Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

34) Chapter 62.2 ♬

Chapter 62 Part 2:

“Look at what you said, even the empress’ rebellion, he can be decisive and heartless, what can be stimulated ah.” Luo Mei subconsciously looked at the outside and said, “His Highness is coming back soon, I will leave first. Since you are unconscious, after the return of His Highness, no one present except Liu Quan. I think you can hide and wait for His Highness to give him a nice surprise.” After saying this, she raised her eyebrows at Chu Ci, “You have that relationship with the crown prince! The little eunuch on duty said that your food is taken in by His Highness, and there were no servants inside. He might fed you the meal personally. Every day so. I was touched by what I heard.” Then she walked away.

Chu Ci didn’t feel much surprised at Luo Mei’s words. Moqi Sui let him here during his coma. As long as one wasn’t blind, anyone would be able to see the clues. But, Moqi Sui would feed him? He was somewhat skeptical. However they were actually still quite pure at present.

He looked around, thinking about where to hide. Maybe Moqi Sui would really be surprised.

However, there was no suitable place to hide, and it was not long before he saw Moqi Sui and Liu Quan returning.

Chu Ci thought about it and gave up. Instead, he was honestly standing at the door to greet Moqi Sui.

Liu Quan found that since the death of Your Majesty, the crown prince has completely changed. Although it was effortless to take full control of the affairs of the imperial court, his face was always serious and no other expression could be seen. He couldn’t help but wonder if this had something to do with the little eunuch who was lying in the crown prince’s sleeping quarters.

As always, he accompanied the crown prince back to the crown prince palace. He suddenly found that the footsteps of the master in front of him had slowed down significantly. In the past, this person had always hurried back to the sleeping quarters.

Liu Quan suspiciously looked up in front of him and found that the eunuch who was unconscious for a long time was standing at the door of the sleeping quarters. He seemed to understand as he said in a low voice, “This servant ask to be excused.”

After Liu Quan left, Moqi Sui imperceptibly speeded up his footsteps to walk to the door of the sleeping quarters, and standing in front of Chu Ci.

Chu Ci lowered his head as usual.

He saw Moqi Sui’s feet stop in front of him, and seemed to look at himself, but he said nothing after a long time and then entered the sleeping quarters.

“Come in.”

He just left such a sentence.

Chu Ci raised his head and followed into the sleeping quarters, but he kept complaining in his heart: the servant’s life is really cheap. Even if I am about to die for the poison test, I won’t even get a thank you sentence. I even hoped that this man will be very grateful.


Moqi Sui had just sat down and Liu Quan appeared again. He said with an embarrassed look on his face, “His Highness, Miss He of the Senior Official He family come over, saying that she is bring someone to treat your headache.”

“Let them come in.”

Chu Ci was left aside without saying a word with this person.

Very soon, Miss He who had been here before, came in with an old man.

When He Ruoshu appeared, Moqi Sui suddenly held his head, looking very painful.

“System, what’s wrong with Moqi Sui?”

System: “I also don’t know, seems to be a headache.”

Chu Ci doubtfully looked at Moqi Sui, “What headache? He stay together with me every day, isn’t all well?”

Moqi Sui said while covering his head, “Miss He, can you go out first?”

Although she was puzzled, He Ruoshu nodded and retreated to outside the door.

The old physician gave a salute and began a series of observations, but the conclusion was: no illness.

Moqi Sui was silent for a while, before said, “Is there a disease of having headache when see a woman?”

The old physician was stunned for a moment and said, “I wonder what is the cause of Your Majesty’s illness?”

If the news of the emperor being poisoned was spread and using by someone with treacherous thoughts, it would cause national unrest. The old physician immediately changed his words, “But it’s relate with women?”


“It has to do with the woman Your Majesty likes?”

Moqi Sui nodded.

“Did Your Majesty have a headache when see Miss He?”


The old physician understood clearly and said, “Your Majesty has heart disease, which can be difficult to cure. However, Your Majesty should try not to see women during your illness, otherwise the condition will only get worse. Your Majesty had better stay with people and things that are comfortable, and it can slowly heal.”

After he finished speaking, the old physician took his leave. When he reached the door, he said a few words to He Ruoshu, then they left together.

Chu Ci woke up with a start, apparently the hard times were over, the good times just beginning. He couldn’t help happily said in his mind, “System, Moqi Sui got afraid of woman’s illness, does that mean my opportunity is coming?”

System: “Isn’t this what you expect.”

Chu Ci chuckled, this was indeed what he expected. In this way, the matter of the crown princess consort might be put on hold. It seems that the time for him to hook up with Moqi Sui is getting more and more plenty.

At this side, Moqi Sui calmly said after seeing people left, “Accompany me to eat.”

Chu Ci promptly said, “Okay.”

After taking a closer look, Chu Ci found that Moqi Sui’s temperament didn’t have a huge change as Luo Mei said. The whole person’s feeling was still the same as before. If he was to say what changed, it seemed that he was more good to him, this benefactor.

After this event, Moqi Sui’s inability to see woman spread like wildfire in the whole imperial palace. Sure enough, no one mentioned the matter of getting married again. But the following, people all say that Your Majesty was hurt too deeply by that Xiang Xiyue to become like this. Everyone was guessing when this country would have an empress.

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