ground boringly.

[Your friend Chui Yan is online.]

[Your husband Chui Yan is online.]

Chu Ci jumped up promptly.

Today Bai Yimeng was get married in the game.

He ran directly to Bailu downstairs and consciously wanted to divert Chui Yan’s attention or made him went offline for a while.

However, Chu Ci just came out of the guild territory to Bailu building’s back hall, when the World channel flashed a line of notice.

[System] Congratulations to the lovers [Red Moon] and [Yi’s Dream] for become the marriage couple under the witness of Matchmaker. Wish this marriage couple to always stay together and their vow to exist forever!

These two people seemed deliberately get married for Chui Yan to see, as the notice came out punctually in the World.

Then another notice came out.

[System] Player Red Moon used the legendary petals rain on player Yi’s Dream, and invites all players to enjoy it together.

This time, it was over!

Chu Ci quickly rushed to the front hall and still tried to save it, but Chui Yan was not there.

He opened the friend list and looked at it. He found that the location of Chui Yan was in Yangzhou City.

Chu Ci turned to look outside and found that the person he was looking for was at the entrance receiving things from the courier. The petals rain in the background made him frightened.

After receiving things, he turned around and walked to Bailu building, as if he didn’t see the World announcement, and entered the room calmly. He looked at the dazed Chu Ci and said, “What? Are you run out of the materials?”

Chu Ci opened his mouth and closed it again.

Since this person didn’t respond, he also didn’t want to take the initiative to bump into the muzzle of the gun. He still remembered the last lesson clearly.

Chu Ci nodded his head and said, “It had long been used up.”

Chui Yan immediately took out a pile of materials from the bag and handed it over to him, “Here, the more materials.”

Chu Ci took the materials and put it in his bag. When he looked up again, he found that a black clothed man was approaching Bailu building. He subconsciously pulled Chui Yan into the building.

Was that person come to kill?

However, Chui Yan was online. The black clothed man easily walked into Bailu building.

Chu Ci quickly hid behind Chui Yan. It was definitely his enemy came to Bailu building to find him.

After entering the building, the black clothed man stood still and said, “I’m here for the bounty. I know who it is, but for my sake, I hope only you know who I am.”

Chui Yan stretched out his hand and patted Chu Ci, then put the Invisible Pellet in his hand and said, “You go out to play for a while first, I will deal with this matter.”

His tone was like coaxing a child.

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